The Kindergarten Thot Party

I took a walk in my area in the late afternoon yesterday. It’s a quiet and peaceful part of town, yet I suddenly heard booming music. As I was walking in that direction anyway, I checked it out. Note that there are no gangs in my part of town, so I view it as incredibly unlikely that I’d bump into a bunch of thugs. In other parts of the world, I would not just walk around aimlessly. What emerged was that outside a pre-school a bunch of kids were having some kind of party. They must have been six or seven years, at most. This is where things got interesting.

In total, there were around ten kids in a circle, mostly moving to the music. At first I saw no parents, but I quickly noticed a middle-aged woman observing the group from further away. She was smoking a cigarette and busy staring in her smart phone. I assumed that she was the mother of one of the kids. Two other women were standing a bit closer, but still giving the kids plenty of distance. The kids were mostly white, but there were two ethnic boys. To me, it looked as if they reenacted what they saw in music videos. One of those ethnic boys had clearly studied the antics of rappers. So, you had those ethnics acting as if they own the place, arms crossed and looking tough. The girls wore short skirts or leggings, tube tops or singlets. They had a lot of makeup on.

For a moment I considered just sitting down and watching the kids for a bit as I would have loved to see one of those ethnics grinding up on one of those girls. But even without that, the scenario was just absurd. You wonder what those parents are thinking. Why do they dress up their daughters like thots? Why the eff do little kids have to have a “party” like that? The problem is not that kids aren’t supposed to have fun. Quite frankly, I don’t think they had a lot of fun. Some of the kids looked pretty awkward, trying to follow the leads of those who might even have been coached by their parents (single mothers?) on how to act. Two kids even walked away from them and enjoyed themselves at a playground instead. I think this was all arranged by some misguided parents who have no idea how to raise their children.

The most questionable aspect of this little street party is that it firmly implants into little kids an idea of how to “have fun”. Kids normally look up to their parents or older siblings. If kids think that they are acting all grown up by trying to dance to rap music when they are six or seven, what will happen once they are a few years older? They already did the mini-skirt-and-heavy-makeup thing. Pre-teens are already having sex. It seems that some parents don’t think there is anything wrong with that and want to get their kids started on it even sooner.

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5 thoughts on “The Kindergarten Thot Party

  1. I saw an image of a little girl tipping a stripper by putting cash in her panties as her parents watched in approval. A clever 4chan poster captioned it “and then one day, for no reason at all, Hitler was voted into power”

    I find life as a culturally conservative atheist to be rather isolating at this point. Molyneux, who has made compelling arguments for atheism, even went so far as to tell one of his listeners to go to church to find a woman. I’m skeptical of the approach, but either way, it’s too late for me sadly. My experiences surrounding Christianity were toxic, and I don’t think I can go back.

    1. I’m also an atheist but I’m pretty defensive of the Catholic Church, at least as a bastion of Western Culture (I hold that the most “toxic” churches are the protestant ones, but I might be biased). And yeah, it’s isolating, I’d like to believe in God to find some solace for all the shit around us.

  2. Let me make it clear that, as I’ve said in some of my previous scant comments here, I still consider Latin America a pretty conservative region, despite leftist hubs developing in the more affluent countries like Mexico or Argentina.

    But this article reminded me of a niece’s birthday piñata party I went to last year. While they were taking turns trying to break the piñata, the adults played that dreadful reggaeton music. Girls 8 years old and younger were “perreando” (“dancing like bitches”, kind of similar to twerking), and some of the adults clapping along (even my mother, towards whom I expressed my abhorrence). I’ve never been a huge fan of latin styles, but this reggaeton came to dominate the scene, the awards and the culture in a pervasive way. I’d rather ban this music from being played near children, but that would be “fascist”.

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