Male vs female delusions about SMV for long-term relationships

I just came across two screenshots I have taken some time ago, one from Reddit, and the other from my old blog. They were taken at different times, but they make a wonderful juxtaposition as they illuminate the difference of the delusions undesirable men and women harbor when it comes to long-term relationships. We have covered male and female delusions about short-term relationships rather extensively. Deluded men think that with a bit of “game” they can make up for their physical shortcomings, while fat women think that they have “beautiful personalities”, covered by layers upon layers of fat.

Once we move to long-term relationships, other factors become more important. A woman who wants to settle down with a quality man has to be young, pleasant, and attractive. It’s a given that she can’t be a slut. For a short-term relationship, the baseline criterion is simply whether she’s hot enough. Chad couldn’t care less about whether he’s ramming his cock down the throat of the biggest slut on earth. Yet, he’d have to be singularly stupid to put a ring on her. In order to put a ring on a desirable woman, though, Chad needs to have his act together. This is quite obvious, if you only observed how people act.

No matter how you turn it, an aged woman is screwed. It doesn’t matter what else she brings to the table — once she hits the wall it is game over for her. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, though, so let’s look what involuntary one cat lady (incal?) on Reddit had to say to that:

There are plenty of men in her age bracket who are single, but those are most certainly not the ones she’d consider worthy of dating. She wants an accomplished man. Yet, those men are highly attractive to younger women as well. So, what’s the obvious conclusion? Of course, it is easier on the female ego to accuse men for being shallow, or younger women for being “more easily impressed”. I’d say that the opposite is the case because an older guy has to have achieved quite a bit to be able to impress a young girl. If a young girl wanted to date a broke loser, she could easily pick a younger guy, so the older guy has to offer something guys ten years younger are not able to offer.

Now, onto the delusion of guys! Sadly, for all those sad losers, there is no “one special trick” that gets you girls easily, and neither are there any over-engineered ones. Many of you surely remember the PUA heydays when people, with a straight face, claimed that you needed to approach women from a 45 degree angle, and other utterly harebrained nonsense. That market seems to have collapsed, but maybe there is an opportunity for snake oil salesmen to tell guys how to get girls to commit for the long term even though they amount to nothing. That’s certainly what a commenter on my old blog would be interested in:

Even after writing on dating dynamics for about ten years, I am still baffled at the inability of so many men to look reality straight in the face. They see that only guys who are able to establish themselves do well with women, once the degeneracy of your typical Western university is behind them. What should Joe Average thus do if he ever wanted to get married? How about buckling down and trying to get ahead! The rules are clear, and if, for whatever reason, “resource-based methods” don’t work out for them, due to a lack of resources, then they shouldn’t waste any time thinking of how to get a girl to commit as it’s impossible that any desirable girl would marry a loser. There are no short cuts.

For guys, the game plan is simple. It just takes effort to execute. If you want to get laid, then get in shape, get some decent clothes, and hit on chicks. The PUA method of learning “game” and not fixing your foundations doesn’t work. If you want to settle down, though, then acquire resources. Hitting the gym probably has diminishing returns at that point, so better hit the books and get a job. Women don’t date losers, nor do they marry them, but Western women certainly fuck a lot of losers.

For women, the only practical solution is to leave sleeping around to the sluts. Ignore the bullshit message feminists tell you. Quality guys may pay for whores, but they don’t marry them. Get a guy while you are young. If you are 24 and single, I suggest you panic. Oh, and don’t tell yourself bullcrap such as that you have “only had five or six guys” by the time you were 18. Dudes who are looking for an easy lay don’t care, but quality guys most certainly will. Then again, at that point it’s already game over. The conclusion is that without a conservative upbringing, girls have close to a zero chance of finding a quality guy, which is quite sobering. But, hey, we’ve been mass-importing guys from North Africa and the Middle East, so not everything is lost. Guys can also very easily end up in a position in which they are completely screwed. Let’s say Chad picks the wrong major at a US university, graduates with a B.S. in b.s. and is unable to “launch a career” because he has no marketable skills but is a quarter million dollars in debt. He’s screwed even worse than some slut whose diet at college consisted of cum and cigarettes.

