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Hilarious: Overweight female sex educator can’t get a date

Here is another video from YouTuber “No BS”. He mocks Hannah Witton, a fattie from England I’ve never heard of, but who has a staggering 350,000 subscribers on her channel. Isn’t she glorious?


Anyway, that petite little princess complained to the whole wide world that she has been single since the age of 19. She’s 24 now. For the mathematically challenged feminists that may stumble across this post, that’s, like, half a decade. Watch her whine, and listen to YouTuber “No BS” mocking her here:

The video does a good job ripping her to shreds. Quite frankly, I am baffled that a whale like that can gain any prominence at all online, considering how strikingly unattractive she is. Yet, she’s making a living as a sex educator. What kind of sex life could she have? We know, by her own admission, that she can’t get a date at an age that would normally be considered the prime of a woman. Thus, she may get the occasional hook-up. I don’t even want to think this through further, but suffice to say that a girl looking like that won’t get quality men, and if her experience, which isn’t all that unlikely, consists only of several of Chad’s ugly cousins, all shit-faced, trying to find any of her holes, then there really isn’t a lot she could teach.

I even wonder how much sex she could have gotten in her teens. Well, there are allegedly guys who claim to go “whaling”, i.e. deliberately hitting on fat women, based on the belief that fatties try harder to please a man. I’d say that’s an urban myth, but who knows how bad things are in England. They certainly drink a lot over there. If they managed to stay drunk for half a year, then no woman would have to experience being single from 19 to 24. Alas, we’re not quite there yet. On the other hand, ladies, a vibrator completely replaces a man anyway, amirite? I mean, except when you bitch that no man wants you.

19 thoughts on “Hilarious: Overweight female sex educator can’t get a date

  1. I had a good laugh at about the whole attitude and flappy arms and making compromises statement.

    I think the video does a great job of summing her up. Hannah and Blonde both have in common too high of standards. Anecdotally, I’ve known less attractive women than Hannah with higher value guys than themselves, but they also display much more agreeableness than these types of women. It’s as if not only would Hannah/Blonde require a man with the looks of Vin Diesel + amazing hair along with his success and fame, but also this same person has to be beta as fuck and worship and love her for…well, just because he should have to do that. No matter what.

    1. Those women should seriously evaluate what they bring to the table. Then again, that would require some capacity for introspection.

  2. I think you are being a bit unfair here – she might not be top class material but I wouldnt qualify her as unfuckable. Hell, I probably wouldnt push her out of my bed if she happened to fall into it, so I am willing to concede she might have some sex life beyond drunken hookups.

    The real turnoff for me is how utterly moronic she seems to be, after skimming a few of her blog posts. Thats probably why she cant keep a man beyond a night or two.

    1. Watch the video to the very end! You’ll see her in workout clothes, which do not flatter her at all.

    2. Havent seen the video, i am on my mobile and have scripts blocked by default.

      However looking at link from Don, yeah, thats bad, I stand corrected 🙂

  3. I’m going to guess that her demands, expectations, and attitude have more to do with this than her looks. I’m sure she could have someone if she didn’t insist upon a 6’2″ bodybuilder with six figures and a Porsche.

  4. This woman sounds like me ten years ago. But the big difference is that I didn’t and don’t want a relationship (yeah, I ignore my friends requests to bring a girlfriend to parties but that is just a nuisance and not a problem for me). I just want sex and now I am getting sex more than enough now. The thing is though, I didn’t stay in one place with expectations of unicorns. I lost weight, I started making millions and more importantly I did the things necessarily not done by people willing to improve. Am I happy? Yes but, I don’t know how happy one can be by being in a shitty relationship with a sub par woman (which was what I could’ve gotten then) so I can’t compare. By the way, I am not becoming more like Stelar I am actually happier now than when I didn’t got laid when I wanted to.

    1. So you state you make millions here and you talk about 20% rental yield somewhere else and also somewhere else you mentioned you have a hard time fucking hookers without too much of a connection (indicating you seem to give a fuck what they think of you) and if I recall correctly you showed yourself quite enthusiastic about Yarara’s inputs on finance (on Sleazy’s forum), which were certainly true, but rather of basic nature.

      It just doesn’t add up man.

    2. The 20% line made me raise an eyebrow too. Thats a return for a very high risk investment, not property rental.

  5. She seems to mention a “my boyfriend” in her newer posts. Also, her most overweight pics seem to be from after she got “a boyfriend”.

  6. Aaron is a little hard on her past self. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not the prettiest girl I have ever seen in that video but she once looked okey-ish. But, and here Aaron has a point, she was 24 and though it is normal nowadays to be overweight when you’re still young, it was and is still not ok. At least if you want to snatch a good boyfriend. That she gained several “comfort pounds” now that she “secured” a boyfriend is hilarious though. Like she held herself back and now she can “let lose” because she’s in a relationship. What a shitty bf that must be if she feels that comfortable.

    But what was and is irritating are her many contradictions. One (!) of which is a sex-educator with no possible source of experience whatsoever. And her general cluelesness.

    1. It is surprisingly common that women starve themselves when they are single, but once they have again gotten a boyfriend…

    2. You are right I know the phenomenon – although I would call it “starve” bc most girls who gain “comfort weight” are overweight to begin with. Most chicks stop then at ca. 10 pounds of gain. And don’t blow up to obesity like Hannah.

      Emphasis is on her cuck boyfriend whom she must despise. Probably because he wasn’t her first choice and she “settled”. If they marry, divorce rape is very likely to ensue.

    3. I dont care enough to research the exact timeline but it does seem she looked better before she got a BF.

      Still, even fatties get laid sometimes. I should know, been there done that.

      She remains a moron anyways…

  7. Prior to the weight gain, she was pleasant looking. Her being single was probably more due to not getting the class of guy she thought she deserved than not having any men interested in her. If she becomes single again, she may decide to lose the weight, which will make for a lot more youtube videos.

    1. Jesus, I just browsed through her Q&A. She talks about fucking her sister’s 21 year old boyfriend when she was 15, trading sex for drugs with an uncountable number of guys from 19 – 24ish, talks about how much she loves getting fucked in the ass and using straps ons on guys…all kinds of shit.

      Then she goes on to answer a question about Trump stating that he’s basically a soulless antichrist and anyone who supports him is just lying to themselves and deluded. So, I click on her picture to get a closer look, and she has one of the most soulless thousand cock stares I’ve ever seen. Go figure.

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