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“You’re only dating Asian because you can’t get white girls, waaah!!”

It’s been a while since I’ve written about yellow fever. What I’ve noticed, certainly much more online than in real life, is that there is quite a bit of resentment against guys who date Asian bombshells with a sky-high IQ and a pleasant personality. The reactions of white men and white women are quite different, though.

White men, by and large, don’t seem to have that much of a problem with seeing a high-caliber guy date a hot Asian. Cucks who don’t get laid would have an issue with whomever you are dating and talk badly about you behind your back anyway. Of course, those are people you should cut contact with. I recall a guy who, to my knowledge, hasn’t gotten laid for the entire roughly two years we lived in the same city, and who saw me with quite a few girls. You wouldn’t believe how judgmental this little piece of shit was. To him, every hot girl was shallow and stupid, at least if she hung out with me. Once he had a date lined up, incidentally with a fatty, and when I asked him why he was doing that to himself, he waxed lyrical about her “personality”, even though he had only spoken to her for five minutes, when he chatted her up out outside a fast-food joint.

With women it’s different. They have a whole slew of insults waiting for you. You date Asian women because they are “submissive” and you are a patriarchal shitlord who exploits those poor women. Or maybe you are not “man enough” to deal with a strong, independent 21st century Western woman whore. Also, there are countless single moms. So, why wouldn’t you want to date one of them? Gee, I wonder why? On the one hand, there are smart, educated, well-off, conservative, highly attractive Asian women around, and on the other there are tatted up sluts who got knocked up by some loser and who now live off welfare. To hammer home what an epidemic this is: In Germany there are close to a fucking 2.5 million single moms! How many of those do you think have their life together?

My favorite accusation of all, however, is the following: whining that we date Asian girls because we “can’t get white girls”. The first time I heard that I almost fell off my chair. The by far easiest, sluttiest demographic you can find on this planet is now, all of a sudden, out of reach for quality men? As a top-shelf guy you are well-aware how unbelievably slutty Western whores are: one-night stands, blow jobs in dirty bathroom stalls within minutes, sex behind a dumpster, fucking dudes behind their beta provider’s back until the cows come home (or they hit the wall). I haven’t even shared the worst of my stories — two more volumes of Sleazy Stories are sitting on my computer. You really grow to resent Western women once you’ve dealt with enough of them. No matter what segment of society we are looking at, there is absolutely no shortage of sluts.

Guys no longer date them not because they can’t get them but because they no longer want them.

19 thoughts on ““You’re only dating Asian because you can’t get white girls, waaah!!”

  1. Have this over weight woman go on about how she can not understand why whites are going out with asian women. I turn around and told her Asian women are more feminine and take better care of their body and are not over weight so guys would rather dates these women. Guys dont be afraid to say this, they need to hear this

  2. White women have really painted themselves into a corner. They strongly prefer to date/marry White men, but they have driven most high quality White men away with their obesity, tats, piercings, dyed hair and lousy personalities. Then, when they see a White guy with a hot Asian girl, the claws come out.
    As an aside, after visiting several national parks this summer I came away astonished by the general sluttiness of 20-something western European girls. I didn’t see any worth more than a pump and dump.

    1. I’m still shocked, from time to time, what incredible whores they are. The other day I saw a young girl ride a bike, wearing a very short skirt and see-through stockings. A generation ago women would ride their bike only when wearing long skirts.

  3. A White woman who is young, thin, sweet, kind, and feminine with an N of 0 or 1 can command an absurdly high price in today’s marriage market. Unfortunately, very few can check more than one of these boxes.

  4. The bad new is the slutty culture in the West has been invading the East for a couple of years now. I’ve caught quite a lot more girls to wear make-up while only in 9th grade. For my generation, that was quite unthinkable. Know what it means? Parents are either powerless to stop this, or it has become a new social more that they don’t care anymore.

    In the East, girls dressing slutty have become more and more common in large cosmopolitans like Shanghai or Beijing. Here, in my hometown, most of them still don’t dare to, but the number of girls who have no qualms to expose their skins have been on the rise.

    East Asian girls are mostly known for their youthful appearance, though. If you want to find more feminine features such as curves, asses and boobs, Latin American is where you should go. I heard women there aren’t that “liberal” compared to the US. Asian girls aren’t that sexually enthusiastic anyway.

    1. It’s a bit fortunate when commenters expect other readers to construct the argument they were unable to formulate. I assume you want to express that white guys are only able to date top-shelf Asian women because those women want a green card. I am not sure in which cave you live, but highly qualified Asians do not need a green card to get into the US because their qualifications carry much weight on the labor market. Another mistake you make is that top-shelf Western guys want to remain in the West. You should hang out in the expat quarters of Beijing or Shanghai. It will probably blow your mind. Keep in mind that I am referring to highly qualified expats, not some digital hobos who move to Cebu on a tourist visa, wanting to make a living as freelance web developers.

