Dating in high school, college, and beyond

Note: this is an article I wrote several years ago, which I just unearthed on my hard drive. I made some minor edits before publishing it. The final two paragraphs are new, though.

I’ve written about the problems of women who think that 30 is the new 20, and the rather uncomfortable position they are maneuvering themselves into. In this article, though, I want to discuss the situation of men. It is often the case that guys regret not having gotten much action in high school and college. I want to make the point that you may want to consider yourself lucky if that happened to you.

Let’s start with your teenage years. In high school the average guy is super-horny. Sadly, fate is not kind to most guys. The most likely outcome is that they only fuck the few hot girls in class in their dreams. Not all girls may be sexually active, but plenty are sluts-in-training and already get their first lessons in taking dick. It’s just not a lesson geeks will teach them. Instead, those girls pay attention to a small number of guys, and they don’t mind if they are one or two years older.

In my high school it was about a handful guys who got all the pussy, and they viewed it as a badge of honor. To add a personal anecdote: One of those guys used to hang out with me on occasion because he wasn’t that great in maths and sure appreciated that I let him copy my homework. Needless to say, this was somewhat one-dimensional exchange, but it made me somewhat more popular than some of the other geeks. We weren’t graded on a curve, so there was a big gap between my A+ and the rest of the pack. Anyway, through those exchanges I learnt that he and his buddies were betting on who would pop the cherry of which girl. I guess this was all good friendly competition.

He and his bros probably took the virginity of almost all the young sluts in school; the more conservative girls avoided them, though. Those guys were drowning in pussy, and I hope they enjoyed the ride. I bumped into one of them accidentally on a recent trip to my hometown. Man, was he washed up! I also heard about one of his buddies who managed to knock up one girl, married her, got a lot of drama, and now that she’s divorced him and he never managed to establish himself professionally, he’s the one who’s getting fucked — by the legal system, that is. Another young stud developed a serious alcohol problem.

I’m not saying that this is the curse of every guy who is popular with the girls in his teens, but there is a certain risk that if girls show you a lot of attention early on, you may neglect other aspects in your life. The risk is certainly higher for guys who are not particularly smart and who think they need to play the popularity game in high school. Sure, if your family is wealthy, such escapades may not matter all that much as you’ll get a second or a third chance, and ten more after that, but if you’re not that lucky, some poor choices can severely fuck up your life. It’s quite incredible how a few bad choices in one’s formative years — drugs, girls, partying instead of studying — can fuck up a guy’s life beyond repair. Probably many of you know a few such stories from your personal life and if not, in a decade or so you will know plenty.

After high school there is college. If it’s a campus university, then the dynamics won’t be that different from high school. At some schools, the behavior of people certainly is quite similar. Not all girls like to party, and a substantial number of them is actively looking for their future husband instead of another dick to suck dry. Those may be the girls who weren’t so eager to spread their legs back in high school. If you’ve been a geek in K-12, then college may give you a new chance, particularly if you manage to not end up at an insignificant regional university where high school social circles may carry over. Social hierarchies aren’t so strict anymore either, which means that you may be able to carve out a small niche for yourself in which you can set yourself apart from the herd.

What I noticed in college was that the geeks suddenly weren’t so unpopular anymore. Many girls are rather materialistic, and don’t mind reeling in some loser with a Physics degree who might land a plum job. Your earning potential suddenly starts to matter, despite some girls claiming that it doesn’t. Some girls — personal experience — also start honing their cheating skills. I had it happen more than a few times that a girl who let me know early on that she was in a relationship invited me for coffee or tea at her place so that we could “compare lecture notes”. I wish I would make this up. Back then I just wasn’t all that interested in girls, and seeing that many are such whores didn’t make me any more interested in them. One girl I asked whether her boyfriend liked the idea of me hanging out at her place. This made her uncomfortable, so she buggered off (good riddance!).

Some other chick told me about her boyfriend who was about to graduate with a STEM degree and who had done internships at banks, and just landed a lucrative job offer. I asked her how much his degree or future profession influenced her decision to be in a relationship with him, and she got defensive, telling me that this wasn’t about money at all — because when she met him, which was the year before, he didn’t have a job offer yet. (But note that this whore got touchy-feely in the lecture hall with me.) This taught me a lot about how women think, and it left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.

