Women who sell their virginity to the highest bidder don’t grasp arithmetic

For a few years we have been hearing about the occasional girl who decided to cash in on her virginity. Looking at some of those women, you may wonder how they define their virginity — probably similarly to all those Christian girls who want to save themselves for marriage but deepthroat you like a pro before they turn around, bend over, and stretch their asshole for you. I wouldn’t put it past some of those women to have undergone a medical procedure to restore their hymen. You know, doing all those splits in gymnastics can easily tear it.

When you look around online, you come across women who ask for as little as $10,000. The highest bid for someone’s virginity has been reported by a fat and pretty unattractive womyn studies major who ended up writing a thesis on the value of virginity. She is the last of the women listed in the link above. I think it’s a bogus number because I just can’t see any rich man being willing to spend so much for so little. Heck, most guys wouldn’t bang her if you paid them for it.

It’s easy to see that a woman who is selling her virginity for just $10,000 isn’t particularly business-savvy. She would be too easy a target for this post, so let’s assume you have a pretty attractive girl, at least an 8, who got $1,000,000 for her virginity. In order to get some publicity, she’s teaming up with a PR agency and some high-end escort agency. Those get her publicity and a lot of bids, but she’ll also have to give the middlemen a cut. Let’s say she gets a deal similar to what Amazon and Google propose to content creators: they take 30%, you get 70%. She’s now left with $700,000. That’s still a lot of money. Subtract various other business expenses like traveling, five-star hotel, expensive lingerie and a makeup artist, and she’ll still have around $690,000 left.

You may think that that’s enough for a lifetime. Well, in principle that could be true, assuming a frugal lifestyle. However, you have to consider taxation. According to a tax calculator I have found online, a single person’s income of $690,000 a year in Californa — we’re dealing with a slut, so we better pick a liberal state — leads to $392,098 after taxes. If you’re a young and dumb 18-year-old, I’d say that this is not enough to carry you through the rest of your life. (She probably would like to spend a lot of it, like, right now anyway.)

Going back to the assumption that we’re dealing with a young and fairly attractive woman, I claim that she could make a whole lot more money some other way that does not involve any serious work either. She only has to marry a reasonably well-off guy. Any geeky engineer who is earning an income in the low six-figures would be more than happy to finance her life. Those people would not be too keen on marrying a woman who is known to have sold her virginity on the Internet, though. By keeping her legs together, our hypothetical gold-digging whore could, by marrying someone who makes very good but not an astronomical amount, retire right away. There are a ton of guys out there. If she wanted to have a ring on her finger, she only needed to be cute and nice, thanks to how shitty most women are. This would give her access to something like 40 years times 120k, which is, ignoring inflation, almost five million bucks. If the guy is a beta, she can spend as much as she wants, and fuck dudes behind his back, while he’s at work fixing bugs and filing TPS reports.

What’s the better deal for her? I think that’s easy to see.

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11 thoughts on “Women who sell their virginity to the highest bidder don’t grasp arithmetic

  1. You are giving the geeky engineers too much credit. I can easily see them forgiving her and marrying her anyway.

    She can always resort to “i was young and broke”, “young and dumb”, “didnt believe in love until I met YOU honey”, or some other excuse.

    And coming soon: “the patriarchy made me do it”….

    Its unrealistic to expect to marry a virgin in this day and age.

    1. It is unrealistic to marry a virgin, but I’d say accepting a low partner count of your future wife is quite different from putting a ring on a woman who auctioned off her virginity, which, of course, makes her a prostitute.

    2. Yarara: (Its unrealistic to expect to marry a virgin in this day and age.)

      So why marry? Why would you take such a bad deal. Women’s expectations have grown larger. While men aren’t allowed to expect anything anymore. They should never have given up on the virgin requirement. Thats when it all turned to shit. I think it’s unrealistic for a woman to expect marriage if she’s not a virgin. Why would you pay full price for something she gave away for free to other guys? And considering the marriage contract is more like a lease contract these days anyway. Why not just lease an pussy? Why buy one? Just lease one and trade it in when you feel like it. Women lose value just like cars do. Why not treat them the same. Would you pay full new factory price for a used car? No! So why marry a woman with miles on it?

  2. People who subtract tax from income and then compare what remains to living on a pre-tax income of that amount don’t understand arithmetic.

    1. Assuming 120k is pre-tax income would amount to just a constant factor that does not fundamentally change the arithmetic.

