Swedish tech startup refuses to hire white men

I’ve previously written about the absurdities in the tech sector, but it seems that things are getting worse. I’ve also made fun of Sweden plenty of times. It’s not as if diversity hires and enforced gender quotas at conferences (or else!) are bad enough, or as if Sweden wasn’t wrecked enough yet. No, a small Swedish startup thinks that the tech sector is not progressive enough. The picture below shows part of a recruitment poster, which one of my readers came across at a Swedish technical university recently.

They want to hire, but they don’t want to hire white men. But, hey, it’s not discrimination if white men are affected. If you contact them and call them out on their bullshit, they’ll probably claim that is was just a joke. One of the co-founders is a white woman, by the way.

Can you imagine the outcry that would result if a startup indicated they don’t want to hire women and minorities?

3 thoughts on “Swedish tech startup refuses to hire white men

  1. there’s always a double standard with shit like this. but he good luck to them. all the companies who did this went out off bisness in no time. that’s the funny part feminist never talk about. every all women company went bankrupt. not one was a success. and the companies with female’s running it aren’t doing great either. i rather see them try there own thing then screw up the life’s work from somebody else. but naturally when it fails it’s still the fault of white men somehow.

  2. This face is a very popular meme called “kappa“ and it basically means trolls, I doubt that they mean all white males with this.

    1. That’s interesting; thanks for pointing this out! I did a bit of research on “kappa”. As it turned out, that meme peaked in 2014, and interest has declined dramatically since then:
      At the very least, this meme establishes plausible deniability for anti-white male discrimination. (Is is plausible to assume that a female “kappa” could have emerged? I’d say it is not.)

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