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The Life of Chad and Stacy: Internet Revenge Fantasies Regarding Studs and Sluts

The various communities that have turned their backs on women for whatever reason, be it lack of success or learning about the true nature of women, are growing. In those communities, you will easily find people who harbor enormous resentments. Instead of getting on with their lives, they fantasize about justice prevailing in the end. The alpha jocks who banged all the hot girls in high school are, in their mind, predestined to end up as fat alcoholic losers who won’t ever amount to anything while the various sluts who would bang anyone but not the beta schmucks she came across will enjoy her post-wall years with an assortment of cats and dildos.

As gratifying as those fantasies may be for guys who never had success with women, they are rather short-sighted. In the end, they are an example of the just world fallacy. Those guys feel they have been wronged, so the universe will deliver justice in the future. That is not necessarily the case, however. While it is true that there are guys who were big studs in their teenage years who end up crashing and burning, that is hardly the norm. Similarly, sluts don’t have to lose at the game of life either.

The story of Johnny the Stud, in the Internet hive mind of beta guys, goes as follow: Johnny is a football quarterback in high school, loves to party, and bangs the entire cheerleader squad. Yet, he’s only a big fish in a small pond so even though he may get a ‘varsity’ scholarship at a big college to keep playing football, he won’t make it into professional sports and, due to not being that smart, he won’t be able to get a career off the ground. Thus, Johnny peaked between the ages of 16 and 22. Afterwards he’s going to experience a rapid decline, ending up with a shitty job and trying to get laid with single moms who are supposedly the grown-up versions of the hot chicks he banged in his prime.

Indeed, Johnny’s counterpart Stacy the Cheerleader won’t fare any better in the mind of Steven, the overweight loser. She’ll bang all the Johnnies from high school to college. If she’s particularly unlucky, she’ll get knocked up and drop out. If not, she won’t make it far in life either because she just isn’t smart enough. She’s certainly not as smart as Steven who took Differential Equations in his freshman year in college. So, while Steven will sit in a cubicle and rolling in six-figures after college, Stacy will depend on welfare benefits and raise a brood of kids from different men.

The life outcomes of Johnny and Stacy are caricatures. They have a fundamental flaw: in the real world, looks and intelligence are positively correlated. Guys and girls tend to have it all. The reason why height is so attractive for women is that it signals health. If you’re tall, you are healthy. If you are healthy, you are intelligent. If you are healthy, you can work hard, and if you are intelligent, you have access to a number of jobs that are off-limits for morons. That isn’t to say that you can’t be short and smart. Yet, as probably anyone who went to a very selective university that picks students based on merit can confirm, your fellow students may very well be smarter, taller, healthier, and better-looking than the students at State U.

Good genes with women are reflected in an attractive waist-to-hip ratio. Sexually appealing women are generally not mentally retarded. They are healthy and smarter than the average. This doesn’t work if you’re talking to some skinny-fat chick who uses a Columbian girdle to pretend she’s in shape. The problem these women have is that the world rewards them disproportionally for looks, so chances that they will pick up a book on probability theory in their teens are nil. This can harm them. However, there are plenty of good-looking girls who get drilled to meet the ambitious goals their parents set for them.

One of the advantages of getting older is that you see life trajectories play out, which gives you a pretty good indication whether your assumptions about certain principles hold or not. I have crossed path with quite a few guys who were very popular with girls back in high school. They didn’t buy into the idea of delaying gratification. One of them developed an alcohol problem in his early 20s. He used to walk tall. These days, or at least the last time I accidentally bumped into him when I visited my hometown, he is a broken man. Similarly, there are sluts who didn’t think about the future. One girl I used to hang out with is now a single mom, raising two kids from two guys. That chick was always a bit trashy, though. Another girl I knew back then came from a wealthy family. She ended up on the wrong path, developing a severe cocaine habit and banging countless dudes in the techno scene. Her dad built and sold a 500-people company in the dot-com years; just the real estate they own is probably worth a few hundred million euros. She reached out to me on Facebook a few years ago. Her pictures showed her with a baby, and it didn’t seem that she lived a luxurious life. It’s quite possible that her family cut her off completely.

The examples I just mentioned confirm the wishful thinking of rejected men. Yet, I have also seen much different trajectories play out, based on the observation that better-looking men and women are more intelligent. The most striking example of an ‘alpha’ who made it is a former classmate of mine from a good family. We attended the same elite college. Probably by looking at him, the average frustrated dude would think that he’ll end up in a shitty career, not amounting to much. That isn’t quite how things played out for him. After graduation, he joined an investment bank. He sent me a contact request on LinkedIn some time ago. He’s now a managing director at a large bank; his wife is model-caliber. This guy kept his eye on the ball all the time, playing hard, but working harder. The latter includes the gym. There are probably aspects of his life not many would envy him for, but overall, in the general dick-measuring contest of life, he’s doing fantastically well.

