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Peak Feminism: “Mental Load”

Appeasement does not work. Just like you don’t negotiate with terrorists, you shouldn’t negotiate with feminists. Society, though, has dropped the ball on the former as well as the latter. We nowadays house and feed terrorists and shower them with welfare money. Similarly, there is no end to the concessions that are being made in an attempt to placate women. You’d think that they would shut up after we’ve set up entire bullshit industries that provide well-paid but superfluous jobs for women. For women who don’t manage to get one of those jobs, there are lavish welfare payments to be had.

There is a third option for women if neither Daddy Government nor Daddy Corporate is appealing. After all, for the former you have to show up to work semi-regularly because you can’t call in sick every single day, and the latter comes with a stigma some women care about, in particular those who think that their buff billionaire in-waiting might not want to go straight for the bottom of the barrel. The third option is of course finding a man and living rent-free. In the best case, this can be a fantastic deal for both: your wife keeps the house in order, raises your super-smart kids and cooks delicious meals. In turn, she doesn’t have to worry about making a living. The social circle of my mother consisted of nothing but subjugated stay-at-home moms who couldn’t follow their dreams of becoming hot-shot lawyers and CEOs (or underemployed baristas and marketing interns), and those women seemed infinitely happier than today’s ‘woke’ feminists.

If you’re a feminist woman, shacking up with a man is not such a great deal because you’d not be smart and organized enough to juggle your responsibilities. The appropriate term for this is “mental load”. If a woman of such inferior mental abilities, for instance, notices that the cat needs to be fed, her alleged multitasking abilities go right out the window the moment something else requires her attention. As she’s about to feed her cat some shitty dry food, she realizes that her plants are dying, so she puts the cat food back and proceeds to water the plants — but then she realizes that she has run out of tampons, so she now has to rush to the supermarket to buy a pack. Then she gets sidetracked by clothing stores, and before she knows it, the day is over, she has bought two more pieces of clothing, her cat is getting really grumpy, and her plants are dead.

You may think that this is a caricature, but my example is modeled closely after the “womansplaining” provided in blog posts of feminists who bitch about not being able to do the simplest things. This is probably due to them never having had to organize their life. There was always mommy, daddy, or some cucked beta male at hand who took care of all her crap. Being a teenage queen must be wonderful. Yet, at one point those women have to take care of themselves and that is when all hell seems to break loose.

All the complaining online about the “mental load” is supposedly intended to establish the narrative that women should have to do nothing at all except eating ice cream and watching re-runs of Sex and the City. It would of course help if someone told those women to prioritize tasks, plan ahead, and get things done instead of being a lazy piece of shit that loses her composure the moment one or more of the tasks she has put off for too long demands immediate attention.

If the concept of “mental load” gains any traction, I wonder what will come next.

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16 thoughts on “Peak Feminism: “Mental Load”

  1. It’s a bottom less pit. There is a real easy answer to the age old question. “What do women want?” The answer is “MORE!” It doesn’t matter if she only owns a suitcase with clothes and half a bottle of vodka when you first meet them. The moment you give her a middle-class life. That will be the new normal. Now she wants more. Dont expect any loyalty because you’ve done something for her in the past. Women dont give loyalty points for provided favours or resources like men do. The moment you give them something. It has lost it’s value. And if you cant give her more. Or preferably something better. She will look for someone else to give it to her. They will never be satisfied with what they have. They always want more.

  2. Aren’t you guilty of what both you and I would call making a problem of minute proportions (feminism) into a problem with mainstream society? I don’t know about you but if a woman said what you said over where I live, she’ll immediately pay the price of ill conceived laughter. On your own admission, feminism is a practice of few women and not most women.

    1. Don: (Feminism is a practice of few women and not most women.) It’s true that only a smaller proportion of women will identify as feminist. Most women will however support their policies and vote for political parties that endorse them. Even those who call themselves trad are mostly living the feminist lifestyle. And i dont know that many women that want to abolish no fault divorce or the female vote. So your question is a little more complicated than it seems. Almost all Western women are corrupted by feminism in some way. They want it all. They want to be equal when it benefits them. They want special treatment when it benefits them. And that’s were we get the bigger problem. Leftwing politics supports feminism and gives women wat they ask for in name of equality. Rightwing politics is more trad and believe in women and children first. So both are gynocentric. Both are supporting laws and policies that favour women at the expense of men. This has resulted in the nightmare that we call modern Western society

    2. Don: Just as Aaron said “Appeasement does not work.” You shouldn’t negotiate with feminists. They will never be happy. But when it comes to rightwing politics we also have a problem. Because they are also trying to please women every step of the way. Sure they oppose some feminist policies. But how many of them are calling to reverse the policies already in place? They only slow down the real crazy third wave feminist bullshit. But they will often support bills to “support women” or “keep wonen and children save”. The problem is that the institutions that will implement those policies are run by feminist. So even those who say they are rightwing. Are often supporting feminism indirectly.

