Almost all Western women think they are sexy

Alek Novy recently posted a link to a video by Stefan Molyneux, in which he discusses a study published by Pricenomics on how Western women view themselves. Feel free to skim the source. For the purpose of this article, though, it’s hardly necessary as I’m only going to focus on an important bullet point from their summary:

Overall, 55% of women feel sexy “sometimes,” 24% always feel sexy, and 9% never feel sexy

This was the result of interviewing over 17,000 women all over the US. Let the numbers sink in! If arithmetic isn’t your thing because you’ve been edumacated in a typical shitty left-leaning public school, then you hopefully trust me when I tell you that 55% + 24% = 79%. Yes, 79% of women feel sexy at least some of the time.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I leave my cave and venture out into the world, I come across a very small number of women I’d consider attractive, let alone sexy. Among women in their prime, I’d say that at most 5% are genuinely sexy, and that is a very generous estimate. Yet, even clearly below average women are convinced that they, too, are sexy.

Upon further reflection, it’s not even that odd. Surely you have noticed that plenty of fat women spend money on revealing clothing and makeup. It’s almost as if they believe that if they doll themselves up like hot women do, they will be perceived as hot as well. Of course, that is not the case at all. As the saying goes, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig in the end.

While physical attractiveness has a clear counterpart in men, namely wealth, it is highly doubtful that men are similarly deluded. The closest comparable metric to ‘sexy’ for women would be ‘rich’ for men. Yet, there is only a very small number of men who believe they are rich even if they are not. Those are the infamous ‘$30,000 millionaires’ who blow all the money they make, and however much they have access to via cheap credit. Those are the kind of people who show up in a nightclub with bottle service, pay $500 for one bottle of champagne, because that’s all they can afford, and pretend to be ballin’. Meanwhile, genuinely rich men order half a dozen bottles just for the fun of it.

The 30k millionaire gets ridiculed. I also think that they themselves are painfully aware that they pretend to be something they are not. On the other hand, an ugly woman who believes she’s sexy is rarely, if ever, the subject of ridicule. However, it would clearly be a lot better for her if the environment would provide her with feedback about how ridiculous she is. The left thinks they can police language and tell people what to think and what to find attractive, but men are increasingly dropping out of the dating game altogether instead of settling for your typical shitty Western woman. Those shitty Western women, though, think that they are princesses. They’ll end up lamenting that “there are no good men left”, when they could have done a lot better for themselves had they not been working hard on building up fat rolls.

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24 thoughts on “Almost all Western women think they are sexy

  1. You write “Western women,” but the study is from the U.S. This obesity problem is a U.S. thing. 39.6% obesity among adults, and 70.7% overall either obese or fat. 19% obesity among adolescents.

    I live in northern Europe and women here are generally not fat. It is usually only older women who are fat. Same for men. When I visited the U.S. last year I was struck by how many balloons were walking the streets, Blacks and Latinos of course raising the average.

    Not to disregard the general point in your post, if it’s about where you live.

    Going off on a tangent here, when Americans discuss this phenomenon they give many different explanations, but the reasons they give exist in Western Europe as well without causing the same overweight numbers. The one factor they seem to miss is apparently too mundane to bother with, especially if there are political points to be made elsewhere. This factor is the cheap and easy access to fast food.

    There is no need to look further for an explanation. Fast food was invented in the U.S. because of the general lack of railroads, meaning a lot more goods being transported by trucks. Truckers were ripped off at roadside restaurants with low-quality food, since the owners knew the truckers would just stop by once and then be gone. McDonald’s had the idea of providing basic and good quality with the exact same recipe everywhere – a great idea. So I’m not criticizing the inventors, actually. But obviously this had negative side effects. Cheap and easy access to tasty food – the family could go out several times a week, and skip cooking and dishes that way. This was the cause of obesity.

    When fast-food restaurants came to Europe they did show up in every town, but the food wasn’t as cheap and there wasn’t a restaurant within arm’s reach as in the U.S. Also, by then there were much more health warnings about the food.

    It’s not just the fast food of course, but that’s how it started, to be boosted by potato chips and ice cream.

    In the U.S. health warnings are everywhere now, but as studies show overweight is inherited: If your parents are fat you are more likely to become fat as well. They’ll fill you with bad habits and bad food. If all Americans today grew up with slim parents, then I am sure overweight would be kept to a minimum despite any other factors.

    Americans actually move around as much today as in the 1980s, so it’s not a lack of exercise that is the problem. But the intake of carbs has increased drastically in the last two decades, at the same time as obesity has skyrocketed. Fast food. Parents already caught in the bad pattern.

    If I became an all-powerful dictator of the West tomorrow, I would take all candy, ice cream, soda and the like out of the grocery stores and confine it all to separate snack stores. Same with tobacco. It would fix some of the problem, I am sure: people wouldn’t have these things constantly visible and tempting.

    1. There are some really good points to be made that the sugar lobby in the US and the faulty “nutritional pyramid” drove people to unhealthy eating habits.

      I dont have time to look the links up right now, but they looked like persuasive arguments.

