Tailspinning Sweden: the “genderless” pronoun, and raising boys as girls

I recently came across the YouTube channel “No BS”, which reminded me a bit of my own approach to dissecting bullshit. Here is a video on a rather unpalatable topic. It’s about how Sweden is brainwashing innocent kids into believing in “gender fluidity”. Some of the people in that video will make your head shake:

2 thoughts on “Tailspinning Sweden: the “genderless” pronoun, and raising boys as girls

  1. This is just plain evil… so now they are denying that something as obvious as gender differences exists? This is just so messed up man, i feel so bad for these kids, especially boys who get constantly told that their natural behavior is wrong, it may explain why a lot of guys these days just’t dont fucking know who they are. It’s also mind-boggling how stupid and ignorant the public is. Are they even mildly aware of the (psychological) damage they are inflicting?

  2. Any sane person who spends time around small children rapidly picks up on behavioral differences between boys and girls. As these differences become apparent at ages three to four, and are common, it is pretty hard to argue that they arise out of socialization. This video makes my blood boil as they are basically taking small children doing their damnedest to screw up normal development to fulfill some insane theory of gender fluidity which has little or no evidence to begin with.

    This sort of lines up with a lot of other initiatives in modern education where the started point is that male behaviour is pathological, and we need to reprogram boys to act like girls.

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