    3. Don: I don’t care much about how these women call themselves. Or what groups or organisations say they stand for. Actions speak louder than words. I judge them by their actions. If some pretty girl calling herself anti feminist or trad. Go’s on youtube to milk beta’s money until she almost hit the wall. That’s just as much a feminist to me as the crazy howlers with the purple hair.

    4. The problems you mention are a direct result of the existence of government. The only way government can get away with what it currently does is by doing one simple thing. Which is one word appeasing. To paraphrase a quote by W. G. Hill, “The public is gullible and therefore, they can be actually the ones trying to force ideas on themselves that may or may not be beneficial for themselves if its presented properly”. Stressing on the key word “presented properly”. That’s why feminism even though it is a idea of a minority of people can be so pervasive. In fact, it doesn’t matter if its presented to the public in a appeasing manner but what matters is if it is presented in government properly. From there it will trickle down to the public. What we need is a mens right lobby in government.

    5. Don: (What we need is a mens right lobby in government.) That’s not likely to happen. Men’s rights organisations are constantly shut down by feminist. And politicians dont really care about men’s issues. It’s likely to cost them votes if they support the men’s rights movement. Feminist will scream rape and other stuff. Specially in the current situation with me too. Supporting men’s rights would be career suicide for a politician. Personally i dont believe reform is possible. Men’s rights organisations are trying that for a long time now. It hasn’t worked yet.

    6. Don: Rebuild society after it has destroyed itself. I dont believe that reform is possible. Sooner or later people are going to fight. The winner will shape a new society. Empires rise and fall. This one is falling. So taking good care of ourselves is all we can do at the moment. I’m moving to Thailand. I’ll just watch it all burn from a distance.

  3. I have a fantastic way of dealing with the “We women can multitask, you men can’t” narrative. I simply ask them: “OK, so can you give me an example of two things that you can do at the same time?”
    That shuts these dumb bitches up, because they can’t name two precise things they do simultaneously.
    To top it up, I usually add: “No, brushing your teeth and watching TV at the same time doesn’t count.”

    On a more serious note, the closest I ever had to get to multitasking was my apprenticeship in the kitchen. It looks like multitasking, but if you break it down, it’s about prioritizing – the golden rule being to start with whatever takes the most time.
    I love your last sentence.

    1. @Neutralrandomthoughts”: “OK, so can you give me an example of two things that you can do at the same time?”

      Sure guys can multitask…I mean, how about a guy banging an uggo? Maybe he’s banging her and thinking of a Victoria Secret model at the same time!

  4. There is a place for men who cant cope with the day-to-day mental load of being an adult. Two places: the streets, and prison.

  5. females are big spenders.
    gotta sell them “power” nonsense so they buy more.
    they facilitate transfer of wealth from men and government to companies who sell bullshit products.
    i think this might be the source of feminism.
    those companies in turn give “grants” favors to politicians and news to spread the female lie.

  6. “Appeasement does not work. Just like you don’t negotiate with terrorists, you shouldn’t negotiate with feminists.”

    Author/blogger Vox Day talks about this…you just can’t satisfy SJW’s.

    The quoted line in your post reminds me of some biology. I recall (I’m not a scientist, so I didn’t delve into it) from ‘light’ biology books/posts that the fetus is by default ‘female’. That is, we humans are all originally female until hormones kick in that can turn that fetus into a male.

    So I remember reading that and thinking, “wow, feminists (and womyn) should be smug to think that it’s more Eve and Adam, and women are the First Master Sex”.

    But then, feminists weren’t happy with the notion of ‘female is the default sex’! They interpreted this to mean that female as the default sex implies passivity and being male requires action. And women are NOT passive by default.

    In related news…Canada is doubling down on gender equality! It wasn’t enough to change the national anthem (because it was sexist), now there will be more money to gender equality (which means giving womyn more everything, the hell with men…)

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