Cringe-worthy PUA is proud of picking up land whale

While the PUA industry as a whole has gone bust, there are still a few stragglers around who prey on moronic men. One such PUA is “Johnny Berba”. I wasn’t familiar with him, but Alek Novy posted a video of that guy on one of the recent Open Threads. Watch the video first, please:

Alek Novy rightly wrote, “I can’t believe this is serious”. I can’t believe it either. To me this video is downright absurd. I mean, come on:

That woman is a blob. Yet, “Johnny Berba” doesn’t see it that way, as he titled that video, “Picking up Sexy Girl with BIG Boobs In Front Of Her MUM!”. If that girl is sexy to you, I don’t know what to say to you. While we’re bashing that PUA, let’s talk about the commonly claimed “fat girl = big boobs” fallacy. Of course, a woman’s boobs grow a bit bigger as they get fatter, but they enter the realm of diminishing returns very easily. To quote a sassy gal I know, “having big boobs and being fat is like being a skinny guy with a six-pack — it does not count!” Most guys would arguably agree that the effect of boobs heavily depends on the body of the girl. It’s sexy when boobs come with a slim body. However, as women get fatter, their thighs and belly grows at a much faster rate than their boobs. The woman in the video above is an excellent case in point. In order for her “big boobs” to look genuinely big on that fat body of hers, she would need massive 2500cc implants.

Even worse than the video are the people commenting on it. It’s quite likely that all the people applauding “Johnny Berba” for embarrassing himself by putting a video of himself talking to a land whale on YouTube are shills or simply sock puppets. One guy aptly summarized the freakshow he just watched, though, with “you should change the tittle to picking up fat girls with no boobs….”. Indeed, given how fat that woman is, you could say that she has no boobs.

Let me add something else: I assume all of you agree that the PUA in that video interacted with a bottom-tier woman. True, there are disorders regarding sexual attraction, so-called paraphilia. However, that PUA tries to sell himself as a mainstream guy, thus mainstream standards of beauty apply. That woman does not meet them at all. So, what does it say about a guy who willingly released a video in which he talks to a woman compared to whom your average plain girl is Helen of Troy?

15 thoughts on “Cringe-worthy PUA is proud of picking up land whale

  1. Why are all PUAs so weird?
    Great snapshot Aaron! Look at the way he stands. Geez… I’ve never stood like that infront of a girl. (OK, maybe once, then I realized sth is off in her reaction).

    Besides, his suit doesn’t fit. Spend 50 bucks on getting a standard suit fit your body, goddamn…

  2. That woman is large-many, many alcoholic beverages before sex are required…..better to just masturbate, for dignities sake.

  3. Uuuh, have a good look at those FAT thighs… I have to admit, I ONCE picked up and fucked a “bigger” blonde with really big, nice titties… but it’s really true: the remaining fat tissue on such gals ultimately makes the pure delight in the titties go sour quickly…

    Anyway, those ###-closes are usually DIRT – and this entire “secret in-field-video”-shtick is soooo 2000s…

  4. His suit is too big for him so is this woman.
    He also looks like Howard Wolowitz from big bang theory.
    Cringeworthy video.

    In this other video, you can observe this guy is balding heavily but doesn’t have the self-respect to either shave or pay for hair transplant, he instead tries to hide it:

    1. He looks fine. He’s tall, has his own style and looks edgy. The fact that some ppl loose their hair does not mean they have to shave or get transplant. You don’t have to look like a superstar. Just work with what you got and find your style.

    2. Yes i did watch both videos in full screen and yes, he does not look good in the video where he wears a suit. He has this scruffy look combined with a bad sitting suit.
      But he does look fine (or to say okay) in the video where he has this biker/punk style: tight jeans, leather jacket, those boots and his hair…he looks okay.

    3. “The fact that some ppl loose their hair does not mean they have to shave or get transplant.”

      They should.
      It is more aesthetic.
      The “I am balding heavily but I will just comb my hear from the sides and hope nobody will notice it” attitude is just denial.

  5. It is easy for you to say she is not good looking, Aaron. Not every guy has the success you have with women. I for one, have struggled my whole life getting a girlfriend due to my poor looks. I have 6 inch wrists, under 6 ft tall and high pitch voice. This rules me out of 99 % of women. I would dream to have the woman above. Good looking guys like Aaron never saw hell. This is not an absurd view, quite the reality for guys who are ugly like myself. You also notice how looks fade with age. Now I cannot even attract an overweight girl. And I have phd, well off and keep myself fit. I guess women just hate guys who have tiny bone structures. Bulking up cannot make up for it either.

  6. Ha ha ha…..

    the poor Johhny Berba is really quite ludicrous. In his channel he has some videos of him “teaching” guys how to pick up and all of these guys look like dorks. These poor guys are their customers.

    “Picking up Sexy Girl with BIG Boobs In Front Of Her MUM!”……lol….ha ha ha !! Come on…..

  7. What a horrible person you are this is disgusting article calling her “Helen of Troy” poor poor and just plain nasty – Johnny Berba might be cringeworthy but he’s got a set of balls that you will never EVER have you wanker

    1. Is that you, Johnny Berba? Dude, why don’t you just travel to Eastern Europe or Thailand to fuck some slim hooker. You’re a disgrace for the male sex.

    2. Maybe it’s something like the crocodile hunter thing? Only instead of jumping crocodiles and wrestling them down. This dude jumps hippopotamus and fucks them. I’m not sure if it’s bravery or stupidity that’s driving him. Probably a bit of both. It’s absolutely nasty, that’s for sure.

      Did Greenpeace releas any statements yet?

    3. After binge watching “Face and LMS” videos on youtube, now i can see who can get laid and who can’t , in 5 seconds.

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