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Thoughts on raising a daughter

In addition to thinking about how I’d raise a son, I also spent some thoughts on how I would raise a daughter. Quite frankly, I think this would be a lot more difficult. While the goal for raising a son is to turn him into a confident man and productive member of society who can fend for himself and command respect, your daughter should basically just make a good traditional wife for a traditional man. All the supposed benefits due to women’s liberation are disadvantages. Men couldn’t care less about a woman’s degree or her career. The biggest issue I see is that your daughter will have a rough life if she is not attractive. Not only that, she also has a very narrow window of time to find a good provider. Thus, she has to be focused and keep her legs together.

Seeing how important attractiveness is, I’d say you have to raise your daughter so that she is well-aware of the importance of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. She should be in great shape. Her personality has to be pleasant. For this, she has to be in an environment that allows her to grow up like a proper little lady. I am not sure this is possible in the West anymore, where even middle-class women try to look like gutter trash. The once unthinkable, like tattoos in places you cannot easily cover, like hands, are a commonplace phenomenon in office landscapes. Then there is the utterly atrocious drinking culture. Add to that social media addiction, and you have so many bad influences that you wonder what kind of superhuman efforts would be necessary in order for your daughter to not turn into a thot.

There is the option to send my kids to school in Singapore. While the Singaporean school system churns out meek men, that’s not much of a problem for women because that trait only makes them more attractive. Furthermore, the better schools still teach etiquette. A friend of my girlfriend, for instance, relayed to me that she was taught, among others, how to sit, walk, or descend stairs in a lady-like manner. Meanwhile, in our thots in the West swear like drunken sailors in kindergarten, use make-up in grade three or four, and collect dick picks in grade six.

I do think that there is great value in education for a young woman. However, them doing well in high school would largely have the benefit that they could then enter a decent university, in order to look for a provider husband. My ideas are roughly along the lines of them being on the lookout among post-graduate students with serious earning potential. I think if you send your daughters to university, it has to be a very good institution with a conservative student body. Otherwise, she’ll easily end up in an environment where academics are seen as ancillary to partying. There would also be much fewer, if any, eligible bachelors around.

My girlfriend voiced some discontent as she sensed an inequality, given my willingness to pay for my son’s sexual escapades with professionals. “Are there any equivalent expenses for a daughter you would shoulder?”, she asked. Of course, there are plenty of ways to spend money on a daughter. I am mildly positive that my daughter would turn out quite cute, given that half-white/half-Asian women are generally seen as very attractive. Besides, the future mother is quite a looker. However, if a slimmer nose or a pointier chin would improve my daughter’s appearance, I’d be heavily in support of getting that fixed. Those are probably the only cosmetic procedures I would support.

So, in summary, to raise a decent young lady, she has to be in an environment where thots are rather unheard of (good luck!). She should appreciate hard work so that she can get into a decent school. Yes, I know that women get a leg up in all parts of life, but there just aren’t enough spots available at top universities to get them all in. Thus, she will have to put in a serious effort. However, university education would, just like it used to be, primarily be a means for finding a decent partner, and not the launchpad for some b.s. career. Ideally, I’d pawn her off in her early 20s to some conservative guy with a good education and an established career. I’d be totally fine if the guy was significantly older than her. In fact, I think the age gap should be at least ten years, but probably not more than 25. Now, imagine you were such a guy and you could meet a well-bred, healthy, attractive, and educated young woman who has kept her virginity for you? I’d say a woman like that would be very much in demand. That is the best-case scenario, though.

On the other hand, should she turn out poorly and repeatedly make poor decisions, I’d disown her. I don’t think I could have any respect for a daughter who is a proud slut, a feminist, or something along those lines. Can you even imagine financially supporting a young woman who spends your money on booze and getting tattoos, and who has nothing better to do than serving as Chad and Tyrone’s plaything? I really would not want to hear from her. Yet, I do not think that she could descend that low, even considering how rotten Western society is. After all, if there was any indication that a shameful life as a thot was a possible outcome for her, she’d quickly find herself on a plane to Singapore, where she’d have to attend a school with strict regulations. In that regard, you almost have to welcome that Western women start to get led astray from the path of virtue at a very early age. Thus, should my daughter start to succumb to the peer pressure of kindergarten or primary school thots and develop a pesky attitude, she’ll quickly transform into a Singaporean school girl who has a Discipline Master watch over her. There will be no thots in my household.

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17 thoughts on “Thoughts on raising a daughter

  1. Correction– I wasn’t discontented! It was out of intellectual curiosity when I asked if there could be something to spend on for daughters. Some nuances just get lost in translation when you text. Oh well.

  2. BAHAHAHA i see you view daughters as a with true pimp hand,
    FUCK THOTS, lmao. i died laughing, be gone thot.
    through you seem to be willing to go more extreme then i do, i dont see my self having the option of sending the little girl abroad where thots dont exist.
    what a nightmare.

  3. I fully agree with your views on how to best raise a son and a daughter nowadays. Great stuff seldom talked about openly because, well it just completely goes against the destructionist grain of today’s prevailing neo-marxism.

    It always amazes me again and again how much truth about male/female dynamics and about sociatal coherence can be found in supposedly “old-fashioned”, “out of date” customs and traditions of past generations or past (European) cultures.

  4. Also worth implementing for those with daughters this day in age is some good spyware on her cellular. Obviously, you’re going to want your daughter to have access to a line 24/7 in case of emergencies. However, being able go monitor text messages, browser and social media via software, and also letting her know she’s being monitored will help shame her into not communicating with boys at an early age etc.

