Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, does not understand women

A reader recently linked a video of Dilbert creator Scott Adams, watching the one of the presidential debates together with his girlfriend Kristina Basham (link). To me, the video is a PR disaster for Scott Adams, while he presumably thought he could show off how much of a bro he is by putting a video with his girl online.

You don’t have to watch the entire video. Audio is very muted, so it is primarily about the interaction between Scott Adams and Kristina Basham. A screenshot tells the whole tragedy:

Quite frankly, I had no idea that Kristina Basham was famous. It seems I’m really out of the loop and should work on my Instagram skills. Anyway, what do you think went through Scott Adams’ mind when he decided to make this video? I think it was probably this thought: “I’m going to show off my girlfriend to the world!”

The outcome, however, is a disaster. I have not watched the entire video. In fact, I only skipped around a little bit. However, it does not seem that they speak a single word to each other. Instead, Scott Adams is listening eagerly, and Kristina Basham would rather not be there.

There is absolutely no affection between those two. Their body language says it all: Scott Adams is leaning in, but Kristina Basham is turned away. She is not even looking at the screen. Take a look at the screen shot above again! It seems she feels so miserable that she trying hard not to cry. This is what a depressed person looks like. Of course we don’t know the context of this interaction. Maybe Scott Adams told her to not pay for her makeup if she doesn’t pose in front of the camera. It doesn’t matter as in any case he is showing the world that his girlfriend does not like him, at least in that particular instance. If he had some empathy, or just the slightest concern for how people would perceive him, assuming thoughts of that nature even occur to him, he would not have filmed that video.

Scott Adams is known to be a bit of an asshole, and an insecure one at that. Just recall him creating sock puppets that would congratulate him on his “genius-level intelligence”. Now we know that he either does not understand women as he is unable to read non-verbal cues, or he just does not care, and you don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

21 thoughts on “Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, does not understand women

  1. His baldness probably plays a big role. This would be less likely to happen if he was a distinguished old man with a full head of greying hair.

    There are no miracles, women tend to be creeped out by cueballs, unless they look like an orange meathead with a ZZ top beard stereotype.

    Looks are what matters the most when it comes to sexual attraction, and we can see again that neither status, nor money will ever compensate for them.

    1. Dumb generalisation. I have observed the opposite also, good looking guys striking the fuck out cause of insecurities. Security and confidence are defiantly important. A combination of status and the right attitude is unparalleled cause in reality prolonged relationships/ actual attraction are more complicated that just finding each other attractive. Can you honestly say you’ve never been with a girl thats hot but you’d rather fucking die than hear her talk

    2. Reading that comment while i was sitting at the train station and looking at a poster of the new “baywatch” movie with Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson…he disproves everything you wrote.

    3. ryry do you have reading comprehension issues? He was very specific. He said “sexual attraction”. He didn’t say “the only factor that determines all forms of attraction and interest”.

      Take your example of the hot chick you can’t stand to listen to. Sure you want to get away but you’re still sexually attracted. Don’t confuse attraction vs interest and long-term vs short-term attraction. He was very specific, he wrote *sexual* attraction. Not personal or romantic.

    1. @Alek Novy

      I disagree, the guy is pictured obviously not good looking but to go as far to say every guy who is bald/is short/whatever other undesirable trait is bad looking there is sexually unattractive is a bit of a fucking vague generalisation. Wether people like it or not a combination of assets will determine short term sexual attraction in accordance to predisposition to personal preference. Also with chicks I’m sure you would agree, you need to have not be confident even for short term things or they’ll jump ship, you’d be surprised how many good looking guys bitch escalating and loose the girl, a younger version of myself has been in the same boat.

      Finally no I have turned down chicks (on a short term basis) whom I found psychically attractive because they were retards. I would still argue even short term attraction is more about attitude than most people give it credit for, but hey maybe I’m the only one who holds these views.

    2. but to go as far to say every guy who is bald/is short/whatever other undesirable trait is bad looking there is sexually unattractive is a bit of a fucking vague generalisation.

      Except he never said that. You do realize that the comment you’re distorting is right above for everyone to see? How do you read words that are not written on a screen?

  2. I enjoyed Adam’s comic strip, but lost a fair bit of respect when I read his books where he goes on about the power of affirmations, politics and his own business ideas. Generally, I think he is not helping his brand when he garners attention to himself by routinely giving his opinions on current events and US politics. Also, he does come across as a pretty weird guy.

    Having an Instagram model girlfriend does not do much for you if she shows up with you in youtube videos acting like she would rather be having a root canal than hanging out with you. There are a couple of videos of them together and either she is incredibly reserved and private, or she is not exactly crazy in love with her boyfriend. In light of the fact that she works as a bikini model, it seems unlikely she is that shy. Scott is sitting on a net worth of around $75 million, so that might help in explaining this odd pairing.

  3. Adams is 60. Basham is 29. Well into the “creepy” zone: (age-7)*2 or age/2+7. She ought to be 37 at least, or he 44 at most.

    She’s uncomfortable because everyone watching knows that she’s whoring herself out to a rich old man.