My experiences with women were fairly negative, and it took me a long time to come to grips with the fact that it’s not me, it’s them. There are simply too many worthless Western whores out there. If your choice is between not getting laid, or getting laid with such despicable women, you’re better off as an “incel”. One Western woman almost took me down, and I’m glad I survived that one unscathed. Friends and acquaintances of mine weren’t quite so lucky. In any case, if you make it all the way through college without getting your life wrecked by a Western whore, you are in an excellent position for the rest of your life. Maybe you’ll learn that you don’t need women in your life, as you never had many to begin with. Happily leading a MGTOW life is certainly a valid option, considering that the dating market seems to consist of mainly damaged goods. You’re much better off being alone and happy than being trapped in an unhappy relationship. There are some absolutely amazing women out there, like my angel, but boy is it difficult to find them!

Maybe you’ll learn from the mistakes of your friends, or those guys you used to admire because they got laid a lot — plenty of them learnt the hard way that it’s not a smart idea to stick your dick in crazy. As a consequence, you’ll learn that women are dangerous, and the wrong one can fuck up your life in ways you can’t even imagine. By learning from observation, though, you may then come to the conclusion that if you want to get involved with women, you better be very selective. Oh, and if you just want to get your dick wet, you’re probably better off just paying for hookers. Yes, I know it’s ironic that I make that statement. If you just want to get laid, then do it with a woman who is honest enough to call herself a whore instead of all the Western whores who claim that they are “not like one of those girls”.

8 thoughts on “Dating in high school, college, and beyond

  1. Nicely written piece sleazy. Scary thing is that despite time’s passage, what you wrote back then still holds true.

    Funny what you say about being alone but happy. People put stock into equating happiness with “in a relationship “. There are times when I feel and think, “boy it sucks to be single “, despite having way more disposable income, no needless drama or any loss of “mojo” that comes with being married (or in a bad soul sucking relationship). I guess it’s biological programming to want something that is financially and emotionally costly/destructive (i.e. Having a girlfriend/partner).

    Female nature…the parable of the scorpion and the turtle comes to mind…

    (that said, I hope your lady truly is a keeper!)

  2. “One Western woman almost took me down, and I’m glad I survived that one unscathed. ”
    a) care to elaborate
    b) I can one up you on that one: 1) one almost pregnancy 2) one spread rumors after we (read: I) broke up that I was abusive. I wasn’t and she was crazy. But a lot of common “friends” believed her. Difficult times.

    That kinda opened my eyes to the nature of a lot of women which I didn’t want to believe back then. I think you and I have that in common.

    1. Not for now.

      I think every guy who has been with a few women has that in common with us.

    2. Pretty much every guy has a story or three about the time he took home crazy unless the guy doesn’t date. As you get older, hopefully you get better at screening them.

  3. The tone of the last 2 paragraphs certainly stood out from the rest. What with the mention of the term “Western whore”. You’ve never been what they call “lighthearted” in writing but there’s a slight shift.

  4. Sounds like the story of my life in high school. And college. With the added factor that I often ended up in friendships with girls (ok, lets be honest, mostly orbiting. but a couple times it turned to actual friendship).

    A few years ago, at high school reunion party, I did notice a couple of the once popular guys were not doing so well. One of them actually came dressed like a hippie and possibly under the influence of something. And still “finding his way” in life… you know, a decade after graduating high school.

    What struck me even more is how few of the girls I desperately lusted after as a teenager is still desirable at all.

  5. MGTOW define their lives however the fuck they want to. Enlightnement? Hobbies? Yourself? Fun?

    Normies and blue pilled people define their lives by their relationships, their jobs, their goals, their dreams etc.

    All that shit is irrevelant. You only need yourself to be happy. The real world is when you want to go out, have some fun and fuck around but if you place your happiness outside then you will never have it. Reaching a goal only means you will have another goal/dream after that never to be satisfied. Fuck all that noise and just be at peace, breathing is so fucking good.

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