Is Lauren Southern lying about her age?

As a quick follow-up to my post Lauren Southern is hitting the wall at age 22, I’d like to draw your attention to a picture she recently posted on Twitter. Lauren Southern jokes that if she turned herself into a man, thanks to the powers of imagine-manipulation software, she would look like a young Stefan Molyneux. Here’s that picture:

Look at that woman on the left! Does she look like 22 to you? To me she absolutely does not. One of my readers recently remarked that he is convinced that Lauren Southern is lying about her age. Looking at that picture, I am tempted to agree. Or maybe she is just aging incredibly poorly. What I see isn’t a 22-year-old but a woman easily in her early to mid-thirties. Heck, if you told me that the picture shows a woman in her early 40s with heavy makeup, I would not bat an eyelid.

Yup, guys, better date Asians!

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19 thoughts on “Is Lauren Southern lying about her age?

  1. Unfortunately I know a lot of 22 year olds like that. I’m fact it scared me seeing them age so quickly.

    We had a comment section discussing this phenomena recently. Girls seem to be aging more quickly nowadays.

    Now I’m commenting on the general question. Not on Lauren in particular. I guess we’d need to look at pics of her 3-4 years ago.

    If she looked like 29 year old back then it means she’s lying about her age. But if she looked younger in pics/vids from 3-4 years ago it just means she’s inflicted with quick aging.

    1. That’s a great find! I had no idea she has done that kind of work. If she was 19 in that video, then she has been aging really quickly. I think it would be more flattering to her if she simply lied about her age. If you were a woman, would you rather be 22 and look 32, or 32 and look your age?

  2. Funny you start about it. I heard someone say she’s actually 26/27 today on turd flinging money’s channel. They had a discussion on these so called traditional women. And how non of these traditional women are married. Just like the feminist they are to occupied with other things. Lauren Southern was part of the discussion. And some dude said that he spoke with her about it. She told him she was to occupied with her career. He also said she was actually older.
    Just like we discussed earlier. There’s nothing traditional about these women. It’s just cos-play for the beta cuck’s. So they keep sending their money to them. Traditional my ass.

    1. It would make a lot of sense if Lauren Southern wasn’t 22 but 32. Thus, her being traditional is just the typical Western woman script, i.e. they rediscover traditionalism (and virginity) once they have done their partying and dating around. But of course we are led to believe that they were always conservative or that as soon as they claim they are conservative, their past didn’t happen, similar to those ludicrous born-again virgins who think that they can reset their partner count by denouncing their past.

    1. That cracked me up good haha

      Solution: marry asian 20years younger that you, so by the time she hits menopause you die of old age 🙂

  3. If you date a woman like Lauren Southern. Her fast fading youthful beauty would be the last of your problems. She’s travelling non-stop. We all know what women are like when they travel. And her list with male friends must be stored on a external harddrive by now. I wouldn’t be interested in a girl like that. Even if she would look like she was send by the gods.

    1. We all know what women are like when they travel.

      We do. And the question is…

      Do women who want to fuck around a lot travel more. Or is it that all women want to fuck around, and travel gives them the chance to fuck around.

    2. Alek Novy: Both! If you ever have a girl telling you she wants to go on a holiday with her friends. My advice would be to dump her on the spot. Hotels are great places to pick up pump and dumps. I always check in alone. And yet i always end up sharing my bed. Whenever a woman is staying in a hotel without her man. You can safely assume she wants it.

    3. A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked to make a point rather than to elicit an answer. Though classically stated as a proper question, such a rhetorical device may be posed declaratively by implying a question, and therefore may not always require a question mark when written.

  4. I’m tempted to believe that she’s telling the truth. Mostly since she’s pretty well known and someone who knows her personally would have probably stepped up by now and called her on her bullshit, or someone who has it out for her, for example. It’d just be too risky for someone in her position to flat out lie about her age and have a fake birthday posted online, and then get called out on it later on totally ruining her credibility.

    She’s more than likely just not aging very well. Let’s say she isn’t aging well…I’d be interested in discovering why this is so, considering she claims to be such a right wing conservative. Hell, my super conservative grandmother at 70 years old looks very good for her age. She could easily pass for a well kempt mid 40’s to 50 year old woman.

    My grandparents live a very sustainable, frugal, and healthy lifestyle, with some exceptions. They raise bees and harvest honey, grow a garden every year including many fruit and nut tree as well, they also raise cattle etc. This lifestyle isn’t realistic for everyone, I get it, but it’s not that difficult to follow a heatlthy lifestyle and stack the aging deck in your favor.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. As pointed out in the comment above, she travels non stop. Even without speculating on her possible partying and hookups with strangers while away (which in my opinion is risky if your career is built on a conservative image) constant travel generally makes it complicated to lead a healthy lifestyle.

      You cant follow a gym routine, you cant always pick where to eat and what, and your sleep cycles are disturbed. And if you are high enough performing that you are succesful at something, like being a journalist, you have precious little free time.

      I should know, I suffer from all of the above.

  5. Aaron, take a look at Taylor Swift who seems to have aged about ten years in the past three. Something’s wrong here; normal people don’t age that quickly.

  6. I thought you liked non-Western women, Aaron. 😛

    I will say that I don’t really get the cult of fanaticism around Taylor Swift. She’s skinny (too skinny for my tastes), and that’s about it. If she actually led a wholesome moral lifestyle I might “get her” more, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that she does.

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