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SJWs demand that women without hair are seen as beautiful

Blog reader Anthony left a link to a truly mind-boggling story: Top model Emily Ratajkowski, whose lips are absolutely not fake, bragged online about becoming the ‘face’ of cosmetics brand Kerastase. She wrote that “hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity”. You may think that this is a perfectly innocuous statement, but boy would you be wrong if you thought that. A rabid mob descended on her that was about as level-headed as the mob that went after me when I wrote about Jordan Peterson not paying his affiliates.

Here’s a screenshot for starters:

Isn’t that lovely?

Immediately the permanently offended spewed their hatred. I don’t even want to quote them because those people were so incredibly stupid. Here’s the link, though: People Are Pissed About One Of Emily Ratajkowski’s Latest Instagram Posts.

Just like “body positive” people claim that you can be sexy and beautiful even if you’re morbidly obese, those deranged people claim that a woman can be beautiful and feminine even if she’s lost her hair or if she has shitty hair. Would they also claim that a guy who is broke, poor, and obese can be as sexy and masculine as the buff billionaires they fantasize about? For added effect, the SJWs cite examples like women who undergo chemotherapy. Sometimes you wonder how dumb people can be. I mean, not those people, they are perfectly normal and well-adjusted, obviously, and most certainly light up any room they enter.

There is a very good reason why hair is essential for female beauty: it signals youth and health. If you see a young woman with long beautiful hair that is long enough to cover her firm breasts, you know that she’s very healthy as her hair took many years to grow. Looking at her hair is about as good as sending her to a doctor for an endocrine screen or asking for her medical records. If her hair looked shitty, she’d not be in great health. Conversely, if her hair looks great, she’s in great health. You’re tapping into millions of years of evolution, buddy, which is why you are immediately attracted.

The claim that a woman who has lost her hair because of chemotherapy is still beautiful and feminine is quite a stretch. If you’re undergoing chemo, then chasing after members of the opposite sex is probably not your topmost priority anyway. For the sake of the argument, let’s assume that this was the case. You go to a club and spot a group of girls at the bar. Those who are young and beautiful have long and healthy hair, but they also have a girl with them who has very short hair and who looks really haggard. How will you react to her? You may pity her, but you probably don’t want to hook up with her. This is hypothetical anyway because she’s likely too weak to even make it to a club.

The fact that hair is a mirror of the health of a woman is also a reason why older women tend to have shorter hair. As they get older their bodies get weaker, which means they get sick more often, which means that their hair will reflect that fact. Because long shitty hair would look rather unattractive, they prefer shorter haircuts. But, hey, if SJWs only screamed loud enough, then maybe some men could get shamed into giving half their assets to any woman, no matter how unattractive.

In the end, Kerastase cave in, by the way:

I wonder when they will realize that the feminazis they are trying to appease aren’t going to buy their products anyway.

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22 thoughts on “SJWs demand that women without hair are seen as beautiful

  1. I think the idea behind it was basically to help women feel better about themselves, even if they arent the best looking. Many women are insecure about their appearance, and I think some women just want other women to feel better about themselves, even if they are fat or not the greatest looking.

    At the end of the day, we are all people.

    1. Did someone post a link to my blog on a forum for cucked men or what?

      If you’re ugly and unattractive, you have two pretty sane options as a woman: work your ass off and try to look as good as you can or shut the fuck up and let women who work on their looks fuck hot guys. They’re doing it anyway. However, trying to make someone who is ugly and unattractive feel good about themselves is utterly disingenuous. It’s even actively harmful because you end up with a society in which a Five thinks she’s a Nine on a bad day, and a Twelve otherwise who only deserves a buff billionaire — and then they end up old and alone, chasing after losers as they are facing the wall and, if they manage to get knocked up, are likely to pump out a kid with birth defects. What you are suggesting is fucking bonkers.

      Yeah, we’re all people. We’re not all equal, though. There are women who get paid thousands of dollars for a single photo shoot. There are also women no man would fuck even if you paid them a few thousand bucks to do so. It’s human nature. Those messed up women don’t want to fuck any of the 80% of guys they deem to be below average either.

      Lastly, if you’re fat and ugly, you better feel bad about yourself. It may make you work hard on your appearance.

    2. A famous actor down here recently had the feminazi twittermob descend upon him because he dared to say how beautifully a woman completes herself by becoming a mother (he was talking about his wife btw).
      The cuck apologized, of course.

    3. “Lastly, if you’re fat and ugly, you better feel bad about yourself. It may make you work hard on your appearance.”

      And this is why fat shaming works.

    4. “just want other women to feel better about themselves,”
      “At the end of the day, we are all people.”

