Science confirms that sluts are dumb

The other day I listened to a conversation between Jordan Peterson and Richard Haier. The topic was, broadly speaking, intelligence. The conversation was a bit less structured than I would have liked, but there were a few great tidbits in it. I want to elaborate on one of them. First, here is the video:

At roughly the 60-minute-mark, I learnt that women with a lower IQ find men generally more attractive. Peterson and Haier sadly don’t discuss this research finding much at all. I found this surprising, since one can deduce, as well as explain, quite a bit with this finding.

The observation is that dumb women find men, as a whole, more attractive than intelligent women do leads to the assumption that they also have a lot more sex. After all, if you are a dumb slut and find a fairly large number of men sexually attractive, then spreading your legs will seem like the natural thing to do.

One could now draw a parallel to Western society. At this point I’m partly speculating, but, if I recall correctly, the average IQ in the West has been dropping. For those not clued-in, a few IQ points may sound like nothing. However, a difference of, for instance, five IQ points is quite staggering. In a group of people with an IQ of 100, the person with an IQ of 95 will easily stick out, and so will someone with an IQ of 115 in a group of people with an IQ of 120. What I’m wondering, though, is, whether the decline of average IQ in the West was a catalyst for promiscuity: women get dumber, they find more men attractive, thus they fuck a lot more. It seems plausible, but we’d need a proper study, something with a mildly provocative, yet stuffy title like, “Going Down: A Longitudinal Study of Sexual Selection Patterns of Young Adult Women From 1960 to 2010 in the Western Hemisphere”.

On a related note, the observation that dumb women fuck a lot more could also explain why Western women are such sluts, compared to highly intelligent Asian women. Of course, I’m not talking about all Asians. Thailand has an average IQ of about 90, for instance. I’d assume the women there fuck a lot more than the women in Hong Kong, where the average IQ is close to 110. In the US, the average is estimated to be around 97, which is somewhere between Thailand and Hong Kong. With an IQ of 97 you are not going to engage a whole lot with that “thinking stuff”. If you give a young woman with an IQ of 97 the choice between riding dick and more or less anything that requires a modicum of intelligence, then getting a dick down her throat will win out every single time. It would be funny if the taxpayer wasn’t on the hook for supporting millions of single moms.

Lastly, you may wonder why dumb sluts like to fuck and suck so much, instead of, I dunno, reading a book. Well, that’s pretty easy to explain. Smarter women are likely to think further into the future, make plans, and reflect on how they will be perceived by society. They are also a lot more likely to have intellectual interests. In comparison, Susie sees Chad, and gets an unbearable itch in her pussy that only subsides if she gets rammed by a cock. Cock is the meaning of life for her! That, and the Kardashians. On the other hand, a smarter woman will focus on top-shelf men. Susie, though, is fine with any of the “top 75%” or so, and if she’s really horny, or drunk, or in prime wall-hitting age, then standards go completely out the window. Can you imagine being a borderline retarded Western woman in her mid-30s who panics because every dick she gets may be the last ever, and she has nothing else to live for? Furthermore, there are most certainly also network effects at work. A dumb woman who has a lot of dumb peers who can’t wait to get another dick is likely to view her promiscuous sexual behavior as normal. The opposite is true in more traditional societies, populated by more intelligent people.

12 thoughts on “Science confirms that sluts are dumb

  1. what about women with lower iq are on average lower on health spectrum so they are less sexually attractive.

    so their options are less great sexually-> and so more options appear attractive compared to the norm.?

    1. Those women may be less attractive to guys like you and me. However, a large number of trashy women I see walking around here in the West seem to have kids, so there must be plenty of thirsty men around. It is also a fact that low IQ/low socio-economic attainment correlate positively with having children, i.e. the dumber and poorer a woman is, the more children she has. Furthermore, a low-class white trash woman is very attractive to Jose the immigrant because marriage will get him a visa.

    2. “Jose the immigrant”
      You must be in an exceptionnaly good mood today 🙂
      Not many Joses at the trainstations lately. They have slightly different names usually. And they smell worse.

    3. I mention Ali frequently. As I don’t want to be accused of discrimination, I can’t ignore Jose all the time. He doesn’t visit Europe all that much, but he knows all of California and Texas.

    4. there must be plenty of thirsty men around

      One of my meta-theories on feminism is that it seeks to keep men thirsty. I’ve never gotten around to writing, but I will some days.

  2. Would say that a lower Iq woman (and men) is also more likely to race mix? As in to have less of a racial preference and therefore be more likely to experiment and at times have race mixed child. Or would the high Iq women be more likely to pick a high iq men and not judge on race alone?

    I am thinking between high iq Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) women with high Iq men or low iq Asian or white women with lower iq Asian, white or black

    1. Imagine stereotypical black guy trying to talk with hmm, girls studying math – that would be funny. Now imagine the same guy talking to trade-school future-hairstylist girls who listen to a lot of hiphop and what not – suddenly they have MUCH more things to talk about

  3. This reminded me a related article which I have read a while back.
    Japan as a country having one of the highest average IQ :

    “A survey earlier this year by the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA) found that 45% of women aged 16-24 “were not interested in or despised sexual contact”
    Interesting stat.
    You will have a much harder time to find young Japanese sluts for sure.


  4. I know this seems counter intuitive but IQ in the west has been rising since the late 1800’s-In fact it has gone up an average of 30 points. For prospective if you had an IQ of 130 in 1900 you would have an IQ of 100 in 2017. Better nutrition, healthcare, and sanitation are the hypothesized reasons for this steady increase. However, just because people have higher IQ does not mean they are utilizing it well, so it appears as if people are getting dumber when perhaps laziness and lack of motivation are the real culprit , as opposed to low IQ. Just food for thought….

    1. You need to do more of that “thinking stuff”, buddy. IQs of the lower classes rose because we nowadays feed people better and no longer send kids to work in the salt mines. Thus, average (!) IQ has risen, just like average life expectancy has. It wasn’t uncommon for members of the well-fed classes to turn 80 or 90 years old, while the plebs could consider itself lucky if they got half as old. Thus, we didn’t figure out magical ways to raise IQ as we, as a society, simply removed factors that stunted intellectual development, but for at least the last 40 years or so, the opposite trend has been true, now that leftist parasites have fully taken over education.

  5. Aaron, you used to be a very sex-positive man. You have since turned in to a raging slut shamer and a tradcon. May I ask what happened?

    1. It’s a bit different. If you’re a young guy who wants to sow his wild oats, I’d say fuck as many sluts as you want, but if you want to settle down, then stay the hell away from them.

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