Your son should have plenty of sexual experience

A while ago one of my readers, Neutralrandomthroughts, asked me the following, which I paraphrase from memory:

If you had a son, would you encourage him to fuck around?

This is a question I have thought about quite a bit. My girlfriend also asked me about. In the following, I’ll outline my current position on this issue, but I do so in deliberately provocative terms.

Based on my personal experience, and also due to the negative effects I have seen women have on men I would strongly encourage my son, or sons, to have a lot of sexual experience. However, I would not want them to engage in sex with random women. They should also forego relationships until they are well into adulthood. Instead, my approach would be as follows: They would get a sex doll at an appropriate age, probably at around 16. Considering how far we have come in that regard, I don’t even want to imagine what the state of the art will be like in a decade or two. This will certainly go a long way to demystifying sex for him. Furthermore, from what I gather, pair-bonding chemicals get released with sex dolls as well, and this seems much safer than having my precious son fall in love with some useless teenage thot.

In addition, I would not only encourage him to bang professional women but pay for it. It should be roughly comparable to having a meal at a nice restaurant because you feel like it. Let’s say we travel and we are in a country where prostitutes are attractive and reasonably priced. I’d hand him a wad of cash, or the electronic equivalent, and tell him to go wild. I would also want him to have sex with women from different races, which means that a father-son trip to a place like Thailand or the Philippines probably will have to happen. The point of this is to demystify sex (with women) and, more importantly, not overvalue regular women. It does not matter whether you bang a good-looking prostitute, the ideal sex doll, or regular chicks with a great body, the effect will be the same: the typical average woman will not be able to put you under a spell. You just won’t care about them. You want your son to get to the point where he’ll just look through your typical 6/10 woman, unlike the average beta cuck who could not believe his supposed luck if a mildly unattractive woman gave him the time of day.

There is the very real danger that young and inexperienced men fall prey to predatory females. Young guys are very horny, and some good-for-nothing woman may just view them as a mark. A particularly egregious example from my real-life experience is provided by a woman of around 30 years of age who went after freshly enrolled medical students. That was in Germany, where Medicine is an undergraduate degree. She ended up with some less-than-alpha looking guy around ten years younger than herself who seemed easy to manipulate. More generally, I have encountered unattractive women going after inexperienced guys who are well above their league. The guy falls in love, not because she’s so great but because it’s all new to him, and his life gets ruined as a consequence.

Another issue is that the sooner you get over the misguided belief that women are oh-so-special, the better. You should also get over the initial emotional rush. Countless young men fall in love with teenage girls for the sole reason that they happen to be around them a lot. On the other hand, a teenage guy who has a fantastic sex doll at home and a budget to dip into to bang escorts won’t be affected by that very much, if at all.

How much would it be worth it for me? In 2018 price levels, I’d say 2,000 Euros for an excellent sex doll and a budget of an additional 2,000 Euros for fucking escorts, covering the last two years of high school, should do. If he gets into a good university, he’ll be rewarded accordingly, probably with 2,000 Euros/year budget for hookers, to be used up during term breaks. I’d essentially pay him not to have a girlfriend, and the money would be very well spent. I may have to finance his university education anyway. In that case, getting a girlfriend would mean he will have to pay me back in full, with slightly below market-rate interest. (If he does not like the terms, he’s welcome to take out a regular loan.) Not having a girlfriend would mean the money is interest-free, but using my hooker budget could, for instance, reduce his debt by the same amount, or by a variable percentage. Thus, by banging hookers, he would not only get to bang them for free, he’d get a nice chunk of money on top, too. Imagine I told you that you could bang a 300 Euro-escort on my dime, and if you do it, I’ll give you 300 Euros afterwards. You may even do it just for the money.

You may find that my stance is a bit odd. It is largely due to the very good impression a number of well-off young men have made on me. Those had the good fortune that their dad paid for their escorts. Concretely, this meant that they got a generous allowance they could use however they wanted. Their attitude towards women was a lot more relaxed than what I have encountered among regular men who allow themselves to get dragged around by their dick, looking like pathetic fools. An alternative is turning my son into Aaron Sleazy Jr., but I think he’ll find much better uses for his time. Money for hookers will get him a similarly detached mindset regarding women. For this you don’t necessarily have to be born rich. I have encountered plenty of whore-mongers who were able to acquire a similarly detached perception of women.