    2. On a side note, I very rarely see a good looking Western guy with an extremely good looking Asian girls. Sure, I have seen it, but rarely. We Asians think that maybe Western guys just have a different taste or something, but why do they choose girls whom we natives think only plain or even downright…

      The only guy who can date consistently (emphasized) very good looking girls (professional model caliber) is the Kazakh guy I used to mention on this blog once. His level of Chinese has already surpassed even natives in many respect, and the guy is 1m90 (with a bike haha).

      In terms of casual dating, I would say that girls (think of young, cute, tall and fresh white skin with died hair) in Shanghai and Beijing tend to be very materialistic. This forum gives some insights:

      Not sure how true is the guy’s background is (Havard BA, Wharton MA). But what he experienced doesn’t surprise me at all.

      On the other hand, there is no reason to distrust the fact that many young Chinese girls date successful guys out of pure romantic and sexual interest. But note also that girls who serially (emphasized) date Western guys have low value in the eyes of native guys. Such girls have adopted too much of a Western attitude towards sex and dating, which go against the social convention that most Chinese men bind to. Successful and educated upper class Shanghainese males aren’t stupid. It is this group of chicks that is exposed most to Western slutty culture.

      Now, for long-term serious dating:

      There are many reasons why good looking Asian girls like to date and marry western guys, among them is a very valid reason: they expect Western men to become better fathers than native men. In fact, if what they constantly experience in their home countries are domestic violence caused by alcoholism and male laziness (as in not even lifting a finger to do house chores), or male excessive domination, than dating and marrying a Western guy is a very valid option.

      And yes, marrying a Western guy implying that they will have a chance to stay permanently (emphasized) in the US, which means their children will be able to grow up in a more advanced society, will be able to enjoy a much better education, and will have a brighter future.

      And again, dating an Asian girl long enough and she would expect so.

      So far, all those reasons are valid, from a normal and healthy female’s standpoint.

  5. I’m sorry I should of elaborated more on that. I was referring to the insult that western women will throw your way if you are with an Asian Woman or with any non Western Woman

  6. Asian women are more feminine in looks and behaviour. Straight men are attracted to the opposite sex and the looks and behaviour associated with that. If western women lose their feminine traits. Men will look somewhere else. It’s that simple. I’m simply not attracted to dude’s or women who display manly looks or behaviour. I’m a straight man. I’m attracted to feminine traits. Strangely i almost never get much negative responses from women. Most Negative responses come from men married to white western women that i would never even consider. Most reactions from the western women are more like a display of disappointment. They mostly want to know what they should do in order to compete.

  7. I never got the hype with Asian women, I lived in Asian countries for several years during my teenage youth period, and could somewhat see what people could see in them in terms of attraction etc. But once I managed to see hot Latin American, Eastern and Northern European, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern/South Asian/North African (Afghan/Persian/Palestinian/Indian/Morrocan/Lebanese etc) women later in life, they absolutely blew the best looking Asian girls out of the water in terms of diversity of body types, shapes, attitudes, general appearance and aesthetics etc etc etc. Of course hot/top caliber middle eastern/South Asian girls and to an extent hot Latina girls in the West, aren’t really available to “white guys” and they don’t like “white guys” unlike mongoloid asian girls, but I would venture to say the best looking of them are more attractive then nearly 100% of the best looking Asian girls in every east Asian country combined IMO.

    Asian girls are not that feminine as most people think they are, they are extremely manipulative, and shallow and materialistic on an herculean scale; and can very bossy and snobby and irritating to deal with. Asian girls nearly all look the same, and look like prepubescent underdeveloped children with permanent down syndrome, and have little capability to have an imagination of their own, or a capacity to think abstractly or independently which is why Asian society is so collective but it also adds & explains to the pointless and non-sensical over excessive materialism of most Asian girls; mongoloids in general have a inability to generate external abstract stimulus in their minds without outside assistance or control of any sort, which is one of the reasons why east Asian cities are characterized by constant flashing blinking lights on buildings on nearly every block and all sorts of unnecessary overly imposed electronic wiring lighting to the point of it becoming excessive and too much. Mongoloids cannot be independent and or really adhere to a culture/personality of independence and always need to stick to or adhere to a culture of rigid excessive hierarchy/authority and group think/herd behavior and succumb to dogmatic robotic binary forms of thinking/thought. I know this first hand from having grown up around mongoloids and living in mongoloid countries for several years, so I know this is a fact.

