Micro-Pigmentation: An Alternative to a Hair Transplant?

I recall that when I heard of “micro-pigmentation” the first time, I was a bit skeptical. Instead of a costly and time-consuming hair transplant, you get black spots tattooed all over your scalp, with the effect that it looks as if you’re wearing your hair very short. It seemed a bit odd and more of a novelty. I don’t have a personal interest in it. I think if I started balding, I’d just keep it very short.

Yet, the other day I got an email from one of my readers, wanting to tell me about a procedure he had done. I’ll keep him anonymous. (You know who you are. Feel free to out yourself in the comments if you so desire.) His story is that he started to lose his hair in his late twenties. Now, in his early thirties, he thought it was about time he did something against that and went for micro-pigmentation. He wrote that nobody can tell that most of his front hair is a tattoo, including his close relatives. A girl he is seeing — she is in her early 20s — at first thought he was ten years younger than he really is, all as an effect of this change to his looks.

Out of curiosity, I looked some more into it. Judging from the pictures I have seen, the effect is indeed quite startling. Then it struck me that there is a well-known equivalent: permanent makeup for women. You may think it is silly for women to get their eye lids tattooed. I have known women who had gotten permanent eye makeup. It was a replacement for eyeliner and eyeshadow. I asked why she does not want to remove her makeup before going to sleep, which made her giggle and then point out that what I perceive to be makeup is a cosmetic tattoo. I thought that after she told me, I could not “un-see” it, but I was wrong. Quite frankly, it was not even on my mind when interacting with her. Then again, how much do you care about some chick you just bang?

As a caveat, tattoos need to get refreshed from time to time. If you are interested in micro-pigmentation, instead of just shaving your head, you may want to look into the problem of aging with tattoos. That being said, I don’t think your scalp is a particularly difficult area. Some thot who got “carpe diem” or “love” tattooed on her arm will curse herself once her skin gets flabby. As a guy, though, I don’t think you can get old enough to end up with saggy skin on the top of your head. Unlike it is the case with thots, gravity (and supreme male skin) would be your friend.

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5 thoughts on “Micro-Pigmentation: An Alternative to a Hair Transplant?

  1. Regarding micropigmentation for men, a couple of downsides: the tattoos can bleed and morph over the years, and if you grow your hair out – beyond shaved length it will look odd so it always needs to be shaved.
    Transplants are a dicey prospect as they don’t last either (provided they look good in the first place) and won’t work for all hair loss patterns (e.g. the “horse-shoe”). What celebrities do – whose careers depend on looking inhumanly good – wear hair pieces or “systems” and sometimes a combo of techniques (including hair transplants). Unfortunately hair loss is a fact of male aging and more male move stars than not resort to some type of artificial remedy.

  2. You don’t need micro-pigmentation / hair transplants.

    Big 3 (Minoxidil topical, Finasteride topical, Ketoconazole Shampoo) and you are fine… 😉 Maybe add derma-needling & Piroctone Olamine….

    For most guys it works quite well.

    1. I’d have my doubts about it. Those chemicals are reputed to have nasty side effects like lowering testosterone. In addition, they cost a pretty penny. I have only briefly looked into it when I was asked about my opinion on it, but my impression was that it’s at the very best shady, and a genuine scam at worst.

    2. They are not patented anymore.
      There are Finasteride & Minoxidil generics. You can buy them cheaply.

  3. There are lots of snake oils being marketed, BUT for Finasteride & Minoxidil there is an empirically well-founded-research-basis that proves they work. They are not miracle cures in any way, but they will stop the progression of androgenetic hair loss and stabilize the hair condition (more density, higher hair count per square inch and so on)…

    And for getting a hair transplant you first need to stop your hair loss, so most wannabe-transplantees will have to take Finasteride & Minoxidil PRIOR to their hair transplant.

    Finasteride taken orally will lower your serum DHT levels greatly (around -70% from baseline), but you can apply it topically in form of a 0.025% [m/V] solution, which will greatly reduce the serum DHT suppression effect (around -25% from baseline) and minimize potential side effects. Finasteride will not affect your Testosterone levels.

    Side effects with Minoxidil are negligible.

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