Now we got black female nazis in WWII and no swastikas

If you thought adding black dudes to Tolkien’s fantasy world was bad enough, you’re in for a treat: the studio behind Call of Duty has been working on a game set in World War II. In the name of inclusivity, they added black female nazis to the game. Hey jerkos, how about letting me play as my favorite tatted up pornstar instead? That would be about as realistic. On the other hand, black female nazis would make for a nice attempt at revisionist history. Who knows, maybe the nazis lost the war because all the black nazi women at the front thought, “Fightin’? Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”, just like that lady here:

5 thoughts on “Now we got black female nazis in WWII and no swastikas

    1. The premise of that movie is ludicrous. On a related note, if you want to laugh, look up the various “space programs” of the African countries on YouTube. Here’s one:

      Some of those videos made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair.

  1. So, in order to be inclusive, you can be black, a woman, and a Nazi in that game? Odds are pretty good that this would make for an incredibly conflicted character.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a status attributed called “Jew” as well, just to make sure they got all their bases covered.

    2. This brings to mind the Rick & Morty season 1 finale, theres a character named Abradolf Lincler – result of mixing the dna of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. He has a hard time figuring out what he is for or against ?

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