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Money and Quality of Service of Escorts

There was one comment on my last article, Success with Women and the Diminishing Returns of Money: Billionaire Edition, which I thought deserves some further discussion. In short, one reader claimed the following:

They may date and marry plain women but I can assure you their side women and whores are top-notch.

This statement may seem superficially plausible, but there are a few issues with it. I’ll completely ignore that it is unlikely that Bill Gates is railing the hottest porn stars for a few grand when his wife does not put out. But let’s just assume he is.

Now, try to put yourself in the shoes of an escort who fucks guys for two thousand bucks an hour. She has obviously agreed to take dick in exchange for a nice wad of cash. However, the amount of cash she gets is the same, no matter who pays. If she could choose, do you think she’d rather fuck Bill Gates or Tyrone, provided the latter would also drop two grand? You can bet it is the latter.

In the real world, she cannot make that choice as freely. Most guys paying her won’t be billionaire Chads with six-packs. Thus, she takes clients until her schedule is full and earns herself the income of a one-percenter with her pussy. She has to spend the time and she has to fuck. Yet, while she can pretend that she likes fucking some unattractive dude, she cannot trick herself that she really enjoys it. Thus, the performance an unattractive guy with a lot of money gets from a whore is far from what a guy she fancies will get. It’s not a conscious choice. Money just does not buy physical attraction.

Escorts are women, too. While I have never payed a professional for sex, I am reasonably sure that I have had sex with women who make a living with having sex (you can read about one such encounter in Sleazy Stories IV). Some other dude may fuck her if he pays, but the big difference is that he has to pay for it. She would not do it without the money. Similarly, if a hot guy would contact her, she would happily take the money but if the very same guy had met her on one of her horny days in the club, he could have fucked her for free.

I have friends and acquaintances who regularly fuck hookers, often as a deliberate choice as they do not want to deal with the hassle of having a girlfriend and don’t quite have the time to bother with online dating or club game. They report that the service they get depends a lot on whether the hooker finds them attractive. It’s something they notice. As a consequence, some even get freebies, like a second round on the house, or a free upgrade such as finishing with a bareback blowjob. The same dynamics play out on a one-night stand with a regular chick. Some just go through the motions, for instance because they just want to fuck a few random guys to forget about their ex-boyfriend; some chicks fuck guys because they are bored. Some may even be on a mission to fuck as many guys as they can, as fast as they can, because of some dumb competition (this might sound utterly absurd, but it is hardly uncommon when groups of girls travel abroad; the winner is who has gotten the most dick). Then there are those women who are completely into you. If you have never experienced it, you probably do not know what this is like. In any case, it is nothing money can buy.

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22 thoughts on “Money and Quality of Service of Escorts

  1. When a chick comes over, takes off her pants and lays prone when you command it, then gets off 2 or 3 times through minimal dick game, and then thanks you for fucking her afterwards even though you refuse to cuddle.

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  2. As one of those good horny guys who regularly fuck mid-tier and high level escorts and prostitutes, I can vouch for the veracity of this assessment. And I have witnessed it first hand myself.
    My body has always been rather slender and agile, but never muscular and buff, never looked really “strong”. Now, during the past three years I have been training at the gym far more consistently and with more focus than before and it does show eventually with permanent results both in physical strength and in BF-%age and muscle gain. People in various everyday situations comment on my appearance and often react accordingly. And nowhere does it show more than with the supposedly fairer sex – both, with the “regular” specimen and with the pay sex providers. Perceptibly more whores will find you attractive, enjoy the time with you and occasionally grant you special free extras. Of course they will still take your money gladly, too.

  3. That being said I strongly prefer paid sex with really hot, young, slender pay sex women to relationship sex (even with a hot, young, slender girl), since I dislike the general mindset of most (Wester European) women, I find the overall political climate highly unfavourable to marriage/traditional families and I enjoy the intellectual and actual feeling of profound freedom after a lengthy session of nasty sex & cuddling pillow talk with a woman of MY choice and whenever I feel like it. I am also not interested in finding “that one special suitable woman” (never really have been), my personal interests and my work have always been of much higher priority to me than relationships with women in general and I lucky to be quite comfortable being on my own as well.
    So if someone else shares those main inclinations and has some spare dough to burn then this could be a viable option for him as well.

  4. And just for the sake of honesty, I should like to point out that even though I’ve been living as a solitary for many years now, I do think that children should grow up in stable traditional families with a father and a mother, that the traditional family is the main building block of a healthy society and that people should be faithful to each other once they enter into such an arrangement, and not let their petty (and sub specie aeternitatis completely irrelevant) emotions and sexual urges destroy those marriages when there is offspring involved.

  5. It makes sense that if a hooker is into you, you’ll get better service.

    I’ve never been with one. Anyone have tips on screening hookers for their attraction to you, so you get better service? I imagine it’s a lot like regular chicks, but the interaction is somewhat artificial and sometimes you don’t spend much time before parting with your $$$. Anyone know the nuances of this?

  6. Then there are those women who are completely into you. If you have never experienced it, you probably do not know what this is like.

