Is cuckoldry even a concept for the underclass?

The word cuckold, in many variations, has been going through quite a renaissance in recent years. There are cuckservatives, beta males are generally referred to as cucks, Sweden is occasionally referred to as Cuckistan and so on. Of course, cuckoldry is a real concept. It simply means that a fucking loser of a man that raises some other mans child, without knowing it. A cuckold could also be the boyfriend or husband of a woman who fucks other dudes, with or without his knowledge. He’d be a bigger cuck if he knew that his women is taking dick from other guys.

Some weeks ago, though, I made an interesting observation on public transport. I witnessed a rather trashy white couple: she was a fat blob, he could have posed as homeless person. They also had two kids with them, one was a mulatto, the other one was white. There are many possible explanations for that. In the worst case, that dude could have been the father of none. Well, the worst case already happened, namely that this underclass woman procreated.

As much as we guys throw around the term “cuck”, though, one has to wonder whether it really has any general validity. The reason why middle class men lose their face when their wife fucks dudes behind their back is that in that social class parental investment in their offspring is the norm. Joe Cuck would spend tens of thousands of dollars on the kid his whore of a wife fathered with Chad Stud. Likewise, adultery is a big deal because family unity is seen as desirable in conservative middle class environments, albeit among women who think they are middle class because their breakthrough is just around the corner, or your typical garden variety whore that view may be considered offensive.

However, what if you were part of the dregs of society? Any expense you have is taken care of by Daddy Government, all the women you have access to are single moms, and kids are seen as a source of income, because the bottom feeders of society can make more money off their kids due to child benefits than they ever could at a job. To them, raising another man’s child would be no issue as it would simply mean that they are getting child benefits for another dude’s offspring. They clearly don’t give a fuck about their children. Otherwise, you couldn’t explain what’s going on in society. Likewise, if all women you’ll ever get access too are underclass whores who make a living off welfare payments, the mere concept of being a cuckold would be nonsensical because everyone knows that they are whores, and that would be your expectation as well. Of course a whore of a woman is going to fuck guys behind your back!

The concept of moral depravity is indeed an interesting one, which brings us back to “cuckservatives”. For a politician without moral principles, being a cuckservative isn’t really an insult as he has no honor to speak of, just like bottom tier men in the sexual market place. Thus, being a cuck is probably not as much of an insult as we think.

18 thoughts on “Is cuckoldry even a concept for the underclass?

  1. I went to University to get a good degree. I work ~50 hours a week.
    More than half of my salary goes exclusively to the goverment, which gives it to Joe Underclass, his fat wife, misfit children, Ahmed the Refugee and the Australopithecus.

    Maybe I am the cucked one?

    1. I’m in the same boat, with the exception that my money goes to anthropoids in general instead of the Australopithecus in particular.

  2. Taxation is theft.

    In cash-prevalent 3rd world economies like mine it is thankfully much easier to make and spend money under the radar….

  3. Speaking of taxes as it was done in the above comments, I would like to suggest to everyone interested in its avoidance to google the words Perpetual Traveler. It may or may not have anything to do with traveling based on your choices although, it most likely involves you moving to a country better for your ideals.

    A combination of residences in low tax countries and a better lifestyle all-round is available to anyone who makes the choice.

    1. As interesting as that concept may be, it doesn’t work if you want to have a family. Well, it doesn’t work for the 99.9%.

    2. No, it is mostly families that does PT.

      For example, I don’t see why having a family is a deterrent to getting a second residency? You can get it for all family members including children at minimal marginal cost.

      What you do need however is a sizable nest egg (about +50,000 USD) so you can afford the transition.

    3. Then please provide a sample calculation. You’ll need to stay in at least three countries. Let’s say you have around $100k USD to start with, so we don’t have to penny-pinch too much. Your kids are 2, 8, and 16. How would you do it?

  4. You are asking for a oversimplification. And no, you live in one country (or more if you want) not three.

    I don’t have kids so I haven’t even thought about that aspect of PT but I know it certainly is doable with 100K USD if you are single.

    Just to give out some rough numbers. Stressing no the word rough and from the perspective of a current non-EEA citizen, here you go.

    Latvian Residence by Real Estate investment would cost about 75k USD. While that is 75% of your money, if done correctly and shrewdly, you can earn about a 20% rental yield on that and will therefore partially supplement your income on to the future. This also gives you right to move around easily in Europe if that is what you desire and allows you to look forward to citizenship later on. That is, Visa-Free travel.

    Moving on, you don’t necessarily have to live in Latvia and can have a second flag planted in a more lucrative country in terms of employment or better yet do business from a offshore entity lets say in Malta. (Or Bulgaria where, corporate taxes are low at 10% flat)

    Next it might make sense to have a foreign bank account but at 100K nest egg size it might not make much sense but provided that everything improves you can put the 25k in a Georgian bank account for instance.

    Please let me remind you that you shouldn’t pick holes in the example as they are just examples. This is not a solicitation for investment nor is it legal or financial advice. It is just an example off the top of my head.

    1. You need to live in three countries because you need to spend more than half the year outside of a country in order to avoid tax liabilities. Note that there are countries that would have none of that, for instance the US, which will tax its citizens no matter where they are.

      OK, let’s say I’m single and have $100k in the bank, disregarding that you claimed that you could do PT with a family. So, I buy a place in Latvia to rent it out — and then I still don’t have a place to stay myself. Shucks! Also, 20% rental yield is way too optimistic. According to Numbeo, one square meter of in the city center costs 1.600 EUR, while the rental income of a one-room apartment would be 380 EUR. So, let’s say it’s a 40 m2 apartment that costs you 64.000 EUR. Your yearly rental income, ignoring all costs, is 7%. But what if your Latvian renter decides to rather squat than pay rent, you’ll have a problem because you’ll be traveling. Or let’s say they move out, and then you need to find a new renter — but this will cost you as you’ll need to hire someone to take care of that in your absence.

      There is no need to poke holes into your suggestions because they are not realistic. PT works if you have tens of millions in the bank and don’t need to work for a living. For everyone else it is a pipe dream.

  5. In the lower rungs of the socio-economic classes, paternity can be a source of genuine confusion. If the father or husband has no money and makes no money, it is not particularly relevant. For women in these classes, popping out kids will increase their welfare payments, provided they keep them. I remember a professor who had worked in social welfare, who said that a lot of his female clients seemed to be able to pregnant just by being looked at. It is pretty messed up.

  6. PT works if you have tens of millions in the bank and don’t need to work for a living. For everyone else it is a pipe dream.

    I don’t contradict the above. I might have been too optimistic when I said +50K in the above post. It works for me so I assumed it would for you too.

    1. No problem. After all, you have plenty of Third Worlders in your home country to share the secrets of perpetual traveling with. There is therefore no need to expose your ideas to criticism online.

  7. No the reason is that perpetual traveling is more about tax avoidance than anything else. So ideally, I don’t want to advertise how exactly I do it in public. But it does require more money than I initially said according to my lawyer. It was a mistake in my part in assuming that it could be done on the cheap in the first place.

    1. Tax avoidance is legal. Well, if you are willing to share some of your secrets, you are welcome to send me an email.

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