      Nihilistic cliches…
      If you really want to help people then you don’t care about their feelings but their outcomes in life.
      If you comfort them in their current disadvantaged stage then you did not help.
      You only did it so you can boast about how righteous and helpful you are.
      That’s narcissistic.
      And people like you ‘Bob’ completely fall for it.

    5. Good point about how help should be about improving people’s outcomes in life and not their feelings. I recently attended a gathering of my friends from middle school. Of the 7 of us, 3 were plump and could lose some weight. But did any of us make any mention of their excess fat? No, of course not! It’d likely be hurtful and embarrassing for them. In consolation, we at the very least didn’t tell them that they looked fantastic and “rocked it”.

    6. “But did any of us make any mention of their excess fat? No, of course not!”

      That’s another thing to consider.
      “Fat shaming” is not really shaming.
      Adult women don’t encounter direct shaming.
      Bullying exists in high-school and if they live in shitty neighborhoods maybe there as well.
      It is that fatties want to shame men into dating them, and they know they have no chance because of their competition. But this has been said many times here in this blog.

    7. meszi: (Adult women don’t encounter direct shaming.) Not true. They do encounter direct shaming. But they get it from other women. They can be real bitches towards other women. Although mostly they do it behind each others back. Trying to destroy their competitions reputations. The same go’s for slut shaming. It’s mostly women who are slut shaming and fat shaming other women.

      (Adult women?) Do those really exist?

  2. “There is a very good reason why hair is essential for female beauty: it signals youth and health. If you see a young woman with long beautiful hair that is long enough to cover her firm breasts, you know that she’s very healthy as her hair took many years to grow.”

    For me, it also signals commitment and durability…and willingness to endure. After all, growing your hair takes time, it takes lots of maintenance… so on a primal level, it signals that this lovely lady who has lavishly long hair, it means she takes care of herself and has patience.

    Compare that to your typical girl who cuts her hair short…because it’s trendy…or just couldn’t be bothered to maintain her looks.

    I hate it when women pull their hair back…like…your hair frames your face! Oh well. Comfort I suppose.

    1. That’s an excellent point. Thus, a woman with long beautiful hair signals both exceptional health and steadfastness. I’d argue that men care a lot more about the former, though, but for selecting a long-term mate, her personality certainly should play a role, too.

  3. My ex was a model. She always watched modelling programmes. One time they cut the hair short of a girl. She looked like a little boy. She became hysterical. And they all wanted to promote it as beautiful. I immediately communicated to my ex that if she would do that. I would kick her out immediately. I dont care how good the modelling contract is. I’ll kick her out immediately.

  4. The can try to promote this ridiculous ideas all they want. It go’s against male biology. Men will never (on large scale) value shorthaired sluts with obesity. Never going to happen.

    1. dada: (obesity is much worse than short hair through.) both are deal breakers for me. So it doesn’t really matter what’s worse. Both are unattractive to me. I don’t fuck unattractive girls. Not worth my time. And often women cut their hair as a feminist rebellious act. I don’t tolerate shit like that. If she wants to play that game, she can do it somewhere else. Obesity, getting a tattoo, cutting their hair or any rebellious behaviour will never be tolerated by me. Thats when the relationship end’s abruptly. I’m not going to waste time on women like that. Not that i’m planning to stay with one woman anyway. I only fuck girls with a minimum 9/10 score. Anyting lower isn’t worth the energy. Considering sex is the only reason i have to keep them around in the first place. I really don’t understand guys wasting their ttime and money on even the average women. Simply paying an high class escort seems a better alternative in most cases. Why would you want to fuck an obese or a boyish looking woman?

  5. Notice how their counterexample – women undergoing chemotherapy – undercuts their case. People who are very, very ill lose their hair. It’s a signal that is understood instinctively.

    1. Same applies to animals. A dog or cat with hairless patches is very clearly not in optimum health and anyone can understand that.

  6. “Lastly, if you’re fat and ugly, you better feel bad about yourself. It may make you work hard on your appearance.”

    You can still accept yourself for who you are, while working to change yourself. The two arent mutually exclusive.

    1. This is crazy. Feminists are really working hard on combatting female beauty. By the time that woman’s hair will have grown to a decent length, she’ll be about to hit the wall, seeing that she is 25 years old.

    1. There was also a 4chan meme to get women to shave their heads for BLM. Presumably, they can breathe better without their hair. The MSM tried to spin it as a failed attempt to trick poor wahmen into doing something stupid (clearly, taking responsibility for one’s actions is so oppressive):
      I would be very surprised if there weren’t a few women out there who fell for it. You have probably seen videos of some black prankster who asked random white women to go down on their knees and beg for forgiveness — and some did it!

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