Another reason why men die earlier than women

In all countries, men have a lower life expectancy than women. The main reason is that men take more risks, which causes them to die sooner. It’s quite easy to kick the bucket if you throw caution in the wind and engage in dangerous activities. This may get you a posthumous Darwin Award, but that is not much of a compensation for the loss of your life. Also, there are plenty of lifestyle choices where men are disadvantaged. I could be wrong, but I dimly recall having read that men are heavier drinkers than women. From my time in the UK, though, I can tell you that there are plenty of binge-drinking women around as well, so there is probably not much a difference nowadays.

Also, men tend to be overrepresented in dangerous jobs. More than 90% of work-related deaths are suffered by men, and no feminazi is yelling that we need more womyn working in the Bakken oil fields, or that we need to send more female field engineers on secondments to Novosibirsk, Russia. Feminazis want to push more womyn into cushy office jobs, even if they are unqualified, but all the dirty work that needs to be done in society is of course reserved for men.

So far, so bad, but there is another issue why men die earlier: nagging wives.

Now you may say, “Sleaze, you sexist misogynist prick! Just leave ’em Western whores be!!”. But hear me out, Uncle Tim! I have made the experience, directly as well as indirectly, that some wives and girlfriends actively discourage their partner from seeking medical help. To tell you one of my unpleasant stories: I was once involved with a woman who would panic if one of her cats coughed up a ball of fur, which is perfectly normal. Yet, if I announced I was going to see a doctor, she reflexively voiced her disapproval, and had no qualms even insulting me, calling me a pussy or worse (go eat a bag of dicks, bitch!). That woman was quite the educational experience, and one of the reasons why I so thoroughly detest Western women. Man, am I going to unload on Western whores in my upcoming book on relationships!

By being a pussy and seeing a doctor, however, I eventually figured out a few things. Not to reveal my entire medical history, but among others, I only relatively recently learnt that I suffer from a peanut allergy. No, peanuts don’t kill me. However, their consumption tends to give me a skin rash. This may seem trivial, but there are severe health issues that a harpy of a wife may cause you to ignore. For instance, look up the signs of a heart attack! Let’s say you experience repeated discomfort in your chest. What do you think is the likely outcome if you are chained to a bitch of a wife who seemingly hates you so much that she’d rather see you suffer? You tell her about your chest pains, and she tells you to grow a pair or mocks you by asking you whether you, little boy, need to get comforted by your mommy. Such bullshit can cost you your life.

I don’t think we will ever see a serious study of that phenomenon in your PC-infested times, but I would not be surprised if there was a significant number of men who died years to early because their horrible wives or girlfriends discouraged them from seeking medical attention. There are probably thousands of men who were told that they should “man up” by their shitty wives while they were experiencing the onset of a stroke or a heart attack. There are also cumulative effects. Just think of how debilitating chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, if left untreated, can be. I’d bet that there are very large numbers of women who indirectly kill their men. What do you think?

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  1. If worth more dead than alive (eg life insurance or transfer of assets upon death of husband)… Would a woman be motivated to slowly kill her (beta) husband off?

    Women definitely over spend and consume resources including free health care or company benefits. Wanna know why there is a pay gap ? They work less taking sick days and sorts of ‘me first’ self care appointments.

    Currently the meme is (for several years) how married men live longer…

  2. It’s possible. It’s also possible that men die early because their gals made them take unnecessary risks. For instance, when I was engaged and serving in the military, I would go home at least twice a month. And by that I mean, I took a five hour drive one way from where I was stationed. Coming back, I would drive at night. I can recall two times where I was driving down the interstate and I started to doze off. Eventually I realized this because I felt the uneven surface of the shoulder and I would snap back up. Eventually I would have to take a nap at the first stop, but not too long because I still had to get home, sleep a bit more, wake up, prepare a uniform, shower, shave, eat, and report for duty, sometimes only sleeping 4 fours at most. Bear in mind, I was an aircraft crew chief, a job that requires lots of focus and concentration. Now in all fairness my ex never knew about my near misses, but I don’t think she cared. For all I noticed, it was the Air Force’s fault for not letting me stay longer. And unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence among military personnel. In fact, it’s just a bit of speculation and possibly hearsay, but i believe veterans probably suffer more from PTSD from the way their wives (the infamous dependas) treat them than from any combat missions abroad.

    1. Another joke:

      Question: why do married men live longer than unmarried men? Answer: They don’t; it only feels longer.

  3. Wife’s often push men to see a doctor. If the provider dies she’ll be in trouble. If a woman does the opposite it means she wants to leave you. She probably has a other man in line to replace you with or a plan b to secure her resources. One other reason men die earlier is suicide after divorce. It’s the nr1 cause of suicide in the western world. The studies that show that married men live longer and are happier. Always group the divorced men with the men not married. So even if the marriage was a direct cause of his suicide or his unhappiest. They use the numbers to show how wonderful marriage is. If you blow your own brains out because your ex wife divorce rapes you. And you lost everything you worked for and are forced to giveaway all your future earning to your ex wife or go to jail. They will sell it as a positive sign that marriage is great.

