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Not Acknowledging an Issue Does Not Make it Disappear

A married couple I know recently had a disagreement. The wife got into a foul mood because her husband asked her if she had gained weight. That was already very diplomatic of him because she had visibly gained weight. Now the wife is upset because the criticism of her husband makes her feel more insecure. Of course, everything is the guy’s fault, no matter what it is.

Quite frankly, if that woman was really concerned about her looks, she would never have started to put on weight. There really is no excuse to not be slim. You eat less, which costs less money and takes less time. No matter what your position in life is, there is absolutely no excuse not to be slender. You only have yourself to blame. (Or is it the case that you do not have “negative time” and “negative money” to spend by not overeating or consuming unhealthy food?)

It seems that in her fantasy world, the ideal outcome should have been as follows: she puts on weight but does not want to admit it. In turn, he has to pretend that he does not notice it. Consequently, everybody is happy. Well, that is the solution if you are a solipsistic female because the husband is conveniently ignored in that kind of reasoning. Going from the concrete to the abstract, I cannot help but notice a similar tendency not just among women but also in feminized institutions. There are many issues we are no longer allowed to talk about and if we cannot talk about them, they supposedly stop to exist. Thus, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and all the other SJW-infested tech giants clamp down on free speech.

You will not change reality by closing your eyes to it. For instance, ignoring the threat Islam poses has not kept fanatic muzzies from enriching us with trucks of tolerance. Women don’t get better in STEM because we refuse to acknowledge biological differences in male and female brains and we relax grading standards, and the underclass does not stop breeding like crazy if we refuse to question socialist welfare policies. It’s a good start to look at yourself and acknowledge your faults, instead of hoping that others will pretend they do not exist.

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2 thoughts on “Not Acknowledging an Issue Does Not Make it Disappear

  1. “Women don’t get better in STEM because we refuse to acknowledge biological differences in male and female brains and we relax grading standards…”

    ==> Just curious. What would your argument or stance be if someone (like your typical feminist or beta cuck) says that women would be scientific masters of the universe if not for men holding women back since time immemorial?

    You can google up ‘women held back by men’ and there’s a lot of recent results…typically from the BBC and Guardian, so you know what those sites will say.

    I mean, here’s this paper:

    I have gone to meetups that are ‘soft’ tech related. Almost 90% are guys, and of those 90%, it’s brown dudes and Asians. I don’t know if generally this gender ratio plays out…but it’s funny how the issue is about ‘virtue signalling’ to get womyn in STEM (and the cushy jobs)..than acknowledging that maybe womyn prefer to buy dumb shit on or Gilt.

    1. The issue with that claim is that the premise is not valid. How are women held back? There were a few women who were able to rise well above the level of their female peers, which completely undermines the narrative that they had to overcome a “patriarchy”. That “paper” you linked is bullshit. Just look at the first fact: the issue is not ability in mathematics in general but high-level ability in that subject. It does not matter that Jane is as good or bad as Joe when it comes to doing basic arithmetic. However, the fact that Stacy is unable to wrap her head around calculus while Xiu has worked through that material in grade 6 on his own is. Furthermore, due to the later onset of puberty, we should not look at years 4 and 8 but 12 instead. The picture would show a dramatic difference. Just looking back at my own high school experience, once we did anything that required a modicum of abstract thinking, for instance a bit of Linear Algebra or introductory Calculus, the girls were dropping like flies.

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