    1. and women would also apply this rule when considering fucking George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe etc… you get the picture I’m sure

      TL/DR: nothing wrong with older, cool, confident guys banging young women

  4. Well you cannot write or use your brain.
    Scott understands enough to have a beautiful and talented young women as a girlfriend, and prior to that a wife presumably. and you should know by now he studied hypnotism which is ALL about reading non verbal cues. But the screen shot!
    The video was about reacting to the debates with viewers as and when anything interesting happened, was not an entertainment piece.

    That screenshot of you on the toilet: you look very unhappy, probably because you are incontinent.

    1. Are we now hurling insults around like in a kindergarten for shitlib brats?

      According to Scott Adams’ sock puppets (are you one, too?), he’s also a “certified genius”. That doesn’t keep him from making moronic mistakes. Here’s a question to you: if your claim was true, how come he can’t figure out that his “girlfriend” would rather be anywhere else than sit right next to him? I don’t have a cert in hypnosis, as it’s certified bullshit, so just open your eyes and try to perceive reality unfiltered. It doesn’t take much to read her facial expression.

    2. It says a lot about Mr. Adams that he thinks videos of him watching political debates and making the odd comment are important enough to be put on the web. It also says even more that his girlfriend is in attendance in these videos when her body language suggests she would rather be anywhere else. I think the fact that he refers to himself as a “certified genius” confirms what we are dealing with.

  5. Am I the only one who sees huge red flags all over the place with Mrs. Kristina Basham?
    a) Her Instagram shows her in various stages of undress bar nude.
    b) Her Instagram shows her and pretty much only her. Near to none friends or family and nothing interesting.
    c) She is the “girlfriend” of an older guy presumably for his [s]money[/s] err gentlemanlyness.

    1. To be fair, she is an instagram model after all. If you were using instagram for attention and money, would you care to involve your friends and family?

      That being said, it’s so painfully obvious that she doesn’t like him. A girl that likes you would be clamoring for your attention and would try to get as close as possible. She sits at best a friendly distance away while perfunctorily entertaining his vapid commentary.

    2. Shoving your titties into the camera doesn’t make you a model. If I would shove my manly chest into the camera would that make me a model? Aaron covered this: If you don’t earn your living with modeling you are not a model.

      My point was, this chick has red flag written all over her, but all everyone seems to see is that he’s old and she doesn’t like him. The red flags I listed aren’t the only ones that are there and pretty obvious.

      To be blunt: My opinion is this chick is good for one thing and one thing only: bang her up the poop chute, finish on her face and never call again. And then hope she doesn’t pull the rape card. She’s right up there with all the Instagram models at “tag your sponsor”.

  6. I read Adams book with the title “How to fail at everything and still win big” or something along these lines, i am sure you can find it on Amazon easily. I must say i liked the book – i would recommend it to Aaron, and everyone who fits this description:
    1. you are smart, and not super young (you need to take any advice from any author with a grain of salt, and that comes with life experience, if your are 16, then this book is not for you)
    2. you read more than 2 books a year (otherwise there are better and more important books out there), and you read fast and are ok with skipping sections you realize are not worth reading
    3. you don´t expect genius level wisdom from an author – you are fine with some interesting viewpoints and some food for thought for the price of Kindle-Version
    4. you already have read a couple self help / get successful now – books and are bored by that type of content.

    There is valuable advice and a unique perspective in this book. Because you might expect from someone who gets super rich with drawing comics a perspective like “it is all about talent” – at least in this book, he debunks this, his theory is that talent is actually overrated. Very interesting story how his Dilbert comics became a success.

    So Aaron, you should check it out – you can find probably an epub version somewhere on the net if it bugs you to give Adams more money…

    So of course Adams is not a genius, but he is also not a dumb guy, or a guy who just got lucky.

  7. @ Alek

    “His baldness probably plays a big role. This would be less likely to happen if he was a distinguished old man with a full head of greying hair. There are no miracles, women tend to be creeped out by cueballs, unless they look like an orange meathead with a ZZ top beard stereotype.”

    Through the haze of my impeded comprehension (excuse the exaggeration before for my arguments sake), it appears that he was saying one psychical trait was the defining factor in making Scott less attractive and hence making the girl uncomfortable. I would argue that even i he had grey hair a similar situation would still be present. The resentment/boredom is likely derived from a lack of emotional resonance/understanding from his part also the massive age gap. Simply put she’s digging gold from some old coot. If he has no understanding of women and doesn’t know how to excite her, he’s fucked regardless, she will still see him as a wallet. If he had a good grasp on whats going on he could likley remedy some of the resentment. She would still be a gold digger regardless but it doesn’t have to be so painfully obvious. Understanding of short term are important for even short term attraction IMO, though this can be pushed through by being confident alone.

  8. well i am the man in her life and Scott paid Kristina Basham to pretend to be his girlfriend it took three days to shoot the video and Kristina was very uncomfortable always texting her sister to tell her what a joke this was and how awkward it was she tried to lean back on him and the yo-yo did not even know how to put his arm around her Scott is still jerking off as usual yes a am a older man she doesn’t have a problem with it because older men know how to make a women feel special and can carry an intelligent conversation and they don’t go cheating on their women and a lot of other reasons Kristina Basham was her made up modeling name they created a fake bio everything about her was made up she is just now getting her degrees and she never lived in California she is from and lives in Utah she retired 2016 but management still runs her act that’s the age limit for models 30 she in 31 now

    1. Next time you dream up a story, do at least a few sanity checks! The video was a live recording. How would you shoot that for three days?

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