Why Older Women Cut Their Hair Short

Long hair on a woman’s head that is in good to great condition is a marker for health. It also indicates that a woman has plenty of time on her hands for maintenance, which may be a negative. Some women cut their hair. There are of course those “woke” ones who want to look as unattractive as possible to men and afterwards justify their man-hating with the fact that Chad and Tyrone don’t even go near her with a ten-foot pole.

You hardly ever see older women with longer hair. The often-used justification is that it “takes too much time”. What is instead happening, though, is that due to deteriorating health, their hair starts to look frizzy. While well-kept long hair is attractive, the opposite is true for hair in poor condition. Thus, women do the obvious and chop it off.

Don’t believe their lies! Short hair is simply the lesser of two evils. Healthy long hair would look better, but since they could only offer long hair in poor health, they cut it off to “demonstrate their independent-mindedness” or something along those lines. Yet, with short hair and plenty of haircare products, it is easer to pretend that their hair is still great. It’s like someone sprinting for 10 meters and claiming that he could keep this up for 100 m but chose not to. It’s not a choice, it’s an excuse.

Only very good looking (young) women can get away with short hair. Yet, they would nonetheless look better with longer hair. For a great example, look up Sinéad O’Connor. First, track down the music video of her only hit (“Nothing compares to you”), and then check out the trainwreck she is today. She still wears her hair short, but you no longer think that this is “bold” or a “sign of empowerment”. Instead, you wonder if she’s been undergoing chemo therapy.

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5 thoughts on “Why Older Women Cut Their Hair Short

  1. “For a great example, look up Sinéad O’Connor. First, track down the music video of her only hit (“Nothing compares to you”), and then check out the trainwreck she is today.”

    ==> Another example is that shrek Rose McGowan, the ‘actress’ who is now the mouth-piece for the #metoo movement. I mean, she was decent with normal long hair. Now she shaved it like Sinead O’Connor, probably for the same reasons articulated in Aaron’s post. (For a comparison of McGowan before/after, see: http://digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/17/03/768×471/gallery-1484577897-rose-mcgowan-scream.jpg

    That McGowan is the ‘leader’ of the #metoo movement is probably because she needs something to be relevant.

    Funny how McGowan is in damage control as her former co-leader, Asia Argento, turned out to be #she too in being a sexual predator. (Here’s a recent post from the Guardian as the #metoo sheep try to distance themselves from Asia Argento: http://archive.is/7q7zn)

  2. You obviously know very little about women’s hair. Frizzy hair can be sorted with heat styling tools, silicone based products and serum in an instant. Literally anyone whose hair isn’t poker straight suffers from some degree of frizz. Many young women even have crap hair without those things, especially if they bleach it which is a large chunk of the western population. I don’t know why older women cut their hair short, but it’s not because they couldn’t make it look nice long. There is a whole multi billion dollar market for making hair look smooth and shiny.

    1. The hair of an unhealthy woman is so bad that all those fancy products don’t work. Honestly, have you ever seen an older woman with great silk hair? Along the same lines: have you ever seen an older woman with nice, tight skin? You haven’t, because they do not exist.

    2. Silly Sleazy, everyone knows that things never deteriorate with time. Especially God’s most precious creature, woman. A most amazing specimen which can spend a good chunk of it’s lifetime ingesting McDonald’s fries and sugary sodas, dousing their natural hair with chemicals in the form of mass produced shampoos, conditioners and color treatments, and sunbathing/bed tanning with no mineral sunscreen.

      So yea, get with it Aaron. I’m sick of your rational thinking and logical arguments.

      In all seriousness, I know a female doctor in her late thirties that easily looks like she could pass for 29 or so. But this is extremely rare.

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