“Oregon State Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland is fucked, figuratively

Isidia recently posted a link to a story on Kendra Sunderland, some ditz who got tired of hitting the books in the library and instead masturbated in front of her laptop camera. As she was seeking attention, she put that video online and gained some fame infamy online. If that isn’t evidence of genuine “street smarts”, then I wouldn’t know what is.

The original library cam whore video appeared in 2015, after sweet lil’ Kendra had hit rock bottom:

A few weeks before filming the video, Sunderland was broke. She had just lost her job at the diner where she worked. She was considering dropping out of college, where she majored in human development.

I’m sure she would have made an excellent HR ditz. Putting her in front of a telephone and telling her to ask applicants questions like, “Tell me about, like, your biggest weakness!” would have been a plausible career outcome for her. By not slutting it up, she could have snagged a decent guy, too.

I’ll go through a few quotes in the interview I linked to above in order to make the point that, contrary to what someone else commented on my blog, she does not have a bright future ahead of her.

Here is how she picked her university:

My best friend from high school applied to a bunch of places, so I applied there. She and I did everything together. It wasn’t really my choice. I told her, “Wherever you go to college, I’ll go.” So OSU gave her the most money, so I went there too.

Oregon State gave her friend “the most money”, which most likely means that they reduced the tuition bill more than other places. Kendra, however, wasn’t so concerned with finances and all that other ewww stuff.

First she majored in psychology, but “lost interest”, so she switched to something else. Here’s how that happened:

So at the start of my second year I decided to change it to something different. I decided to try accounting, ’cause my mom told me I’d look good in a business suit.

Some people clearly should not raise children. It’s easy for us to laugh at a cam girl who makes poor life decisions, but consider her background! Her mother likely is every bit as stupid as her daughter. IQ is largely hereditary, so let’s not be too surprised.

She was fined a few thousand dollars for her video, but who could have known that this might cause a ruckus? Certainly not Kendra:

Someone said I’d make more money being in a public place. I figured that made sense, and why not try it out. I didn’t think I could get in trouble for it.

She’s quite funny, though:

I have a problem of just doing stuff without thinking through the consequences and researching it [beforehand.] Like, looking back, I probably should’ve thought it through, just because of the [public indecency] charge, the trouble, the repercussions.

We, like, know how that worked out.

I also like how she’s changing her story. She reveals that her then-boyfriend wasn’t all that happy about her decision to rub one out on camera in public, with her tits hanging out:

He said no. He didn’t want me to do it. He didn’t want me putting myself out there like that. He didn’t want to hear what bad things other people would say about it. Things like that. We broke up shortly after.

Further down, though, the story changes, however:

I told people the truth after my boyfriend broke up with me. I didn’t want to deny it.

Some girls tell you they’ve had “a lot of boyfriends” or that they have been “dating a lot”. Those can be great fun. Once girl I bumped into I encouraged telling me about her sex life as I wondered how much of a slut she really was. She thought being a bona fide slut and whore was something to be proud of, but my interest died down pretty quickly after she told about “that one time” when three black guys ran a train on her, followed by a story of “that one time” where she fucked “some old dude” for 200 Euros. The moral is simply that you can learn a lot if you shut up and listen.

I think the interviewer makes fun of Kendra without her noticing it. Look at this:

How did you feel when [the video] blew up? Were you embarrassed? Or were you like, “This is pretty cool, I’m gonna lean into it”?

This is a reference to Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In”, which tells girls to behave in an unfeminine way.

Her mom clearly needs to get her head checked, though:

“This is what I heard from my friends, is this true?” And [when I said yes], she told me, “Well, I thought something worse had happened to you.”

Reading that interview is starting to make my head hurt. I’ll just skim through the rest and see if there are a few more fun remarks from her. Oh, here’s one:

I always just kinda wanted to be the girl in the magazine that people were drooling over and fantasizing about. I’ve always looked at girls in Playboy and the hot girls on the cars and even the girls in the Carl’s Jr. commercials and I’ve wanted to be just like that. That’s always been my fantasy. I’m just starting out, but we’ll see where this takes me.