    It’s a lot like some of the best porn performances out there. Basically it’s as if the chick is on a crazy mission to squeeze every last drop of your cum or die trying…

    Most guys never get to experience porn-like sex as they date and marry the first chick who settles for them after a cock-carousel-ride.

    1. Now… I’ve talked about this before, but I got to experience both sides…

      As in my mid-late twenties I went on a cut and achieved the best physique of my life. The sex I had then was… like straight out of my favorite porn scenes. Where the chick is ravenously begging for your cock as if her life depended on it.

      Then I had the male version of hitting the wall. Fattened up a bunch and aged quite rapidly (in the face) as well. I’m now quite a few points lower on the looks scale. But I get interest from and get to bang EVEN HOTTER chicks than I did back then. But the sex isn’t porn-like. It feels transactional, as if she’s trading pussy for status.

      HOWEVER… it does still happen. And when I do get one of those porn-like lays, i’m honestly surprised. I think to myself… doesn’t this chick see I’m fat, old and ugly? So I don’t know… Maybe sometimes (or with some chicks) status can work the same as looks. I do not know.

    2. Comment is missing this bit.

      – I gained a bunch of status in the meantime. Like went from top 20% status to top 1% status

      Or to summarize

      – When I was in my best shape, most (all?) of my lays were of the porn-like variety

      – Then I lost a couple of points on the looks scale and hit the wall hard

      – At the same time I went from top 20% status to top 1% status

      – I get to bang hotter, younger chicks now

      – Most lays now feel transactional (i guess how most providers have sex)

      – I do occasionally still get the porn-like lays

  7. I have a few queries that I’d like some thought on, including Alex as well. They’re just possible positions to consider and would benefit from insight:

    1) Minimal Game does make sense and compromise the broadest factors which should not be ignored. It appears it’s now Ultra-Minimal though. Pretty much be tall, white (or black), toned and not poor. In which case are you saying it’s really no point anyone outside that category to learn from here. Some views appear like ‘forget about women TOTALLY and just focus on your passion’ and if you happen to meet a decent woman for a fuck – don’t if she’s ‘over 30’…!?

    Is the only real advice – ‘Get in Shape’

    2) After best looking males tall, handsome etc. most difference I have seen for fucking has been sheer Confidence which seems to make the ‘humour’ ‘success’ ‘wealth’ mini-factors amplified further.

    3) What about Spiritual, musical charismatic leaders etc. Now I know they are ‘leaders’ but taken down a notch some girls may be deeply drawn to one of these kinds, if there is resonance. Just like muscle which some girls like more.

    I.e. I found recently after Public Speaking and delivering that when women see that they are at that moment more open to possibility. I’d add that it’s probably not the same as the other guy who doesn’t have to do anywhere near as much. But same goes for taller, stronger, man vs. Martial artist or boxer. It may be that on an individual level that particular man has to put in work but then can be ‘rewarded’.

    4) How about money as power, creating opportunity and an element of status. Essentially if resources are used wisely. If so how would you recommend a man ‘find the most effective place’ to meet women depending on who he is. I never really thought about this before Minimal Game.

    5) As mentioned before: Humour, sexuality, intelligence, caring even, sexually skilled. This question is about settling, unlike the others. Given the others have been improved to a degree – don’t you think a woman would REALLY want a guy who can make her laugh, make her cum, smart and who can skillfully be romantic – I do not mean a man who takes shit!


    1. Short answer: no.

      You’re missing the context. When we talk about be super good looking and tall and buff… It’s not about having a sex life at all.

      That’s in the context of getting a ton of easy and quick porn-like pulls. It’s a reply to people who fantasize that they can get this without being good-looking.

      Put differently. That discussion is about getting to top 0.1% results. People fantasize they can and should have top 0.1 results without much work or rejection and without good looks.

      The response here is telling them that they’ll have to settle for (let’s say) only about top 5% to top 1% results (and it involves lots of hard work and rejection to get to) which you may or may not be willing to go trough.

    2. What has shifted over time is that Aaron increasingly seems to understand that for a lot of men the juice might not be worth the squeeze.

      Most people can get a great sex life using minimal game. And by minimal game I include working on status and physique as well. Includes spending time talking to a bunch of warm leads

      – Average guys can get to top 5%
      – Slightly above average guys can get to top 1%

      Is it worth the effort tho? Well you could use minimal game for a more modest goal. Let’s say 1 new partner per year. You’d go for hot leads instead of warm leads. That makes it more reasonable let’s say. And by reasonable I mean level of effort that it makes sense to put in to get ahold of today’s pussy.

    3. Here’s another way to view this all:

      What minimal game did originally was that it lowered the amount of effort required to get a result.

      – Let’s say that youre an average-looking guy and pua crap had you invest 2000 points of effort to get 5 lays a year.

      – Minimal game came in and said you can get the same results using 10x less effort. So with 200 points of effort you can get double the lays

      What you’re calling “ultra minimal game” is just the realization we’ve gotten that getting those 10 lays isn’t worth even these 200 points of effort. Make sense?

      How much are 10 lays with these hoes worth? Well I wouldn’t pay more than 20 points effort to get them.

