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The Wall Illustrated: Jesse Jane

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “The Wall Illustrated” post, but here is another and very tragic one. It started with me doing a bit of research online for my post on HD porn. I should not have looked up Jesse Jane, I shouldn’t have done it. I think that in her prime she was the hottest woman in porn. In the end, curiosity got the better of me and I searched for “Jesse Jane 2019”. The results were nightmare fuel. It’s a lot worse than what Scarlet Johansson turned into, in my opinion.

Jesse Jane blasted through the wall with a strapped-on jet pack

The picture of the left was, of course, shot by a professional photographer and most likely digitally manipulated. Yet, there is no denying that Jesse Jane was, at her prime, astoundingly hot. Porn used to be full of ugly women at first. Then you had women with decent bodies but ugly faces. In the 2000s, though, competition ramped up when all-around beautiful women appeared, just like Jesse Jane. Suddenly, there were women working in this business who could get modeling gigs. Some even managed to work in mainstream movies.

Jesse Jane on the left was in her mid twenties. Just about a decade later, she looks like the worst kind of trash. She’d be a bottom-tier woman even at the worst kind of dive bar. For a woman in her late thirties, she looks exceptionally unattractive. We are likely talking about the effect of drug addiction and a whole slew of poor lifestyle choices because all that excess body fat has to come from somewhere.

Her transformation is astounding. Well, she has made a few million dollars in porn, which is a feat that seems unlikely to be repeated by anyone else anytime soon as she was in the right place at the right time, being one of the first genuinely hot women in that industry. Yet, ten years later her looks are completely gone. That is similar to, say, a guy making millions in his twenties and then ending up on welfare. Being fat and ugly sucks, but it probably sucks a lot less if you were never beautiful. Similarly, living on welfare sucks. It certainly sucks a lot more if you were once rich.

I pity women like Jesse Jane. If you could ask her, who knows, maybe she would agree that she would have fared better as an average-looking woman who never had the opportunity to make it in porn. The heights she could have climbed would have been a lot lower, but the fall a lot less step. As an average woman, she would have faced gradual decline. On the other hand, as an exceptionally beautiful one, paired with poor lifestyle choices, her downfall is worthy of being turned into a documentary. Then again, if that were to happen, hardly anybody would stick around to watch the second half.

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6 thoughts on “The Wall Illustrated: Jesse Jane

    1. Someone else commented on her death as well. It did not really make the news, which is not surprising since people have little interest in a washed-up former porn star. Had she OD’ed at the height of her popularity, she would probably have become immortal in popular culture.

    2. Possibly, yeah. Unless the media would have had other interests – they might not be too interested in depicting just how destructive the pornwhore life is, with the push for “sex positivity” and all.

      On the flip side, like a decade ago when pornwhore Cytherea was gang raped during a home invasion, it barely made the news. Normally the feminists would be all over such a story, but I guess a pornwhore being raped by a group of young black men didn’t quite fit the “profile” of their preferred stories.

    3. I was not aware of this story. Looking briefly into it, it seems that the issue is that she was gang-raped by blacks. Thus, such a story is a complete no-no for the mainstream press. Had she been raped by a gang of whites, on the other hand, we would have had congressional hearings.

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