    Really, though, I get the nagging feeling that if a smart young girl wants to get away with something, then she may very well get away with it.

    1. I agree with your conclusion, which is why I think it may be best to ship her off to a Singaporean boarding school where she will learn proper discipline.

  5. Much food for thought (thot?).

    One of the questions that pop up: what if your daughter seems to gifted with genius-like intelligence from an early age? Would you support her going for a career in a STEM field, even if that means postponing marriage till 30?

    1. I know you’re asking Aaron, but since I come from an academic family (entire family of university professors and academics) I can comment on this.

      From what I’ve seen intelligent girls manage to do both. In other words… she can get married early to an intelligent nerdy guy, and still succeed in getting that career off the ground. With her intelligence she’ll get pretty far even if she’s not making career the first upmost priority.

    2. Look into the percentage of women with IQs over 130 as opposed to men. Based on that, I’d say that supposed genius-level intelligence is a lot less likely for a girl than for a boy. There are plenty of STEM fields I would not want her to go into, for instance all laboratory sciences. I would, in fact, discourage an academic career altogether as this will only lead to the delay of childbirth, if not its avoidance. My plans for my daughter would be roughly along those lines: get a (somewhat) quantitative Bachelor’s degree at a very good university, join the workforce for a year or two, and use that time not to get ahead in the career but snag a husband.

    3. Your reply and Alek Novy’s are dissimilar, but still based on the same premise. The only thing that left me wondering is the remark about lab fields. Care to elaborate?

    4. The problem with those fields is that you normally need a PhD to get an entry-level job in industry. A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Biology itself doesn’t help you very much. In particular for a woman, a PhD is a serious gamble. Just think of all the peak fertility years going down the drain while she’s stirring beakers. Also, for an academic career, you are too dependent on the outcome of your experiments. Yet, you don’t have much control over it as your advisor will pick them for you. You don’t know in advance if you get good results. Thus, if you’re not lucky, you will need extra years to get your doctorate. Even at the Master’s level poor outcome of experiments keeps people from graduating on time.

    5. My answer is based on observing academic families… These are situations where both husband and wife are academics. And they succeed in both the family stuff and the career stuff.

      Yes the wife achieved a bit less than the husband. But no she doesn’t give up career altogether.

      That’s the whole thing about intelligence. Higher iq means you are more productive and can get more things done.

      I think a 130 iq woman can achieve the same career success as a childless workaholic 100 iq woman… While also doing great on the raising family front.

      Of course she can’t achieve the same as a childless 130iq woman… But she doesn’t have to give up on career altogether. She has enough brainpower to balance both well.

      When antifeminists say “women are sold a lie that they can do both things and have it all”… They’re correct in principle. The average woman can’t. A 130 iq woman can…

    6. Her husband might get the PhD at 28 and she might get it 39… He might get 100 papers published and she might only publish 20… But they’re both successful academics and she doesn’t have to sacrifice fertility or family to get it done if she’s 130 iq.

    7. As a guy, you would not be able to stay in academia in the hard science for that long. If you don’t get a tenure-track position, you can do a postdoc or two, which buys you another four years, tops. It is excessively rare if not unheard of to do three postdocs. Also, your example only works in the current climate of coddling of females, and there are only so many positions available for that demographic. I have seen CVs of tenured female professors who had fewer publications, and rather low-impact ones at that, than plenty of men who were not able to stay on in academia.

    8. There’s no deadline to getting a PhD though… She can raise the children and then get the PhD.

      What smart women do for balance is that they tend to mix it up. Like get a masters that qualifies them for certain work… And they get into work that helps while not overcommitting so much that it hurts family life.

      She can work on the PhD on the side as she’s raising the kids and just do it slower… Whilst networking and keeping connected to academia through private project s from her workplace that are collaborations with academia. That’s what I’ve seen.

      That’s the point of high iq. You think up clever solutions to problems.

    9. Working on the PhD on the side probably only works for women. The standard, which may only be applied to men, is that funding is limited to a certain number of years. Afterwards, your university may have some extra funds to dip into, or they may allow you to stay enrolled as an unfunded student. Yet, they will kick you out eventually. Research projects at university are also limited to a rather short time horizon, so the thought of someone fiddling around in their spare time for a decade, while keeping everyone else in their research group from progressing is highly unrealistic in a competitive environment. It may be different if a woman is the wife of a senior academic. In that case, her husband’s employer may bend the rules rather dramatically. This even goes as far as offering to hire the wife as an assistant or associate professor as part of the offer package to the husband. ETH Zurich was in the news, for instance, because the wife of an astronomer who got her post as part of her husband’s employment was incompetent and tyrannical. This did not make international news, but you will find plenty of resources in German, such as the following:

    10. Just to clarify… I was going to do it in the original post since I assumed it might come up.

      By postponing the PhD until later, I do not mean actively work on it for 15 years while people are waiting around for her to do. The way it works is that she will get a masters… then find ways to stay connected to academia on the side (with smaller level projects that are collaborations with her workplace)… until she’s ready to do the PhD project. The actual PhD project might be a 2 year thing, but she can stay connected to academia as an outside collaborator for 10-15 years before she starts it…

  6. She’s in Singapore you said? The next thing you know is she’s got a boyfriend and would actually love you if you disowned her. Just a point of view.

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