“Miles4Migrants” is a criminal conspiracy

I recently came across a genuinely evil organisation that is run, of course, by regressive leftists: Miles4Migrants. They are very attractive for “slacktivists”, as it allows them to virtue signal like mad for doing very little. The purpose of Miles4Migrants is to bring the rabble of the third world into the West. You can donate the miles you accrued, but of course you can also donate cash. Then, they fly in Africans and Middle Easterners. This is people smuggling or, in this case, migrant smuggling. If the West still enforced the rule of law, everyone involved with Miles4Migrants, in whatever way, would get prosecuted and put into jail. Alas, laws are so 1960s.

What ticks me off in particular is the self-congratulatory attitude of this organization, boasting how much they achieve with very little money: “Here, look at us, we spend fifty bucks and get a new human being for the West!” Fucking morons! They feel good about all the alleged good they commit. Their supporters make me puke. Here is one of those imbeciles on Reddit:

I donated ~50K Avios to Miles4Migrants a few months ago. That donation was able to fly 5 people into the UK, reuniting 3 families. Total cash value was something like $2500, or roughly 5 cpp. Not bad at all for one signup bonus!
I highly encourage people to donate!

I highly encourage this asshole to jump off a bridge.

Look at this: You have some self-righteous lefty who donated some miles and got five useless eaters into the UK. That’s really something to be proud of! Based on experience, we know that they are highly unlikely to contribute to society in a positive way, so what do we get? Five people who are likely to need support in one way or another until they die. That would be bad enough, but you can full well expect them to procreate at a faster rate than the already rapidly dwindling number of natives.

This is the problem with lefties: they feel good about all their virtue signalling and, oh boy, can they feel proud about “reuniting” some muzzy family in the UK who will then proceed to pump out some more babies. The person who has donated miles isn’t going to pay for it. No, society will instead. The net consequence will be lowered GDP, lowered GDP/capita, increased crime rate, increased rate of acts of terrorism, declining educational standards, declining safety, lowered standard of living, i.e. all the crap that has been going on in the West since the 1970s. Great job, shitheads! Really great job.

Am I too negative? No, absolutely not. Employers falls over themselves when it comes to hiring “minorities”. If any of those people who were smuggled into the West had any marketable skills whatsoever, they would be able to get a gig in the West. Companies would willingly fly them in for interviews and readily offer them jobs — if it could be justified in any way. They would then parade those third worlders around, bullshitting that they are “world class” in their field.

It would be very easy to get illegal migration to zero. Here’s how: require every lefty who has such a big heart that he wants to share his country with the third world, no matter what the rest of society may think about it, to personally pay for the cost such people cause. Let’s assume that dipshit above wouldn’t get off with just donating miles, but would have to personally pay welfare benefits, cover medical costs, and also absolutely everything else to the people he was directly responsible for getting smuggled into the UK consume. Let his entire family be responsible for that guy’s actions, too. Make it generational so that the responsibility could never be discharged! (That’s also how you could wipe out the drug problem in no time flat: kill every drug dealer and wipe out three generations of his family.)

You may think that my suggestion sounds crazy, but think about it: one generation of useless eaters will produce another generation of useless eaters that it likely to be bigger. The cost is never-ending. So, if you made every dipshit who demands open borders take personal fiscal responsibility for the people he wants to bring in, their enthusiasm would disappear right away. After all, the bill of “reuniting” a muzzy family has the potential to grow exponentially: Let’s say the muzzy that guy’s miles brought in doesn’t want to work. Now Mr. Dipshit is on the hook for welfare payments. Let’s say the muzzy vandalizes a little bit: “Mr. Dipshit, would you please be so kind and take care of this bill?” Then let the muzzy procreate and produce six wholly unproductive children. “How’s it looking now, Mr. Dipshit? Still think that open borders are the best thing since sliced bread? Oh, it seems you are not feeling all that well.”

Well, the West is doomed anyway.

10 thoughts on ““Miles4Migrants” is a criminal conspiracy

    1. The West has been committing white genocide since the 1970s, using the legal definition of genocide as the destruction of an ethnic group.

  1. Canada has lovely open borders. I guess Africans don’t like the sun and want to see what Canadian winter is like since it’s too hot in Africa?

    Likely these migrants will just milk off the Canadian health care system…and other social welfare goodies. Ah, so that’s why they go to UK/Germany/Sweden/Canada.

  2. the official storry is that migrant risk their life crossing the sea. in reality most of them are picked up just a few miles out of the coast of africa. and transported by so called aid organisations on large ships to europe. then they are given everything they need. they are also given a incentive to breed. because if they have a child in europe. they will automatically get citizenship for the hole family and they get extra government aid money for every child they have. at the same time the ethnic population is given the bill for all this generosity. at the same time white girls are being told to wait with having children until they are old, that family life is oppressive, white men are evil and that it is a cool thing to fuck around. specially if you fuck around with people from other races. if you take all this into calculation. yes it’s save to say whites are being wiped out systematically.

    1. You should be able to deduce my stance on the death penalty from the article I wrote. 😉

    2. Pro.
      But it seems you would “use” for different cases than countries currently practicing it. It does not seem to have much of an effect there. At least not on dumb people.
      I would think twice about lighting up a joint in Thailand, because I’m scared. Then again I’d think about it twice here in western Europe, too.
      Dumb people don’t, so they hang.
      I guess that’s a bit your point, too. Eliminate the “intellectually challenged”.
      Correct me if I’m wrong.

    3. On a side note, I am for legalization of weed and then heavily taxing it, but only if employers can use a hair test as eliminatory criteria to not employ. Oh, and of course application for welfare also only if you’re clean.

  3. i already moved two times because the white area i lived in was diversified and turned into a no go zone. every time migrants get the majority in a area they will harass whites and try to enforce their own laws. i simply cant go to some areas because i’ll be greeted by a mob asking what are you doing here, you dont belong here, this is our area, white people are not welcome here. if white people would do the same to them it would be all over the news and they would be charged with a hate crime. but because i’m white i’m not permitted to speak about it or i’ll be labelled a nazi. maybe it would help if a group off people would collectively buy the two houses next to the government officials who push for this and fill it with migrants. it never seems to be their living area that needs to be diversified. they never get to experience the results of their policies.

  4. if a collective would buy the two houses on each side off the houses of the government officials who push for this multi cultural utopia fantasy. fill one with 30 somali migrants and the other with 30 afghani migrants. maybe then they’ll understand the problems people have with this immigration nightmare.

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