Could this woman have fooled you?

Do you like Asian women? If so, watch this video and honestly answer the question I’m asking afterwards:

Did you see this coming? (I did not.)

In real life, you would of course have some easy checks at your disposal to figure out whether you’re dealing with a Thai girl or a ladyboy, but that one was pretty convincing. Is anyone of you guys traveling to Thailand on a regular basis? If so, how convincing are the ladyboys?

6 thoughts on “Could this woman have fooled you?

  1. At 3am in the morning when you are totally drunk, yes, it can be hard to tell… otherwise – no not really. Biggest tell is simple: ladyboys have “perfect” styling with lots and lots of makeup, usually with bigger boobs than normal, and taller. So it is usually more like “thai girl meets american hooker” type of styling. Also their body movement is simply more male-like. Now if they have perfect self control, they can act very feminine, but usually that does not last very long.

    Did this ladyboy fooled me? Yes, he was great, but that was an artist performance. I don´t see any kind of problem here for a normal tourist in Thailand, sure there are stories like “lady boy tricked me and i saw his dick in hotel room and then wanted money from me an now i am traumatized for life” – but let´s be real here, with millions of tourists every year of course all kind of crazy shit happens, that´s just statistics with big numbers.

    Thai people are very friendly, nobody likes drama, and the girls and ladyboys look for different customers obviously. So if you simply ask “are you lady or ladyboy, i only like lady, i not like ladyboy” – yes you need simple english here, don´t make complex grammar constructions, hehe… you will get honest answer. You can also tease girls a lot with this “you look so beautiful, you sure you not ladyboy”.

    Before i went the first time to Thailand, i heard all kind of stories like this – but that´s all nonsense. Thailand is a beautiful country worth visiting , it is as safe as a 2nd world country can be, and if a man looks for sex, he will find it easily and cheap – it is not a big deal.

  2. Well, reading the post beforehand makes it a bit boased but I did find him slightly too masculine for a born woman.

    IRL I think it’s more noticeable, but I have seen so many white guys get mistaken by what seemed to me to be very obvious trannies both in Asia and the West so I don’t know.

  3. Honest answer: Yes, I said “tranny” right from the start.

    But I say that for all girls with manly features. I’ve rejected many girls for having hands that are too big/chins too wide etc… I’m into super-feminine features… like super tiny and thin fingers that are only possible for born-females.

  4. The only time you’re at risk is when you get shitface drunk. I would worry more about my walled if you pass out or something.

  5. Damn don’t be so smart after revelation, with some confirming biases. The only suspected scenes was the one with her “cleveage” (early) and her height. Other than that, just a cutie.
    But well, it’s just curiosity post anyway 😀

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