Women are an enormous distraction for men. For an ambitious man, their influence is most certainly overwhelmingly negative. In every stage of your life they can mess you up. Let’s skip the disastrous effect poor mothers or incompetent female teachers have and jump straight to romantic relationships: in high school, or job is to get good grades so that you can get into a good university. Some random thot is not worth dragging down your GPA. The same is true at university. Go to the best school you can get into and if some random chick you are dating back home does not want you to go, but neither wants to follow along, it’s her problem. Similarly, I have met men who were held back during their job search. They were pushed by their girlfriend to go for a safe job with limited potential as opposed to a great gig that may only last for a few years but which would give them excellent exit opportunities.

It is surprising how often guys either give up their dreams or not even develop any ambitions because they have chained themselves to a woman. One of the smartest guys I know works as a web developer in a non-descript company because his girlfriend is not geographically mobile, for instance. That’s probably not the kind of work you should do if you are really smart. Once I had a coaching call with a guy who was distressed because his girlfriend “gave him an ultimatum”. She has some shitty local job in the college town they met at. She did not want to give up that job — and he had gotten offers for several top-PhD programs in STEM, universities you will have heard of. My first question to him was, “What would you advise a friend of yours to do if he was in that very same situation?” (He left her, thankfully.) Those are just two examples, but you can find a lot of men out there who never even got close to living up to their potential because they are emotionally held captive by a woman they could very easily swap for a much better-looking one. I think in all those cases, the lack of sexual experience is to blame.

There are also men who get emotionally crushed when their sweetheart breaks up with them. Some heartbreak is a healthy reaction. Yet, you may know guys who ended up binging on alcohol or reignited a bad drug habit as a consequence. There are plenty of guys who quit their job after a breakup because they could no longer focus at work, or who got fired because their contributions were no longer up to par. Is that what you want for your real or hypothetical son? I thought so. You don’t want to raise a cuck. No, instead, you want to raise a guy who sees no value in getting involved with women for just the purpose of sex. Instead, raise a son who wants to first find out who he is, instead of some spineless simp who feels “incomplete” if he does not have a woman, any woman, next to him.

I would consider myself to have failed as a father if my son entered a serious relationship with a woman before he is in his thirties. I would like him to have had sex with at least 50 women by his mid-twenties. He can bother with a relationship once he has firmly established himself, which I consider the only sensible approach. This way, he would end up with a much better-looking woman who, of course, should be only in her early twenties.

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29 thoughts on “Your son should have plenty of sexual experience

  1. This post reminded me to rewatch an episode of Parts Unknown in which Bourdain is on a Greek island. He is on a boat eating with a fisherman, the fisherman’s son, and the translator.

    Bourdain asks the son how he finds women on the high seas to which the kid replies “where there is a will there is a way”

    The father than says something in Greek that the translator repeats paraphrasing:

    “From a young age, as soon they could talk and understand some life things, I brought them to the brothels. Told them to put one on each arm, on each leg, have a few drinks, have a good time in order to realize they’re[women] all out to get your money. Go nuts when your young, so when you’re older you’ll be more laidback with the whole women issue”

  2. @Aaron, can you adopt me and be my adopted father?

    I’ll pay you handsomely for it instead of the other way around if you let me fuck escorts for a living.

    I am going to call myself Don Sleazy Jr. the great.

    1. Don, if I may:
      I have been suspecting for a long time from your comments that you lack a father figure.
      This comment of your solidifies my opinion.
      You might wanna give this a thought and what it means/has meant for your life choices.

    2. Thanks for offering a consultation session. I would’ve paid for and gotten one before if I knew I wanted it. But thanks for the offer nevertheless Aaron.

      As for my comment striking a code with the self proclaimed moral elites (ahem-neutral-ahem), I can say I have a good relationship with both my parents who still together after so many years. But however, I would’ve liked it so much if they encouraged me to fuck escorts on the regular whether they bankrolled that activity or not. But it would’ve specifically been better if they covered the escort expenses of mine when I didn’t have much money and inevitably not a single escort or lay.