8 thoughts on “Male vs female delusions about SMV for long-term relationships

  1. This sounded sweet to me but its also bitter.

    Personally, I don’t want to get married and I fuck a couple of different women in rather long term relationships. So according to you, does that make me a manslut?

    By the way, I have my options if I wanted to get married but I don’t feel like it. I want children but it seems the world is not made to make me happy (including by having children) with all the marriage stuff going about. (that which seemingly should happen first before having children today)

    Funny thing is a new survey found that less than 0.5% of families are truly happy (based on how often they fight and other things) so, 99.5% of marriages are either DIVORCED, unhappy, forced, filled with INFIDELITY & unfaithfulness or held together by shaky foundations. That is not unbelievable since the divorce rate itself is in the high 60%s on average. You should be able to find both statistics online maybe except the first one which I think is locally done here.

    So, the family life you are suggesting that we all have is having a horrendous expected return. How do you suggest marriage for all of us with a clear conscious.

    Don’t say I am a troll again as this time, I am properly confused with what you said.

    I kind of see what you say because, the reason why I don’t feel like it is because of the same reasons why you say marriage is not what it used to be. But in my opinion, waiting for things to change is futile.

  2. “No matter how you turn it, an aged woman is screwed. It doesn’t matter what else she brings to the table — once she hits the wall it is game over for her. ”

    For a woman, there is only one route out of this: to become a wife and a mother, to a husband and some kids who love her and will take care of her no matter what.

    Likewise, for a man there is really only one route to having a decent life in middle and old age. Make money, invest it and keep it. Everything else passes.

  3. But please bare in mind that the younger woman would probably be dating a married man , who already has wife and kids and been wth her for so many years , he wouldn’t leave her for a younger woman that will sleep with him and others , she will take her time and he will have his fun with her up to a point once the Married older man will probably start after a while to priorities his family over her , which means less time for her more time for family , everything in the beginning is shiny and new , after a while it becomes old , so she will start to become needy and jealous of the wife and the time and money spent on the wife , problems and fights will start to happen , she will start to become a headache for him , and either he will start doing things to let her leave that includes finding another new prospect or she will leave on her own when her needs aren’t being met anymore to look for another guy . So it’s a short term lived process .

  4. And about encouraging women to get married or not that’s entirely up to the person not you , whether she married old or young or never married it’s a person choice marriage isn’t a short term relationship it’s a long term one that requires a lot of thinking , never settle just cause ur afraid of missing the marriage train and be called spinster , it’s better to be a happy spinster than to be abattered wife to a sadistic mean man , never settle for societies sake women now can make it on their own even have kids without men , but men can’t make it without women bare that in mind !

    1. It seems that you are butthurt because you didn’t “settle” when you still had the chance. Yes, yes, we all know how well women make it on their own, as single mothers who are supported by a welfare state that is supported by tax revenue that is largely generated from the hard labor of men. We also know how incredibly poorly children brought up by single mothers turn out. There is no heroism in wrecking the life of your children, sweet heart!

    2. Most single women are miserable after 30. Women have only a small window to attract a good high quality man. And the only reason most women make it without a man is because daddy government. Daddy government steals the money from men and gives it to women. Even the millenial women that out-earn the men will not pay a net tax over their lifetime. Women will never be independent. Most would die without men providing and protecting them and so would their children. Without men your toilet wouldn’t even flush and you’ll be living in a world of shit.

  5. I had a few 30 year old women aggressively pursuing me when I was a pre-med over 20 years ago. I couldn’t believe how brazen they were, chasing a 20 year old guy. I wasn’t attracted to them in the slightest.

    I eventually married-a 21 year old.

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