It’s perfectly okay to fantasize. However, acting them out isn’t always so great. A very obvious example are rape fantasies, which many women are supposed to have. However, when Muhammad the Gimmegrant decides to return something to Western society in exchange for all the welfare payments he’s been leeching off by raping a Western woman, the results won’t be so pretty for the woman.

It’s good to have goals, right? Kendra also has some:

I wanna have a nice house, a place to call home by the beach. I wanna be close to my sister, so I think I’ll be moving down to California near San Diego to be close to her.

I have my doubts that cam whoring is that profitable, particularly in the long run. Also, note that she has a history of fiscal irresponsibility, so better not take out a huge mortgage, Kendra!

Do you recall when she wrote that she likes to think things through? Yes, that was funny.

I try not to think about what could go wrong. It’ll keep me from chasing my dreams. I don’t want to live a life like that.

A recurring theme on this blog is that women want to be able to do whatever they want, yet they don’t want to be responsible for anything. Kendra is an ardent follower of that philosophy as well:

I want people to know I didn’t put out those videos myself.

Probably the Russians hacked her laptop and released the video into the wild, before they moved on to interfering with Hillary’s campaign.

We also know that Western women love to whore it up, but don’t want to be judged for it. The feminists are shouting that “the past is in the past”, at least when it comes to the sexual history of women. Kendra loves that line of reasoning as well:

I don’t think it’s fair for people to judge me based on one thing I did. A lot of people have to put their opinion out there, and they judge me for it, and I don’t feel like I deserve to be judged.

I think it’s, like, totally fair to judge women for their past behavior as there is no plausible reason not to. By whoring herself out on camera, Kendra will no longer be able to get a high-quality man to settle down with her. Once she realizes this, we may hear from her again, but this time she may wail about men being “pigs” for judging her oh-so harshly on being a whore. Kendra, it’s game over already, even though you don’t realize it yet.

35 thoughts on ““Oregon State Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland is fucked, figuratively

  1. Two issues I have with this post

    First you compare Kendra with being a slut and then a whore which I think is dishonest. Have you never heard of the subculture where women do camming to avoid real sex, thereby staying celibate? I have seen no proof that this girl is a sex addict, on the contrary she seems like a good catch. By camming and breaking up with her boyfriend it has had the opposite effect on her lay count. Shes basically what Buffett would call an undervalued stock. Shes probably more celibate than the average girl. I would consider her (as a highvalue man to be), I especially like her honesty.

    Secondly you keep looking down on other races. Do you realize that diversity is actually a strength?
    And that germans are not the ” “ubermensch” when they are beaten by blacks
    This is all backed by science, i hope you can appreciate facts over opinions.

    [Admin edit: User name changed for clarity]

    1. She’s doing porn now. How’s that for “being more celibate than the average girl”.

    2. Diversity a strength? Everytime a large group of blacks or arabs move into a area it turns from nice and peaceful into a criminal shithole. I moved twice because of this. Now i live in a family home in a more expensive area. Not because i need a big house like this. Just so i can have some peace. I dont even use half the house. But it’s the only way i dont have to deal with all the diversity bs.

    3. Welll thats unexpected. Thanks for the recommendation though Im on 1 month nofap currently. I do apreciate it though, since I exclusively watch porn of exotic white women.
      I dont get why you need to be so condescending about this though. As far as I know theres no correlation between promiscuity and being a pornstar. Its just work. She could still be lesspromiscuous than the average girl.
      I have noticed it too on the article about blonde of the belly in the beast. Though I dont agree with her politics I dont agree with your assertion that shes hitting a wall. You almost sound like a misogynist. Both these women have beautiful golden hair, eyes the color of blue gemstones and snowwhite skin. So they are very attractive and I dont get your negativity. They should have bright futures ahead, even if Kendra is a pornstar.
      Im no hypocrite. I enjoy a dose of porn now and then so I commit myself to marrying a pornstar if I have to because its the right thing to do. I dont just talk the talk, I walk the walk. Maybe Ill house a refugee girl eventually and fall in love, though right now is not a good time yet because I still live with my parents.

