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An Example of an Alpha Putting a Woman in her Place

In my last post, When Beta Providers Get Laid, It Is Not Real Sex, you have read the following:

One girl who relentlessly hit on me for about a year — she hung out in the same clubs as I — ended up with two kids from two guys. I remember her bitching about some guy she was fucking that he didn’t really care about her. Had I been fucking her, she would have bitched about me to some random dude in the club she had the hots for.

It then struck me that this is worthy of its own post because some of the guys she complained about really knew how to deal with misbehaving women like her. The context is that she, after having had one drink too many, got all touchy-feely with me at some club. I reminded her that she has a boyfriend at home and should keep her hands off me. That’s me being polite. Then she tells me what an “asshole” that guy is. Here is what happened, based on what I know about men and women.

She was at his place and wanted to engage in some power-play. I have no idea about the specifics. That’s only what I have deduced, though. The key event is the following: for a reason she did not state, he flipped open his laptop, played some porn video and jerked himself off while she was bitching at him. In her words, “that loser took just about one minute”. He jizzed into a handkerchief and threw it at her, telling her that she can go now. He kicked her out.

What I think happened is that she demanded of him to confirm the relationship status and telling her that he wanted to have her as his girlfriend. Yet, he only wanted some chick around to put his dick in. Thus, that woman simply overplayed her hand, and her “boyfriend”, to whom she never was more than just a fling, showed her how important she is in his life. I thought that his move was, due to its elegance and simplicity, almost poetic. Of course, it would be quite a bit too crude for my taste.

Her outrage fell on deaf ears. What I also found amusing was that while she told me this, she got quite into it and seemingly also a bit aroused as well as it apparently reminded her why she liked that guy so much. Yes, she liked him because he jsut did not give a shit about her.

The bigger picture is that that woman was, back then, the kind you would hit on if no really hot girl is around. She was around a 7 if she was properly dolled up. You look at her and you know she likes dick a lot, and enjoys some variety. Thus, it was not at all surprising that guys did not want her to be their girlfriend. They had one reason to keep her around, namely that she was a convenient piece of ass, nothing more. Of course, if a woman like that thinks she is in command and tells you what to do, she gets told to get lost. Alternatively, you could be a beta cuck who is so convinced of his own lack of self-worth that he would let even the most worthless woman walk all over him. Yet, if you do not respect yourself, nobody else will.

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