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SJWs wreck tech: conference cancelled due to male hegemony

Ruining politics wasn’t enough for SJWs. Now they try to undermine the tech sector as well. True, calls for more womyn in STEM have been around for many years. Equality of opportunity is out. Equality of outcome, co-called “equity” is in. A recent casualty is a conference that was planned by Github, a US tech company. Github had scheduled a conference and invited speakers on yet another framework for software development. From what I gather, the conference was structured like academic ones, if not in terms of intellectual quality, then at least in methodology: you submit a paper or an abstract, some reviewers, whose identity you don’t know, evaluate your submission, and if a bunch of them thinks your work is up to par, you can come present on stage.

In principle, this is well and good. However, the problem was that all selected submissions were from men. This is not at all implausible, considering that men are overrepresented in STEM. Heck, if I had as many plan B’s as women do, I’d be rather tempted to take them too. Think about it: put yourself through a grueling technical degree that is considered “uncool” by women you’d like to fuck, until they realize that you may one day be able to earn a living. If you were a woman and had the alternative of doing a bit of cardio to stay in shape and ride dicks until you meet Mr. I-make-six-figures-straight-outta-college, you’d probably at least consider it. Of course, it is also true that STEM subjects require higher than average intelligence, and that’s also an area where men are overrepresented. I know, it’s a pesky “hate fact”.

So, what do you do if your tech company is infested by SJWs and you just can’t stomach the fact that your merit-based selection process couldn’t identify a single woman or a member of a minority other than Asian, or someone who identifies as “non-binary”? That’ easy, you just cancel the entire thing. I quote from a post that has since then, of course, been removed from Reddit, but which was saved on the Internet Archive:

Recently [Github] put out a call for speakers for a technical conference about some programming framework that they’ve set up. After the blind review process, the speakers were selected and published. So far, so good. Then one woman notices that all of the speakers are men. She posts about this on Twitter. The conference organisers respond by cancelling the conference, stating that the speaker list “does not reflect the standards to which we hold ourselves.” and that they are “postponing this event until we can deliver a more diverse slate of speakers”. So those speakers who were selected based purely on their merits? Not enough diversity.

I’ve touched upon the issue of the West being in a downward spiral. This is yet another symptom. What do you think will happen if we let identity politics fully take over the gatekeeper role? To a significant degree this is already happening. Many multi-national companies actively seek “diversity hires” for political reasons, meaning that the bar for them is significantly lower than for high-performing whites and Asians. It’s the same with university admissions. I think I mentioned this before, but anyway, I know a guy who used to be involved with admissions to the Computer Science PhD program at one of the planet’s top universities and he sheepishly acknowledged that standards for women are a lot lower. Of course, this came with the usual justifications.

Unlike what the retarded left thinks, however, there are differences in abilities among humans. Just extrapolate a few decades into the future. In the West, we’ll have sub-par women and minorities occupying positions of power, severely undermining our ability to compete on a global scale. Chinese elites surely will have a good laugh while they eat our lunch.

10 thoughts on “SJWs wreck tech: conference cancelled due to male hegemony

  1. This is very true. I work in the tech industry as a dev, having left maths teaching. I did a bootcamp, and they had a lot of diversity thinking and aims to get more women into the course and thus into tech sector. Although to their credit, they did choose the majority of women who were fairly intelligent.

    But when it came to applying for jobs, I was met by a lot of rejections where women were given preferential treatment and opportunities for interviews. When hearing from said women, they were told that they were actively hiring women rather than men. This was really bad as I knew the women who got hired ahead of me or others and they were lacking totally in the skills desired for developer jobs. Yet most of these jobs are hiring people to do very simple roles (or customer facing roles essentially a business analysis) or doing simple shit.

    Github is like a developer’s CV and portfolio, and is one the best ways to share open source tech. To stop a conference just for lack of male speakers is an outrage, but nothing surprises. As many meetups that involve female representation or talk about lack of female diversity in tech and the main topic in these meetups is about ‘how it feels to be a woman in tech’ or ‘how to get more women in tech’ etc instead of tech specific topics to improve their own technical skills.

    Companies which have this ‘women first’ hiring aim, will eventually fold or start to hire or rely on the hard workers to compensate for these lack of skilled female workers. Which will lead to these real ‘tech workers’ to leave for better companies(home or abroad), or suck it up for higher pay which they will threaten the company with leaving. If the company wishes to let all the best developers leave and rely on the already working software and have weak ass devs maintain it there will be a lot of crap happening and loss of business

    1. A lot of quality male engineers will have to leave for better companies abroad. I don’t think US companies are preferring female workers because they are ran by SJW idiots but rather because they want to protect themselves from lawsuits. There is a 4/5 rule which can be used to sue companies for Adverse Impact in case they don’t hire sufficient number of female candidates. There are probably even more pathways for litigation. The discrimination laws went from common sense(preferring less intelligent/qualified male is discrimination) to absolute stupidity(you have to hire certain percent of females, depending on male selection ratio, no matter what).

  2. I don’t if you’ve heard of him but there was a similar incident with Curtis Yarvin a while back:
    Yarvin used to have a blog which launched the whole neoreactionary movement but in his “real job” is also working on Urbit, one of the most interesting things online now IMO. He did not attend LambdaConf in the end due to SJW meddling. If you actually read his posts just on he actually expresses compassion on a level SJW’s cannot understand — 70IQ Malik has brains adapted to life in an African tribe, why would you want to force him into a tech job?

  3. Years ago while in grad school, I worked as a Teacher’s assistant (TA). My university had a fair number of aboriginal students. A fellow (TA) taught an intro course in programming. Two aboriginal students in the class stopped showing up half way through the class. The TA failed them at the end of the term and promptly lost his job. The one student showed up in the class I was assisting in the next term, and I recognized him and let the professor grade his work. It was only a business degree, so waving everyone through is not that a big deal, but I would be pretty nervous if the same thing happened in medicine.

    1. already happening in medicine. if you need a operation you’ll better ask for the white male. otherwise you’ll never know if the doctor got her position because she was top off her class or just because she’s a woman or has dark skin.

    2. if you need an operation, you better make sure you google any females involved, one of them might have been up on charges but the white knight judge let her off because he didn’t want to “sabotage her career.”

      your life matters less than her social status.

  4. How can there be a dearth of women in tech? After all, Ada Lovelance is the founder/creator of coding!!!! Damn patriarchy, damn those men for yet again usurping women’s accomplishment and taking it for themselves!

    There’s even a documentary about Ada Lovelace per this trailer:

    1. Indeed! According to feminists, Ada Lovelace was the first programmer ever. In reality, she was nothing but a hack who did not in the least grasp what Babbage’s hypothesized Analytical Machine was useful for.

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