    4. You really crack me up. Go marry an ex-porn star and share your welfare check with her and a bunch of refugees you take in.

    5. I’m finding it harder and harder to believe Jon is anything else than someone parodying extreme, retarded SJW talking points.

    6. ben, it hurts my heart to know that you have had bad experiences with bad apples from other races and because of that became right-wing. I wish I was there to stop it. But it seems Aaron has radicalized too, and I was too late to stop both your radicalizations. I guess it likely has to do with youtube seeing his blogroll with PJW and BPS
      Heres a story how youtube is radicalizing ppl to right-wing extremism.
      you guys are probably not inherently evil nazis, just victims of racist algorithms (nazi – lite)
      But please know that every race has bad apples, and you just had bad luck.
      I dont know how to help you, my first advice is for you to move to Poland, so you can live in a right-wing utopia and be happy that way. My second advice, though I have mentioned this before, if theres even a sliver of hope left in you to move back from extremism, is to read the following book from which I hope the science will convince you
      Since you are Dutch you can also read these free articles
      why we should give everybody free money
      why we should open our borders
      Im aware that utopia is hard to reach but we should try to get there as close as possible and the ideas in that book are a great start.

      btw aaron, why would I live on welfare with refugees and I didnt say I would marry an ex-pornstar, just that I dont like to be a hypocrite. I dont judge women in porn, and I watch porn. Is anybody here that judges pornstars on abstinence from porn? If not, then you both have your cake and eat it too, which is hypocrite. you would both be supporting porn and judging the ppl who create it.
      Im not gonna search for a pornstar on purpose, just that if I come across a woman I like, I wont judge her while being a hypocrite.

      As for ppl who have suggested Im a troll. Sorry, nope. Please dont lump me in with extreme left-wing either. You guys have moved so far to an extreme that every opinion you disagree with becomes a troll. No, Im a moderate liberal, though I must admit I may have said something extreme I did not mean in the past because I got triggered by something extreme that was said and overreacted.
      Im simply a moderate who wishes for everybody to talk to eachother and live in peace. If I can save even one person, like ben, from fascism then all this effort will not be for nothing. Thats why I usually post links with my posts. Its to back up my opinions (facts really) with scientific research, to be more persuasive.

    7. ” save even one person, like ben, from fascism”
      I’m curious to know what you believe fascism is.

      Here’s some help from wikipedia:
      “Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties. Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party—to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation. Fascists advocate a mixed economy, with the principal goal of achieving autarky through protectionist and interventionist economic policies.”

      Which points here do you have a problem with? And don’t start talking about racism.

    8. Jon free money doesn’t exist. Somebody has to work to give the money value. I believe in fair work for fair wages. And small government that serves the native people. That’s not fascism.

  2. She’s a porn (star) now. Her parents should have slapped the hell out of her when she was busted. Instead they given her approval. And her parents will probably have to step in financially when she’s done with porn. Most likely she will spent all the money she earns now. I saw a movie of her and noticed her looks are already going down. She’s just 21 or 22 and her looks already dropped a point since she was 19. I give her 4 or 5 years before she’s finished in the porn industry. After that she can sell herself on the streets or run back to mom and dad for money.

    1. Isn’t the average career length for women in porn just a couple of years? The median is likely to be far lower than the mean, so she may just have a career of a year or so ahead of her.

    2. The porn industry is saturated with women.
      Amateur porn is now living its renaissance thanks to paying per download sites and your mobile phones recording in 4K.
      There will be no big names anymore like Pamela Anderson or Jenna Jameson.
      Sluts will come and go for a quick buck.
      Some of them just do 4-5 videos then immediately start working as escorts.
      Once I visited a cam website and what I saw was quite amusing:
      A woman was riding a dildo which only vibrated when a donation was received. Hillarious.

    3. “A woman was riding a dildo which only vibrated when a donation was received. Hillarious.”
      There’s a video of Lana Rain “cumming” after receiving dozens and dozens of donations. (Her dildo worked the same way as the one you describe).