    I also know for a fact, since I’m basing this on going to school in Asian countries/living in Asian cities/going to Asian villages/growing up around Asians for long extensive periods of time, that there are lots and lots of mongoloids in east Asian countries that are dumb and idiotic in every substantial measure of parameter of intellectual ability as possible and they form a substantial portion of their populations and are not a minority at all; many of whom are not seen in Western countries like the U.S (unless they are rich etc); and the whole Asian intelligence and IQ thing is a myth and bunch of bullshit, but that’s another topic and subject matter for another day. But if people have doubts about that, please look at the videos in the channel “China uncensored” on youtube to get a sampling of what I am talking about when I make this claim.

    The main thing is that, many people want to pair up with someone that they feel culturally, biologically, racially, genetically, close or identical to, and that could include even casual relationships, and this sort of thinking is even considered normal to the point of extreme racialist thinking in most mongoloid Asian cultures; people also want to continue their genetic lineage in their future legacies on the same parameter of criteria.

    And mongoloids/East Asians do not fullfill that role for non-mongoloids, since they are mongoloids and are not racially the same as Europeans/Caucasoids/non-mongoloids. Many people want their children to look like them and not someone of a completely different racial ethnic group or an unrecognizable form unlike themselves; and when a Caucasian person mixes with a mongoloid, the mongoloid down syndrome like features are more dominant and you end up with a child that DOES NOT look like the Caucasian parent and sometimes not even the mongoloid parent combined; and a child that is racially confused/traumatized from the very beginning and unable to find/form a substantial identity or sense of belonging/normalcy with the world because they don’t really look like they belong anywhere they are born in or with any major ethnic/racial group. These half-White/half-Asian off spring are called “Hapa’s” btw.

    This mixed race genetic heritage results in various psychological disorders and personality problems which may not even go away even up to adulthood. Most people here don’t and wouldn’t understand the huge gravity of pain and mental agony that these sorts of various HAPA individuals have to tolerate and face on a regular basis, because of the identity/racially confused state these people constantly have to juggle within western countries and even asian/foreign countries. Various times the flood water gates end up breaking, and these mixed race HAPA’s end up reaching the boiling point in regards to their racial/ethnic heritage, and end up going on killing/criminal sprees. Examples of this include people like Elliot Rodgers, Daniel Hotzclaw, Scott Peterson, Arthur Patterson, Dinh Bowman etc etc.

    Then there is the issue and reality, that light caucasoid features spanning regions like Europe, the Middle East/South Asia, Western new world countries etc etc, are actually a global numerical minority taken as a whole in the wider world compared to the features of mongoloids; mongoloids whom form a massive numerical majority on the planet, and whom have features that are bland to ugly looking to bizarre and alien looking from an aesthetic view point and very very little genetic/phenotypical variation and diversity and completely non-novel or stand out in terms of general appearance; and this contributes to the fact on why most racialists, white nationalists, non-mongoloids in general don’t like race mixing with mongoloids or seeing people of their group having off-spring with them or people not of their group. It’s for genetic and group preservation reasons which make perfect sense.

    And if you guys doubt me about what I am saying about HAPA’s/half mongoloids and how mentally unstable they can be, then look at this as a example:

    ^^^this above thread is full of hilarity though, don’t say I didn’t warn you if you spit food on your computer screen!

    1. I’m not going to reproduce anyway. I just want to have a good time. And i’m tired of western women and all their bull. I’m tired playing their games. I’m not going to compete to see who’s the man in the household. I’m not playing that game. And sadly most western women are trained to display this manly behaviour. Asian women are not. I’m simply not attracted to women that display manly behaviour. And i’m not going to reproduce anyway so the genetic race mixing thing is no issue for me. I dont care about the asian looks so much. I care about the behaviour. And the behaviour of most western women is simply unacceptable to me. I dont need that crap. No pussy is worth that much trouble.

    2. If white nationalists want to save the white race the solution is easy. Take women’s rights away. Not many men will sign up when the divorce laws are this terrible. Not many men will sign up when women behave this bad and have the power to destroy a man’s life in a divorce without any reason. Sadly most white nationalists are pussy beggars. They gladly ignore all the crap white women do if they are willing to make white baby’s. I would love to see the white european people succeed. But if they dont get their women in line i dont think it’s going to happen. Just complaining about immigrants won’t help if you’re not willing to address your own in-group problems. Even if immigration stops today the white race will still be doomed if white women dont change their ways.

  8. @xaxsparrior
    You’ve got to realize this the primary point Sleaze tries to make is that Western women have devolved so much that a lot of them do not fit to be good wives and good mothers anymore. So, Western guys who have choices, facing with the prospect of having no suitable options, turn to Asia to find great long-term companions. Because many East Asian societies so far have shown a capability of resisting against Western corrosive and self-destructive culture, it is expected that high-valued Western guys will be able to find reliable partners there.