Also, resentful guys shouldn’t be too quick to label every good-looking woman a slut. Of course, there are many possibilities, but just as you will see attractive women who sleep around there are plenty who don’t because they have been raised properly. I met plenty such women at university. Some of them weren’t even that good-looking, but just by being around guys with great earning potential at my elite college, quite a few of them managed to lock down an excellent provider. I don’t think any of these guys is at the level of the managing director I just mentioned, but none of those women stuck with a loser. There were also sluts who couldn’t keep their legs closed in their teens but who eventually wised up and worked on their image. There were girls I went to college with who had guys commenting on their Facebook walls complimenting them on their blowjob skills. It was mind-boggling to me that any woman would want to have that kind of message out there. There was one girl living on the floor below mine who once had a guy post on her Facebook wall something like, “You give the best head!”. This showed up in my news feed. Her slutty friends liked that post and that woman herself replied publicly, “Yeah, I guess I really do!”. A few years later she probably realized that she’s shooting herself in the foot by having guys comment publicly on her dick-sucking abilities. Since then, she’s keeping a very clean image on social media. She ended up joining a “big four” accounting company, cut down on partying and whoring around, and also secured a very good match.

Overall, there is some truth to the claim that attractive guys and girls can end up on a downward slope in life. This is a problem for them because they face temptation. For a young hot girl who has little guidance, the temptation of getting plowed by Jamal and Tyrone may just be too hard to resists. Guys don’t fare much better. If you were a hot stud and had chicks jumping on your dick 24/7, you may not be too tempted to plow through your Calculus textbook. The temptation of easy sex with attractive women can be hard to resist. It led me astray as well, and I’m happy I managed to turn my life around. There are guys who are, or were, extremely successful with women, and who could not handle that distraction. They seemingly lost the ability to focus on their goals and ended up in a less-than-ideal place. Likewise, there are plenty of attractive women who either look for a guy to settle down with right away or who do so after slutting it up for a few short years. If they play their cards right, they can end up with a very desirable mate. The issue attractive men and women face is to resist temptation. If they manage to do that, their life trajectory will be much different from what sexually frustrated men on the Internet fantasize about.

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6 thoughts on “The Life of Chad and Stacy: Internet Revenge Fantasies Regarding Studs and Sluts

  1. I do get why some of these guys are angry towards the stacy’s. But why are they always so angry towards chad’s? Seems just to be envy. Stacy used these guys like a emotional tampon. She was the one toying with their emotions. Chad just banged a hot girl he didn’t really care about. So what’s his crime against mr beta? He didn’t do anything to rong them.

    1. Pretty simple to answer: beta guys hate chads, because they have to pay a different price.
      The beta tries to impress Stacy, works hard to show he can provide and hopes he can get in her pants. That way worked for decades, until sexual libertarian and women showed their true nature: being shallow and egoistic and only desire chads.

  2. Well… the girls who are the most intelligent also don’t slut it up in the first place. Looks might be correlated to intelligence, but are inversely correlated to casual sex.

    The truth is most sluts are glorified sixes… and most guys having these fantasies are just fooled by makeup and tight skirts.

    The “stacies” are for the most part sixes with porn-like makeup and super-tight skirts banging guys above their league.

    1. Studies show the higher a person’s IQ the less partners they have in their teens and twenties, and more likely to be a virgin until mid-twenties. This was found to be true for both men AND women.

      This is the same IQ that is the best predictor of life success.

    2. There is a saying in my country usually said when discussing a ugly woman. That is loosely translated into English as Uggs can’t be sluts. That way I find you logic above a bit misleading. I have certainly fucked women who were virgins or had a very low partner count. But I never stayed with them so, go figure.

    3. Don: A woman has to be real ugly if she’s not able to get laid on demand. Even a 5 can get laid every day if she wants. Just not with the men she really wants. I’m often surprised about what men are willing to accept. Ugly and old women are now even capable of making money as a cam model. It’s insane to think some men are spending money to see them naked. I would do almost everything to avoid that. Site’s for webcam girls are totally dominated by ugly old women. I can’t see how someone can still have a boner at the time they finally find an attractive girl in between the fast ocean of ugly’s. And worse spend money on them. We often discuss what’s rong with women. But looking at things like that i wonder. WTF is rong with these men?

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