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Dumb Girl ROI: College or boob job?

The other day I was bantering with one of my bros. He told me about one of the girls he is seeing. It was pretty clear that she was only a nice piece of ass to him. Then again, to her he was largely only an alpha cock, with the addition that she somehow deluded herself that she may get him to commit. Getting trapped by an “accidental” pregnancy is no joke, which he knew as well, so he only bangs her with a condom on.

My bro isn’t the ideal target for such a woman, though. He’s tall, in fantastic shape, and has wads of cash. He doesn’t want to have kids. (I dimly recall that he either got a vasectomy or was seriously considering it.) Anyway, talking about this issue in the abstract, because we’re smart bros, we came to some rather entertaining conclusions, which particularly hold for societies in which tertiary education isn’t provided for free and men get raped in divorce court.

Assume a young girl. Let’s say she’s slender and doesn’t have a deformed face. Consequently, she’s automatically an 8. She’s not smart, and not dumb either. We’re not talking about a future female Einstein, but a chick who would make it somewhat through a non-technical degree, which nonetheless would set her back tens of thousands of bucks. Such a bullshit degree wouldn’t make her more employable, albeit Starbucks may prefer baristas with Bachelor’s degrees nowadays.

Instead, simply looking at the numbers, she would be a lot better off skipping college. Gym memberships are cheap, but the toned and slender look can be had for free. She only needs running shoes and a yoga mat. Then, she only needs to find some beta male who is willing to marry her. In fact, by not having gone to Party U, even quality guys may be interested in her because she is less like to have had entire frats running a train on her. Plus: no student loans to pay back! I’d say a woman like that is a pretty decent catch already. After all, what the typical guy wants is someone cute, young, nice, and low-maintenance.

But let’s say the chick above wants to have more men to choose from. A simple way would be to invest in the boob-nose-lip job triple. It will set her back a few thousand bucks, but there will be plenty of men around who go crazy for that look. That approach is more costly than foregoing college and doing cardio, but still provides a much better ROI (return on investment) than college.

You may now wonder where the “return” in ROI comes from. That’s quite simple. In fact, there are a lot of options:

1) She is a good and faithful wife to a well-off guy: hubby’s paycheck
2) She is a shitty wife to a well-off guy: alimony/child support
3) She is a slut and manages to get knocked-up by a well off guy: child support

Those three outcomes differ greatly in happiness and sharply decrease. Girl 1) is easily the happiest of the bunch. That’s besides the point of this article, though, because the main message is that for a regular girl there is very little value in college for the sake of it. If you now want to whine about the educational aspect of college: education is available for free online. Credentialism has been keeping tertiary education afloat. Nowadays you mainly do it for a piece of paper.

7 thoughts on “Dumb Girl ROI: College or boob job?

  1. I would also add the brainwashing that four (holy crap, FOUR!) years of left-wing dogma will definitely wreck a girl…

    So imagine a girl who refrains from a 4-year liberal arts degree (or even a science degree)…she saves four years of her youth, saves money, won’t chop her hair off…and isn’t a pain in the ass from SJW-brainwashing. Assuming she uses her time to work, she actually makes money and isn’t in debt.

    But…per feminists and those writers who keep spouting the “college advantage”, i.e. those with degrees earn more than those without degrees. (Reminds me of that joke – “How do you raise the collective IQ average of those in a room? Have Bill Gates join them!”)

  2. My first year of university, I was at an opening week party and a girl told me she was at university for the same reason as half of the other girls – to get her “Mrs.” degree. I thought it was quite funny at the time. It was only years later I realized she was not really kidding.

    1. These days I wonder if they are getting their “Ms.” degree ie strong independent woman or professional degree (and later complain about the wage gap after taking maternity leave(s).

    2. No kidding

      Many years ago, in college, one very public and outspoken right wing professor (no right leaning, but actually self described right wing!) once told out classroom outright that most of the girls in the room were at college only to look for a suitable husband. He provoked a mild scandal, but no major consequences because he was very entrenched in the university and close to retirement. And he was already known to provoke outrage among student periodically.

      At the time we wrote his comment off as another one of those ramblings he was prone to do. Over the years I found that some of his ramblings, in particular this one, were actually wisdom.

  3. yep i avoid college and uni girls. better off going to the gym. i dont like fake boobs and all. feminist brainwashing is the biggest turn off i can imagine. i dont even pump and dump them anymore. to risky with all the rape culture and yes means yes bullshit. some girls will not think twice before accusing you off rape just because you didn’t call the next day. option 1 would make girls most happy. option 2 is the most popular amongst western women and the most likely to happen when a well off guy is stupid enough to sigh a marriage contract.

  4. personally i only date women from eastern europe. i have lots off them working here in my city. i know the bars where they party in the weekend. or asian women when i’m in thailand. i’m just not interested in western women anymore. i can’t stand the way most off them behave. even the more feminine amongst them are half dude when compared to other women. there are only a few really feminine western women and those are often the most dangerous.

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