      But can you get those 10 lays at that price if you’re not Chad? Nope.

    4. So in essence the evolution you’ve seen overtime can be summed up by this set of statements:

      – Laying 10 hoes a year isn’t worth paying more than 20 points of effort for

      – However you can’t get that price unless you’re Chad

      We’re not saying you can’t get those lays unless you’re chad. We’re saying you won’t get a reasonable price as a non-chad. You can still get it if you’re willing to overpay.

      Or what I would recommend… A mixed strategy that gets you get a more modest number of lays at a reasonable price.

    5. Aaron and the others are bad at explaining their points clearly. Maybe its because of the dunning-kruger effect second effect where smart people think everybody else understands everything like they do as well. Maybe, he doesn’t care.

      In more clear words, all that you said is correct. But what Aaron et al was referring to was a particular fast action pickup in clubs. For that, you might as well be a popular footballer who has wags running after him.

      What is most important to pickup is social circle. Those artists you mentioned are in a particular social circle. Then, it is extremely easy to pick up. You’d still have to go through rejection though. But it’s okay at that level.

      All these “Get in Shape” stuff comes up a lot if you are into picking up strangers in clubs and bars. Elsewhere, it is not that required to get into excellent shape. But there is a sentimental value for men to pickup club sluts who can be crazy a lot more often than other women.

    6. Lol, your physique gives the same amount of looks advantage in social circle as it does in a club. You just need less overall looks in social.

      If you’re average height and face, even a 10/10 physique won’t let you rack up easy lays in a club.

      You bet you’re gonna get a lot more casual and easy lays in social with a good physique than without. Without you have to audition for the provider role and it’s just not the same thing at all. You’re not getting the same product.

    7. It’s “not required” in social in the sense that chicks will still be nice to you and let you audition for the provider role.

      You can’t hower become the social circle lothario if you’re average looking, not-tall and of average shape.

      And by lothario I mean someone who racks up easy casual lays. Ain’t gonna happen if you’re missing all 3. You need at least one (for social circle).

      For nightclubs you might need all 3 to get easy-lays/pulls.

  8. Some great REAL advice.

    Of course there are exceptions:

    – lighting & booze in clubs
    – sheer confidence & skill
    – resources & opportunity colliding

    BUT as a general approach to this sphere of life you want to go with what’s most effective.

    I do believe ‘Inner Game’ has its place but it’s a lot more deeper than just getting laid. Meditation, strong belief, focus and fearlessness are incredible qualities to cultivate.

    I’m trying to not write too much but keep this going as it’s really insightful so far. Also just read the “Black Pill” post here which addresses about becoming overly critical about oneself – excellent post.

    Giving advice to myself would be to be – read Minimal Game, set realistic goals, decide effort and commit to creating those changes.

    I can see a Minimal Game 2.0 here

    After it’s all done and you have reached a good point with critical factors – 3 arrears appear for those who do wish to put in more to get that experience.

    1) Location, Location, Location: Based on me where should I go to meet the best kind of girls who would be into me?

    2) Social Circle – MINIMAL effective ways to cultivate this?

    3) Online: Lots of stuff here like Social Circle. Status, Pictures, Writing can mean a lot as well. But it’s best again for someone who can condense it into Gold.

    Apart from that, before that time maybe soon to have a private consultation particular to me after acting on the fundamental advice.

  9. As a guy who regulary (~ 2x per week) fucks escorts/prostitutes, I agree with this article.

    I’m a 34 year old, I’m fit but don’t have much muscles, I would rate myself as a 6,5/10 for my age group.

    When it comes to escort customers, I’m probably in the top 10% of looks, because most of the customers are older and overweight man.

    My experiences with escorts are:

    20% she is into it, (she gets wet) and is very enthusiastic
    70% she is not very into it, but makes effort to at least provide a great show (lot of fake moaning and that stuff you see in porn basically)
    10% she is not into it
    (to save these cases, I fantasize in my mind that I’m some king and she is my slave, that sometimes makes me super horny lol).

    I also read a lot of escort review boards, and so I’m aware what results other customers get of the same escorts, most of them get worse results.
    And because an escort doesn’t know a lot about you, and cannot really judge your personality in the ~5 minutes before sex, I think it’s a good assumption that it’s the looks of the guy which cause these different results

    TLDR: even if your plan is just having sex with escorts, it still pays to stay in shape
    (and you should work out for health reasons anyways)

    1. One example, I fucked a hot romanian escort, she was like a 8/10, very good body.

      She started making out with me, was very into it, and when I was fucking her in missionary she pressed her body against mine and was very active as well.
      After first round me did some smalltalk and I forget the time, and then she asked “don’t you want to fuck me again.. we still have 10 minutes”
      (this was better sex than I had with girls I didn’t pay for, because she was much hotter)

      A few weeks later, another guy wrote a review about this escort as well.

      She treated him like a total subhuman, was very cold to him, and didn’t even want to touch him (according to his review).
      He also wrote, that he was almost 100kg overweight.


      I also now a very good looking escort regular, and we talk alot, and he get’s the “she is into him” experience like 40% of the time, and almost never has a bad experience.

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