  3. Hey man, I found this blog a couple of days ago and managed to catch up with the posts, just want to say you’re very talented at articulating thoughts and problems young men (mostly white/western I assume) struggle with.
    I’m 20 years old living in Belgium, I’m doing well, studying for a high paying self employed job that I’ll likely finish by the time I’m 23, so financially I’m ready for a more than comfortable life. However I’m getting increasingly worried about my future in terms of women, I consider myself above average looking, have a decent social life and I’m not shy of attending parties where I’ve enjoyed attention from women who were willing.
    I’ve never had girlfriends, mostly because in middle school I was neither interested nor did I want to go through the effort of telling my parents, planning ‘dates’, … something I also noticed among my friends.

    I’ve come to realise that even in the higher strata of society, women have degenerated to nearly the level of prostitutes. I gave most of them the benefit of the doubt, but even the most innocent looking ones, ended up being the ones who simply were the best at keeping it secret.
    After 2 years of trying to change myself, accept this as the norm and trying to go along I decided I’m not obligated to take some shallow gal who’s likely spread her legs since early middle shool.

    For the time being I’ve gone practically MGTOW, not forever but for now it has greatly increased my happiness and self-esteem.
    I began focusing on getting good grades, working out, eating healthy and drinking less, learning history, philosophizing about the state of the west, appreciating art (mainly classical and rennaisance about the ideals of man), … , in short trying to become the ultimate version of myself. This abstinence of hedonistic behaviour has paradoxically led to more attention from women.
    However deep inside I’ve started to feel a subconscious, visceral, instinctive urge to create offspring and fullfill pretty much the only goal in life.
    I’m seriously considering donating my sperm to a sperm bank, it would mean I can keep focusing on gaining money, power, health, knowledge and I would mathematically outcompete the vast majority of men in terms of offspring.
    Later I can always start a family with a younger women as men have less of a biological timer than women.

    My quest for answers on why the west became what it is today, why people don’t care europe is turning into a shithole, why women prostitute themselfs and have no dignity has led me around the internet, from Jordan Peterson to Richard Spencer to Elliot Hulse to infowars and so on.
    I feel like I’ve started to gain an insight on the how the Alt-right is rising to power, why men like me are embarking on the so called sexodus and becoming increasingly idealistic.
    I think in all honestly that a lot of young men are simply disgusted by women and their behaviour, the way they try to justify it with “muh freedom, muh body, muh independance”, shaking their ass in public and them screaming in agony “#metoo” when a thirsty beta male feminist gives an awkward compliment.

    When men can’t find beauty in women they’ll look somewhere else, history, nationalism, culture, ideology, pride. They look for a cause worthy of pursuing and found one in the alt-right, namely saving the west.
    I do not believe members of the alt-right discourage muslims from mass invading europe, I do not believe they discourage them from commiting terrorism either. Cause each time something happened it simply emboldened the movement and gave them another reason and justification to bring forward that swastika ever slightly less subtle.
    Another point I’ve concluded is that violence is a substitute for sex, although right now most alt-right members aren’t conducting violent acts I would be lying if I said most of them didn’t dream of cleansing europe of anything that doesn’t fit in the vision of Nova Europa. A europe resembling that of second half of the 19th century.

    And frankly, I do not think we should even be blaming the women for the way they act, it started when I noticed how unatural it feels to watch alt-right women (lauren southern and such). It lies in the nature of women to create chaos and for men to create order.
    From the sixties onwards, men have cuckolded and passivly stood by as women did the thing they’re meant to do. Destabilize, undermine and destroy anything that resembles order, the patriarchy, the family unit, gender roles; diversity is a clear manifestation of chaos, it’s so simple when you look at it.
    And the women HATE IT that nobody is stopping them, they’ve never been this unhappy in almost all of history and are taking anti-depressants on mass.
    Women are litterally BEGGING for hyper-masculine dominant men to stop them from creating more chaos, WELCOMING the muslim men to who they will submit themselfs to with graditute.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I’m happy you find my posts helpful.

      Indeed, things don’t look rosy for the West. The question is not if but when society will collapse completely.

    2. Early GenZ: (I’m seriously considering donating my sperm to a sperm bank,) Dont do it! They are already coming after sperm donors. And you’re only helping those feminist trolls. Donor information is not secret anymore. They are even trying to make them pay child support.

    1. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge people. Let’s say you have eight figures in the bank and never deflowered a girl. In that case, the novelty of taking a girl’s virginity for a few ten thousand bucks is essentially chump’s change. This means that the claim that the people willing to pay for that are hardly losers. Furthermore, you certainly cannot make the argument that something as out-of-the-ordinary as girls selling their virginity proves that most people are losers.

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