  3. Come on, she can still become a bona fide star! I mean, very, very few pornstars achieve a level of fame and earnings that guarantee success after retirement (Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey), but she could still do it, right? Right?

    OTOH, money tends to run out if left on its own, so even if one girl makes some real cash in porn, she needs to use it smartly. I won’t blame anyone if they assume most pornstars are unable to do that, especially after reading interviews like this.

    One caveat though: sex work in the US certainly carries enough stigma to prevent girls from getting a quality guy, but depending on the case, I’ve heard a few stories of European ex-pornstars marrying millionaires. It’s debatable whether “quality guy” should be equated to “rich guy”, but some of them sure do love them trophy wives.

    1. I once watched a video of sasha grey deep throating a cock so much she nearly puked.

      it was tame compared to what I expect from porn nowadays. good luck, ladies. maybe if you disembowel yourselves with a dragon dildo to reveal a bomb so you can suicide blast a feminist convention, I might actually pay money to see that.

    2. “I mean, very, very few pornstars achieve a level of fame and earnings that guarantee success after retirement (Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey), but she could still do it, right? Right?”

      Considering her history of hilariously bad decision making, she’s probably gonna be dead of a drug overdose within a year or two. Or she’ll end up in diapers after taking too many cocks up the ass.

    3. I’ve heard a few stories of European ex-pornstars marrying millionaires. It’s debatable whether “quality guy” should be equated to “rich guy”, but some of them sure do love them trophy wives.

      For her that is a prize catch though. If she didn’t do porn she would have netted a poor idiot, after doing porn she netted a rich idiot.

      Overall, she did better.

  4. Refugee girl? There are no refugee girls travelling alone. 97% are not refugees. They are economic migrants. And almost all of them are men of military fighting age. Even 66% of the (child refugees) turn out to be adult men. There aren’t much women amongst them. If a woman would travel alone amongst them. She would be raped to death. And if you think a islamic girl would go live with you. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Thats not allowed in islam. On one hand you defend islamic migrants. And the other porn stars. If it were up to muslims they would stone them to death. And somehow you have a problem with guys that aren’t interested in them. But importing millions of men who want to stone them seems like a great idea. ???

  5. Jon wy do you troll a website like this? What’s the point? Nobody is impressed here. We all heard this liberal bs a million times. Nobody here will get upset about it. Or take it serious. So what’s the point? Do you jerk off when we laugh at you? Do you like to be humiliated? Or are you lonely and cant find anyone that wants to talk to you? It seems so pointless to me. If you really just want to troll there would be much better places to do it. Nobody here really gives a dam.

  6. From As Good As It Gets:

    Receptionist: How do you write women so well?

    Melvin Udall: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

  7. You know, this chick could possibly have made a “career” as one of those Instagram babes. I don’t know the exact behind-the-scenes goings on for Instagram posts – all I do see are these ditzy American chicks becoming “famous”…leading to Playboy or Maxim covers…

    For example, this Instagram “star” is on the August cover for Maxim:

    I have no idea who this “model” is, but apparently she’s famous enough to be written about whether she got implants or not!


    1. Many times those “Instagram stars” are nothing but glorified escorts. Same with many Playboy models. Fuck, I can bet that many tv “actresses” on my country whore themselves, literally, on a thin veiled way, some of them have official Facebook/Twitter accounts where you can book “private photo sessions” or “private shows” with them. It wouldn’t be suspicious at all if it wasn’t that one of this sluts seems to like a lot to expose her pubic hair on “independent films”.

  8. “I don’t think it’s fair for people to judge me based on one thing I did. ”

    Reminds me of the old joke:
    “See that bridge over there? I built that bridge. But the don’t call me ‘Bil the bridge-builder’. See that town hall over there? I designed most of that. But they don’t call me ‘Bill the architect’. See these fields here? I plowed and sowed all of em. But the don’t cal me ‘Bill the farmer’. But I’ll tell you: you fuck *one* goat … “

    1. Ahmed and his friends aren’t known for their engineering prowess, with the exception of libshit fantasies in which low IQ goatherders from the third world morph into “doctors and engineers”.