    And then I step in to add the other half of the picture, which is the fact that many East Asian girls do not find the local men to be attractive options. Females value greatly the family bond that local men are not likely to be able to be offered. So, they turn to Western guys for that, and for a better future. They wish to be able to see their children grow up in a more advanced society, with better fathers (Western men are usually depicted to be family men, men who spend sufficient times with their children, who take care of his family etc). My experience is that such a stereotype does match up with reality in many ways.

    So you got a guy from a failed society meeting up with a girl who is running away from a decadent traditional family life, and you have a script with happy ending.

    1. Isidia,
      I’m curious. How come, Asian men don’t make up for good fathers? It seems that Asian societies are more conservative than the West, but I say it takes two to tango. You can’t have just the woman running the show conservative-style and the man being a total douchebag. Two to three generations later and the little girls coming out of such relationships will be screwed, too. It can’t be that bad, neither in absolute terms, nor relative to Western men. Or am I missing something?

    2. “How come Asian men don’t make good fathers?”

      Let me take a stab at your question. Isidia has already pointed out some of the negative traits of some Asian men: alcoholism, laziness, not helping with chores, etc. I think the answer lies in culture. It’s common enough that as long as Asian men work hard to bring home the bacon and feed the family, they get leeway to relieve their stress how they want. In any case, because of gender roles women are the ones expected to care for the children and do the housework (even if they work full-time). Some Asian men also find it difficult to be expressive and affectionate, which certainly affects family dynamics. So they may be present as fathers, yes, and provide materially, but the issue is whether that’s satisfactory enough.

    3. @Sleazy’s gal:
      ” It’s common enough that as long as Asian men work hard to bring home the bacon and feed the family, they get leeway to relieve their stress how they want. ”

      What if many of them aren’t even breadwinners, and still engage in alcohols? That’s even worse right?

      ” Some Asian men also find it difficult to be expressive and affectionate, which certainly affects family dynamics. So they may be present as fathers, yes, and provide materially, but the issue is whether that’s satisfactory enough.”

      Saying “I love you, darling”, or “I love you, son”, or “I love you daughter”, or “My dear, could I get you a coffee”, etc is pretty much a Western thing.

      Here is how it can be expressed:
      “I love you, darling” —–> preparing a dish you both had when you two first met. Say nothing and let her enjoy it. Few days later, she may suddenly remember and “make it up” for you. Or she is of a different personality and immediately remembers that.

      But, it is usually assumed to be so if your boyfriend or husband rush to your house unexpectedly and take your mother to the hospital if she has some pains in the knee, for example.

      “I love you, son”———>taking him to school every time you are in your city, even if there are only 2 days, because the rest 5 days you will be in a remote area, working your ass off for your family. Giving him some money when he was a kid so he could buy his toy, knowing full well that your wife would accuse you of spoiling him.

      But more extreme, beats the fuck out of him to teach him a lesson that he should never steal a single “dollar” from his friend, and yet stays near his bed when he gets a high fever, even in the hospital, for several days with little sleep, knowing that once his son got better, he would have to embark on the business trip as usual.

      “I love you daughter”
      Take her to a shop to have an ice-cream, knowing full well that she may gain weight and yet you can’t resist yourself. Yes, your wife is waiting for you and your daughter at home, to nag the shit out of you.

      Talk to your daughter at night, all the times. Be ready to tutor her yourself if she has some problems having homework.

      Arguing with her all the times about the way she dress, even ask her siblings to spy on her if she shows sign of “liking” a guy.

      Getting anxious if her grandmother takes her away for too long. You just want to get it back from your parents’house as soon as possible because you miss her so much.

      “My dear, could I get you a coffee”

      Fuck that, remember this about East Asian society, in which the concept of democracy has never existed in the political dictionary: The king is the father of the whole kingdom, the father is the king of his household. Yes, the past has long gone, but its relic still exist in our way of living and thinking.

      In general, the word “love” in English can be translated in my native tongue in 2 versions: “yêu” and “thương”. You can use the first one because it means love, but it is very awkward to even say it. The second is acceptable, much more softer, but its meaning cannot be captured fully at all by any word in English.

      We convey emotions through actions, not words.

    4. @ Sleazy’s Gal
      That’s not the point I was trying to make. If the father is not doing his job raising an emotionally healthy offspring (however that “not doing his job” manifests itself), it will backfire in the future generations. Yet, Asian women seem to be doing fine.
      Three suggestions why that might be the case
      1. Asian men aren’t that bad as fathers (my personal pick)
      2. It’s just a very small set of emotinally sick men, failing to be good fathers, overall
      3. From a medical point of view, Asian women are super resiliant as to developing pathological behaviour towards men/future children due to lack of love/care/affection from their fathers and hence still manage to raise emotionally strong men (I highly doubt that version).

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