  4. First time I ever heard of this. In my social circle it is usually the guys not wanting to go to the MD. And the women in their lives pushing them into going.

    1. That’s the first time I ever hear guys talking about their health problems in a social circle setting. You may say the truth, but I would consider the behavior you describe highly atypical.

    2. Could be, my social circle is hardly typical. But, it also happens in my family. Which granted, is a pretty good family where the women do care for their men, and the other way around. (Which once again, is something I realized later in life is not something that happens in all families. But these families don’t seem all that rare).

      Perhaps there is a self selection factor involved? Where people who are more interested in your material have had worse experiences.

    3. The problem I have with your post is that men normally don’t discuss their physical problems in their social circle, and I have a hard time believing that you are extremely close to more than a very small number of men.

    4. And to note, in my personal relationships it also was my gf’s/flings who mentioned I should go see an MD or get other help for any issues I might have, while I was the stubborn one who thought it wasn’t needed.

    5. You make it sound as if you’re sick and frail. Also, flings are fuck buddies. If you talk with them about health concerns, you’re doing it wrong. Thus, my opinion doesn’t change: I don’t buy your story.

    6. You don’t have to believe me. For some reason I found that there were enough situations where men did talk about their physical and mental problems, drugs and alcohol were often involved. And mixed companies. And at times it wasn’t direct information but partners of friends talking to me about the issues of their partners.

      And you shouldn’t do certain things with fuck buddies, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    7. The vast majority of men most certainly don’t share such information in a group setting, at least not outside an Alcoholics Anonymous session or similar settings.

      You’re blurring the boundaries with fuck buddies if you treat them like girlfriends, and since you’re by definition not serious about a fuck buddy, your behavior is incongruent, with negative consequences for all parties involved.

    8. I hear older men talk about health problems almost non-stop. It’s why I hate dealing with old people(> 60 or so). Literally all they want to do is tell me about how this friend is recovering from a heart attack, and their brother’s wife’s 2nd cousin has a lung infection. Maybe it’s never their own problems, maybe it is. All I know is they drone on constantly about health problems.

  5. Married men live longer. Yes. And an indoor cat also lives longer. It’s a furball with a broken spirit, that can only look out on a world it can never enjoy. But it does technically live longer.

    Bill Maher

  6. Sorry if the question is stupid, but is the term “post-humus” a pun (as in, you become humus when you die) or a typo?

    1. That’s a typo. Thanks for pointing it out. It should be “posthumous”, i.e. “after death”.

  7. “You tell her about your chest pains, and she tells you to grow a pair or mocks you by asking you whether you, little boy, need to get comforted by your mommy.”
    This isn’t sexism? I mean, women bark about “equality”, about how men and woman should have the same chances in life, about how women can be as strong as men, and how men should take more roles that are traditionally assigned to women, like raising a child and yada yada.
    Yet if you complain about intense pain on your lower back, wrists, whatever, you’re a whiny ass faggot! Be a man and endure the pain! Women suffer a lot more when giving birth (even when this is actually avoidable -by just using a condom).
    Quite funny how women talk about destroying sexist stereotypes -while vehemently preserving and even enforcing other stereotypes.

  8. Don’t forget that crime, gangs, the prison population and the military in all countries are overwhelmingly male and dangerous “careers.” I often hear that men have always ruled the world through their patriarchy, but don’t forget that men for thousands of years have been considered the most expendable class compared to women, children, and the elderly, who have the most policies protecting them.

  9. I can’t stay on the sidelines of this conversation anymore. Where I live (I admit in the third world most the time) it is more common for women to force their men to seek medical attention. Its the men who, usually are the only breadwinners that, are reluctant to do so due to very high medical costs in comparison to average salaries.

    I remember before I made my money and our family was quite a bit less well off my parents went to see the doctor more often when I was sick than when they were sick sometimes with the same disease at the same time. I can’t help but wonder whether it was about the money. Later when we made it through to the middle class or somewhere about the middle class, we started to care less about the most immediate costs.

  10. Yeah, that’s been my experience. I basically never go to the doctor, and my girlfriends(meaning current and others in the past), are always far more pro active in getting me to a doctor. Never once have I had one suggest I shouldn’t go when I thought I should. But they also all liked me. As I’ve never kept dating someone when we aren’t getting along.

  11. random account, but my friends uncle died by some form of poisoning having to do with his medication or something. I don’t want to butcher the details but I remember explicitly that my friend and his dad being upset because they think the wife killed him for his money and wanted to take her to court.

    it’s just one story but came to mind.

    1. Wouldn’t be the first time something like that happens. But most women would be satisfied with the divorce pay out. Women dont have to kill their husbands in order to get their money. All they have to do is file for divorce. Even a prenup isn’t going to be a problem. The judge will throw it out almost every time when requested by a woman.

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