  9. Speaking about attention whoring women, I know you guys covered people like Blonde beast who is trying to milk the alt right, but what are your guys thoughts on “traditional conservative” women like Britanny Pettibone? She was trying to make a name for herself in the alt right movement:


    But was called out:


    And she was caught sleeping with two guys, on “alternative media” and went on the defensive because of it:


    “there are more and new rumors about her alleged sexual affairs. I would hate to burst someone’s bubble about Brittany Pettibone. The integrity and virtue of Brittany Pettibone is in serious question. Even if only half of it turn out to be true. She claims to stand for traditional values and being a traditional Catholic. While her actions of lately have been very questionable.

    Kyle Chapman (Based Stickman) yesterday’s news by now? Apparently the latest “love” interest (“friend”) is journalist Tim Pool.
    It began with them “sharing hotel room” in Paris some time ago for a number of nights. Which can be veryfied by photos and videos published by themselfs and others online. More recently the two have spent extensive alone time (almost 24/7) together in New York. However this time around they have spent considerable effort to hide their affair from the public eye. They haven’t been completely successful.

    The couple have been seen in and outside his flat around Union City area in New Jersey as well as at a few other places in and around the New York area. At least that’s what I’ve been told by mutual friends. Their relationship is clearly far more then just a strictly professional one. They currently “share accommodation” at the Bilderberg event, before returning to NY in a few days.
    I honestly don’t know any traditional Catholic girl that shares bedroom with any random average male to this degree.

    It’s simply unheard of. In the long run this also falls back on the integrity and reliability of Tim Pool as a independent journalist. This clearly shows that he had ulterior motives for interviewing her frequently lately and in other ways promoting her. Apparently also being classless towards her by also talking about her behind her back to friends in a very derogatory manner. It’s all very sordid details.”

    This girl seems to be an EXCELLENT example of the modern degenerate Western female at work, she is trying to dupe and milk the online alternative right/light for attention and money and is somewhat successful because of all the thirsty guys online showering her with attention. Now she is going around sleeping with an ex-convict who has a non-white wife, and a hapa mixed race journalist, which completely goes against her support for the “white western civilization”, which she constantly raves about in her interviews.

    What are your guys take on this?

    1. I’m not going to stick my neck out for the virtues of the Brittany Pettibones or Lauren Southerns, but as a side comment, I’m going to say that we shouldn’t get crazy about virtue. I mean, a few years ago I kind of snapped out of religiosity and into atheism (which means believing in celestial almighties or spiritual beings just feels unnatural to me now), and slowly I moved away from Catholic dogma.

      I don’t feel like going full circle is the way to go. Sure, I agree with the general consensus here that a high number of partners for a woman correlates with recklessness and even personality disorders, but I feel like some guys in the “manosphere” go way beyond that and start worshipping female virginity like a good altar boy would do. Just no.

  10. With women like Kendra, you have to wonder if they are definitely playing “ditzy blonde” or if they really are that dense. Her comments in the interview read like someone who has had a lot of concussions.
    Kendra is pretty attractive and so her options can include cam work, porn, stripping, sugar babying, or escorting. Given that porn and cam work don’t pay all that well, most women do a mixture of three or all four. Obviously, most of these options are short term, so her best bet is to not do blow, bank her money and start auditioning as a trophy wife. I am not optimistic that she would do that well in accounting or HR.

    While I think everyone is allowed to have a past, if your past includes a lot of sex work and a triple digit partner count, one might be permitted to be skeptical on your suitability for a long term relationship.

    1. Well, after her library stunt, she made a website for sugar babying, focused on (you guess right) broke college girls.

  11. I like her porn vids. Seems that being a cum dumpster is the only thing she does good.

    Too bad it won’t last, all whores hit the wall, it’s fate.

    1. Whores hit the wall a lot sooner, too. She can call herself lucky if she makes it to 25.

  12. 2019 – Kendra is now a stripper and a prostitute. She is also shooting her own crappy porn now and then. She is spending all of her money on drugs and behaves like a spoiled brat all the time. Her beauty is fading quickly. Its sad really… The article is right: she is fucked.

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