Ladies, facials are demeaning!

Following up on my last post, Horny little sluts make for bad girlfriends or wives, I’d like to elaborate a bit on facials. As much fun as it may be to give a slut a facial, it should be pretty clear that it is a rather demeaning act.

The bigger picture is that some PUA morons claim that you should treat girls you just fuck the same way you should treat a fling or a one-night stand. In the case of PUAtards, that may well be true, because in reality they may have neither. Yet, for the sake of the argument, let’s assume they get laid: do with a one-night stand whatever you want, and whatever she is willing to take. On that note, some guy once told me that he sometimes asks his one-night stands whether he can piss on them in the shower. No, it’s not the case that they are all embarrassed or freak out.

Golden showers are not my thing. Yet, it should be perfectly clear that pissing on someone is a highly demeaning act. If you’re into that and your one-night stand willingly goes along, then more power to you. Yet, you would normally draw a line once you dated someone. In all honesty, would you want to have breakfast together with a woman you pissed all over? You’d do that to a woman you couldn’t care less about, but not to your girlfriend or wife.

Facials are not any better. Thus, let me ask a similar question: would you want to have breakfast with a girl you unloaded an epic ten-roper on? Let’s say, for good measure, that she still has some of your cum in her hair. I wouldn’t do it. Then again, maybe I’m old-fashioned, and today’s girls think that facials are normal. The girl I wrote about in my “horny little sluts” post certainly thought so as well. Guess what she asked me after she had wiped my cum off her face? It was, “How about a drink now?”

8 thoughts on “Ladies, facials are demeaning!

  1. While some women have hard boundaries on sexual behavior, the majority seem a bit flexible. It is not so much whether the woman would do “it”, and it is more about whether she would do “it” for you.

  2. I think I’d like being pissed on by a girl i was in a relationship with to be honest. It’s a very intimate act.

  3. Serious question. Is it demeaning when she’s giving you head and let’s you cum in her mouth then swallows?

    1. It’s demeaning to you if she doesn’t.
      If you don’t smoke, than you can safely expect her to swallow.

  4. girls watch the same porn guys do. with the modern western women everything seems to go. personally i noticed that almost all women have some fantasies about a guy dominating her. not only western women. maybe it’s because i’m a little bit more dominant myself then most guys and that’s just the type i attract. but it seems to me it’s just part off female nature. personally i don’t give a dam what i did to them. i just tell them to take a shower if it gets messy. i’m not the type that thinks romantically anyway. the nice responsible girls are just better at hiding their slut side. all women are hookers when it comes down to it anyway. i dont feel more or less discust for them after a face mask. i wouldn’t know about piss, i’m not into that stuff.

  5. it only disgust me when i think what other guys have done with her. when she wants to kiss and i realise how many cocks she probably sucked. yheeaak!

  6. I dont consider it demeaning, and most girls I know dont think of it as demeaning either. Dirty yeah, but willingly getting dirty with someone is hot. Culture changes over time. Once upon a time blowjobs were considered demeaning and wives would not blow their husbands, back then it was something for prostitutes to do.

    Unless you are making out with her right after she blew someone else, it should not be a big deal. Its more important to watch out for signals of poor health or risky sex practices (eg does she want you to fuck her raw on first date?)

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