      @Neutralrandomthughts; I am sorry that you think that just from words on the internet. If I was that messed up, I won’t have a taste for this blog. But thanks for the concern, I guess.

    3. i dont a have a father ,single mom phenomenon applies to my mother . i am single child and my mom gave birth to my ass when she was 35.
      i am unattractive both sexually,socially and financially to women, And i still have interest in this blog despite being messed up.
      also i have good relationship with my mother oddly.

    4. “self proclaimed moral elites (ahem-neutral-ahem)”

      Hahaha, that was a good one.

      Chill bro, I was just saying what my opinion about you is, that’s all 😉

  3. Thanks for your elaborations.
    The obvious follow-up question is:

    If you have a son and a daughter, how do you explain to your daughter that your son can fuck around, (and you even financially support it) but she can’t?

    what an absolute unit. masterpiece.
    i am also curious what will you do if you had a daughter instead of a son?
    this shit is a nightmare i am so dreadful just imagining having a daughter.
    so many womemoney seem broken.

    1. I’ve seen other guys express this sentiment too. On the other hand I’m more enthused about raising daughters than sons. From a self-centred perspective, I think I could have a closer emotional bond with a daughter, even in adulthood, that’s not going to be possible with a son. But I’m also foreseeing that once he reaches adolescence, a mother is just not the prominent parent he needs. I can’t teach him how to be a man. He needs his father for that.

      As the mother I can only provide the soft landing, home-cooked food, and advice on non-masculinity topics, for what that’s worth. With a daughter I think I’d be in the position to give guidance for longer. And it becomes all the more important to be a role model as I’m the same-sex parent.

    2. Quote “With a daughter I think I’d be in the position to give guidance for longer.” Unquote

      Lol. What percentage of daughters do you think follows the mothers footprints?

      In other words, this is a relatively stupid assumption. Because, similar to the assumption that you’d grow old together if you get married, there is no guarantee about that. On the contrary, there are more reasons for the other scenarios.

    3. Sleazy’s Gal
      ” I think I could have a closer emotional bond with a daughter, even in adulthood, that’s not going to be possible with a son.”

      Hahahhahaah, this one made me laugh a lot.
      Like, it seems like you totally have no clue how proud you can be of a son.
      Let me try to help you understand. I’m pretty sure you are proud of Aaron. Proud in a way that he has achieved what he has achieved. But also proud about what he represents and how he is being perceived.
      Now, imagine not “just” being proud because you manged to attract such a man (it’s alright, you won your prize and it’s totally fine to have positive feelings about this). But now go one step further and imagine looking in the eyes of a say 25 year old human being, knowing that your blood, too goes through his veins and he makes other people feel the way Aaron makes you feel. Can you honestly say that this pride isn’t the biggest emotional bond that exists? What is it going to be overshadowed by? What aspect of your emotional bond with your daughter that will diminish this pride you have for your grown up son, now a man?
      Give yourself and the father of your future son some credit for bringing up a fantastic man you can be proud of 😉

    4. Hahaha, Aaron is great indeed but my self-effacing Asian side is not letting me chest-thump!

      I’ll certainly be proud if I manage to raise a son who turns out to be a fine young man. But when I said emotional bond I didn’t have pride in mind. I just imagine that sons would be less affectionate and communicative than daughters. It was that…superficial :S

    1. When reality contradicts your belief, it’s not advisable to double down on your misguided beliefs.

  5. The comments are overwhelmingly positive. Do you guys foresee any emotional, mindset, or attitude problems for a young guy that could arise as a result of banging so many hookers? Let’s say 50 hookers by the age of 25. How do you think this would’ve affected you, perhaps?

    1. I don’t know about myself specifically, but there is a very strong correlation between a high sexual partner count and marital dissastisfaction and divorce. There’s also strong correlations between high sexual partner counts and depression and drug abuse.

      The correlations are significantly stronger for women, but they are strong for males as well.

