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Want a sane girl? Psychology research tells you what to look for!

I just came across a recent psychology paper that maps personality disorders and traits. This fits nicely with some of my recent articles, in which I highlighted that traditional women, i.e. non-Western women, make for much better partners. The paper is called Genome-wide analyses for personality traits identify six genomic loci and show correlations with psychiatric disorders by Lo et al. It was published in Nature last year. Unfortunately, it is behind a paywall, but if you’re not affiliated with an academic institution, then maybe some of your friends are, or some of the many hot young girls you’re banging.

Does academia have a term that is roughly equivalent to “money shot”? I don’t think so, but if they had one, it would be appropriate for this figure:

What do we see here? If numbers aren’t your thing, then the big take-away is that “fun” girls who engage in lots of sex with lots of different partners are likely to be bonkers. Academic psychologists call the corresponding trait “openness”. Things don’t look much better if your girl calls you every five minutes to check up on what you’re doing. After all, you could be banging as many girls on the side as she bangs guys. And if you don’t, she gets pissed because in her mind you obviously could. That’s an example of neuroticism.

So, science confirms what we all know: if you want to have a sane girlfriend or wife, pick someone traditional who scores high on conscientiousness.

11 thoughts on “Want a sane girl? Psychology research tells you what to look for!

  1. Came here to share a YouTube on the open thread where the risk of dating crazies is discussed.

    Here’s a crazy personality disordered chick being interviewed. (By Tucker Carlson about breastfeeding).

    The discussion was about avoiding crazy. To me it’s pretty obvious. If she acts like this chick, run away.

    It’s not that guys can’t recognize crazy. They just hope to ignore that a chick is crazy and hit it anyway. We can all recognize a crazy chick within minutes of conversation.

    It’s that some guys are in such scarcity that they’ll go forward anyway.

    1. @ alek novy
      What are some strength standards after 2 years of lifting for bench,deadlift, squat etc.. for a natural to meet the 90% of muscle?

      In so far after 7 months of training I can bench 195 for 3×8, deadlift 325 for 3×8, and squat 250 3×8. I initially weighed a 150 lbs at the start and now 190 lbs at 5’6. I noticed the more weight I gain the stronger I get but the caveat is I have to gain some fat of course.

    2. Dude, this is a poor metric as it depends a lot on your body type and height. A well-trained midget will make a tall guy with long arms look really bad in disciplines like bench press or shoulder press. (It’s basic physics.)

      Also: use the Open Thread for general questions instead of derailing the discussion.

  2. It is nice to see the science backs up common sense observations. Most normal women enjoy sex, but early on I noticed the women that pursued it constantly with different guys were usually “off”. A lot of these same women behaved with the common pattern in relationships. The sex was wild, but when the guy was not around, his phone would start to blow up. When radio silence happened, things got really messed up.

    1. Dennis Prager has a quote on this. I’m paraphrasing.

      “If you look at what comes out of social sciences… a study will either confirm what we all know from common sense, or it will be a bullshit study”.

  3. Aaron you have to see this 🙂
    Stubborn entitlement at it’s best.
    I really like how the guys keep their cool.

  4. Alek Novy. correct but prager u has been pushing some unscientific crap studies them self’s. when it comes to studies about marriage they seem to have no problem leaving stuff out that doesn’t support their case. (Brad wilcox be a man get married) prager u is gynocentric as hell.

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