    2. “I live in northern Europe and women here are generally not fat. ”

      While Aaron lives in Northern Europe and I have only been there on holiday, I can still say that across western Europe people might not be as fat as in the US, but they ain’t in shape either.
      I have to take public transport to work, like 20 stations, so lots of passenger turnover. I can safely say that I could count the slim girls on one hand. Actually, men are more in shape than women here.
      It doesn’t matter if she’s slightly out of shape or a big fat whale. She’s lazy and eats too much relative to her energy consumption. Period. This speaks volumes about her character.

    3. Having this discussion in mind, as I was about town yesterday I noticed what I was looking at.

      So ok… most women and girls are not fat. I thought most girls were overweight, they’re not. Here’s the deal though.

      Only maybe 1 in a 100 girls I saw was in shape… That means… while they’re tehnically not “overweight” based on a BMI chart… none of them were in shape. Like those guys that are called “skinny-fat”? It’s when a guy isn’t overweight on the scale, but he’s all fat.

      So in that sense, I don’t care if chicks in europe are less overweight “based on a BMI table”… Thin, fit, in-shape, skinny chicks are just as rare. The skinny-fat chick isn’t much better than an american fattie in the context of discussion.

    4. The skinny-fat chick

      Probably a misnomer… should be called “the non-overweight fattie” bodytype. Chicks weren’t like this when I was growing up. I guess it has to do with reduced physical activity or something. The average 20-year old was in shape and had natural tone to her body. They weren’t 99% flabby like nowadays.

  2. Not trying to play Devil’s advocate here but nobody bothered to define sexy in that article.
    Also notice how gay women apparently feels sexier than normal ones.
    I’m sure it has more to do with hormones and libido than with any objective outside assessment.
    I would bet most women feel sexy during ovulation.

    My point is your objective approach to sexiness cannot be applied here. For that matter, anything objective fails to describe female self-perception and perception in general.

    1. Women were asked whether they feel sexy. It is highly unlikely that they were all ovulating at that very moment.

    2. That’s not my point.

      What I mean is “sexy” most likely doesn’t mean the same thing to women.
      “Bought a new pair of shoes” = sexy
      “Boss said thank you for ridiculous ppt presentation” = sexy
      “Saw a nice Instagram post about you-go-girlism” = sexy

      Women equate feeling sexy with feeling good. You can ask an objective 10 whether she feels sexy on the day her grandma died and she’ll say no.

    3. I appreciate your concern trolling, but your argument does not even hold up to the most minuscule amount of pushback as the women were asked the following question: “Do you consider yourself sexy?” It is abundantly clear that this can’t be interpreted as “do you feel good?” Besides, due to womyn’s liberation, women are the unhappiest they have ever been, which could be used as a statistical proof that your interpretation is not sustainable.

      Here’s a brief sketch of how such a proof would work; I can’t be arsed to write it out in greater detail but you can easily do the extra legwork to flesh it out:
      1) Women equate sexy and happy.
      2) It is known that almost all women think they are sexy.
      3) It is known that a large number of women (certainly more than “1 – ‘almost all'”) are generally unhappy.
      Propositions 2) and 3) are contradictory, thus 1) has been shown to be false.

    4. “Women equate feeling sexy with feeling good”

      So you are saying women have comprehension issues, i.e. you tell them one thing and the understand another?
      In other words you call women stupid?

      You misogynistic prick!

    5. Adamastor: (You haven’t been around many women, have you ?)
      LOL! You are either totally clueless. Or the best troll ever. This is just hilarious!

    6. @Adamastor
      I think you should erase yourself somehow, no point in spreading the kind of genetic material you have to offer.
      Alternatively, stop trolling.
      (Although erasing yourself would take care of your trolling, too, but thinking this far probably involves the use of too much logic for your taste).

    7. Hey Neutral,

      While irony may be your strong point, logic certainly isn’t, don’t stray from the path, bro

    8. Didn’t I present a proof that you can’t think logically? Thus, you may work on refuting it or, the easier option, you shut your mouth.

    9. Please tell me you are a woman. Jon here will gladly take you on a date 😛
      Ah….you can temporarily identify as a woman for him, he’s woke enough for that^^

    10. Neutralrandomthoughts: I agree. Those two are perfect for each other. We should be careful providing match making services however. We dont want this to turn into a SJW dating site.

    11. Neutral, wth?

      You hurt my feelings, I thought we had an understanding. But I guess the lure of fascism is just too big for you and you are getting brainwashed, like ben.

      Which reminds me, ben, im not a SJW all my opinions are rigorously backed by science. So you could call me an objective moderate.

      Furthermore neutral, im not really digging transgenders, I wish to race-mix, so that I can help eliminate racism. So only fertile biological white women can apply. No im not transphobic! Im just a simple ally.

  3. Sad thing, to rate yourself as sexy is also based on what the environment you’re living in defines as sexy. The fact that most men are sexually dried out makes them greedy for women. Even if these women are visually highly unattractive, men desire them and call them „sexy“. So women are „sexy“ as long as they get desired.

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