    2. The studies I have seen on that topic conclude that this is a non-issue for men, while the divorce risk for women jumps up sharply if they were not virgins or near-virgins when getting married.

    3. Maybe in a perfect world men wouldn’t generally require a high partner count to ‘get it out of his system’ and understand the darker side of female nature to see it for what it can be. For example, if female nature were kept in check then it wouldn’t be such a bad trade off to keep male nature in check as well. However, we all know that’s not the case, so what’s one to do?

      The emotional negatives of banging a bunch of sluts and whores would be far better than the emotional trauma of losing your wife and kids and being ostracized from society. Alternatively, you could fall for a woman at a young age that could end up ruining your life or at least stall your progress in many ways, so there’s also that.

    4. If you had to vote for two candidates between Hitler and Hilary Clinton, wouldn’t you have voted for Shilary? Similarly, being divorced and shit is worse than the supposed emotional trauma of fucking too many women. Further, where is the proof that fuck so many escorts is capable of producing any negative effects emotional or otherwise. Hint; There isn’t any.

    5. “Let’s say 50 hookers by the age of 25. How do you think this would’ve affected you, perhaps?”

      I think you underestimate the effect of diminishing returns: 5 hookers or 50: Effect-wise it’s the same: A guy’s brain will classify sex as as “no big deal”.

      After that it’s just about satisfying the male sex drive which, honestly, I seriously doubt any woman will ever understand.

    6. I agree that 50 has the same effect as 5 in terms of the general “pussy ain’t special” effect.

      Do consider we’re talking about a longer stretch of time here though. Like of your boy is single from 15 to 35… that’s 20 years of singledom.

      That’s just 2 escorts per year… And you do want to get some sex to break longer dry-spells, due to working super-hard on a business launch or whatver, just for the mojo of it all etc.

      Think of it more like booking a massage to release pent up muscle spasms… Not just for that initial “oh sex isn’t special” aha moment.

    7. Sleazy Gal, I have a question.

      I dropped the ideas in this article by my girlfriend and (surprise surprise) she didn’t like at all the idea of her future son banging prostitutes paid by Daddy. She basically said “I want my son to respect woman and not go fuck prostitutes”. I had a good laugh, because respect for woman and banging hookers has no connection to me. Besides, when the time comes, if I have to, I will push the mother of my children aside and take over the prominent part of the parenting. There’s simply shit that happens between father and son that women can’t understand, and if the price is that the relationship goes to hell, the so be it, but my son gets to learn how to be a man.
      But anyway, pack to the point. I’d like your view on this. How do you see prostitutes?

    8. My knee-jerk reaction was to be taken aback too. But I quickly got over it. I agree with you that respect for women has no relation to banging hookers. Hookers choose to offer their bodies up as a service and you’re simply paying for what they offer. (Of course we’re not talking about using trafficked women or sex slaves, that’s just sick.)

      I mean I want my son to be red-pilled and not put pussy on a pedestal because that could ruin his life. Start by asking your gf if she at least wants this for her own son too. If she agrees then you can move on to talking about the “how”. So he needs sexual experience with women, which he can get either by banging hookers or playing the field. The latter is just too time-consuming and now risky (false rape allegations, etc).

      I also asked myself if I can think of anyone around me who is red-pilled *without* the sexual experience with women. And the answer was a resounding no. My blue-pill guy friends all have little to no experience.

      Your gf might then ask something along the lines of “why can’t you just teach our son about female nature and leave it as that? To be careful of predatory women, etc etc.” To that I would say you simply can’t have the theory without the practical. Plus young men have raging hormones. It’s better for their sexual needs to be met by an efficient hooker than a vanilla thot who could ruin his life.

      So I told Aaron that we better not have 4 sons or it’ll be expensive. He said they can all share a sex doll. LOL.

      As for how a good traditional girl may react to a guy with such a history of banging hookers…I haven’t figured this one out yet. It will probably seem off-putting. But at the end of the day it might not be an issue if she feels assured that she’ll be taken care of. Any thoughts on this?

      Hopefully your gf can be convinced. Have you been training her? What views of hers have you already managed to change 180 degrees? I’m very curious about the topic of gf training 🙂

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