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About Jordan Peterson’s backpedalling on calling MGTOWs “pathetic weasels”

I criticized Jordan Peterson for calling MGTOWs “pathetic weasels”, and outlined that MGTOW consists of two groups: genuine MGTOWs who realize that the odds are stacked against them. The world is full of shitty women and the court system will eat them alive. There is another group: “Virgin-TOW”. Those are men who seek shelter in the MGTWO community in order to find a justification for their lack of success with women.

Jordan Peterson backpedalled, and publicly stated that he was sorry for his “pathetic weasels” remark:

In this video, he points out that those two groups of men exist within MGTOW. I don’t like his characterization, though. He says that MGTOW has an “undue influence” on Virgin-TOWs. However, you can’t blame the MGTOW movement for that.

To be completely blunt: Peterson himself appeals to some people on the extreme right. Yet, when he gets asked about this, he, um, weasels himself out of answering such questions by saying that he is not political. This is of course a valid defense. However, I am amazed that someone as smart as Peterson does not see that the same applies to MGTOWs. Guys who refrain from seeking relationships with women because they were burnt and barely walked out alive, or are aware that the chance of getting fucked hard and deep in divorce court can’t be blamed when some people show up who think that all of this is great because it allows them to not face their own insufficiencies. If you can’t attract women, you’re by definition a loser. However, if you can attract women and don’t want to bother with them, you may be a wise man. Don’t blame a wise man because some morons misinterpret the reasons behind his actions.

7 thoughts on “About Jordan Peterson’s backpedalling on calling MGTOWs “pathetic weasels”

  1. “Don’t blame a wise man because some morons misinterpret the reasons behind his actions”. Excellent!

    I will offer a slight rewording for your erudite brain to consider. I suggest changing the last word to “inactions”.

    The weapons of MGTOW in this gender war of annihilation declared upon men are indifference and passivity – the same weapons used so successfully by Ghandi. It is not what we are doing that is causing so much angst for the tradcons and women – it is what we are NOT doing. Cheers.

    1. This is a great remark! You are indeed (largely) right. Genuine MGTOWs are deliberately inactive and disinterested when it comes to women. Virgin-TOWs are inactive because they are pussies, but would drop MGTOW in no time flat if even just a mediocre woman was interested in them. However, MGTOWs are active in many other regards. Their distrust towards the court system tends to extend to distrust towards societal structures as a whole. Thus, they dislike being dependent on the state, which explains the motivation behind “ghosting” and picking careers that make it much more likely to be able to sustain yourself. In the US, this discussion normally takes into account the high cost of higher education. In that regard, I recall quite a few interesting discussions I followed in which people calculated ROIs of career choices, taking realistic outcomes into account. This is most decidedly very active behavior.

    2. It’s almost like the gendered version of Atlas Shrugged, but without the 32,962 words speech.

  2. My stance in mgtow is that it’s a reaction to a stimulus created by the governmenfeminism, and man hating society.

    I’m an honorary Mgtow meaning I won’t marry or date a woman but I will try to fuck as many as I can even though my prospects are very sad lol. This is due to the fact I’m broke but I do have 2 jobs and a car and I love within my means and don’t have no government handouts. I go to the gym and work out and I try to learn new things, language, coding, math, art, writing.

    The women I date are usually mature in their 30+ the oldest was 49. I must say women of that age aren’t about playing or at least not the women I know. We have sex a few times then never meet up again. I’m totally ffine with that.

    I will admit I was a virgin mgtow but that was before mgtow existed. It was due to going through my parents court battle and how my step mom was a total bitxh and told me in my face when I was 12 years old that she was using my dad for money and when he had no more she would dump his ass. I never told my dad but no my dad is an alcoholic and a loser with nothing who stole my inheritance given to me by my grandmother.

    I know first hand the evil of women. And how they fuck up your life really bad. I was raised to wait to get married and until I was 20 I believed GENUINELY that women were worth waiting for until I joined the army and heard all the fucked up stories and then I realized that my dad lived through it as well and I saw it yet some how I was too stupid to realize how bad women were even though on told me to my face what she would do and actually did it. I grew up with 5 women who had husbands and would have boyfriends who would buy then shit and pay them rent in another country. I knew women who got their face slashed by a criminal and yet said they loved the dirtbags, and I knew women who had good men who give it all like my dad he may have been a bet blue puller but he worked hard for the women he thought loved him.

    Countless soldiers had this happen to them when deployed and or even when back home.

    My dad even wished that I was dead because of the same step mother who fucked his life over. That’s why I can’t trust women, if a woman can make a father go against his 12-14 year old child then why even bother trusting them.

    I got fed the blue pill lie and even when I had the red pill shoved down my throat I didn’t see it because I was raise to think women were Angels lol, that’s the lie society tries to peddle to young boys, but women aren’t angels or pure they are humans, filthy evil, criminal, smelly, good, stupid, pigs and everything else in the book just like men. The only difference is men have more strength and have more of a drive to create technology and science snd inventions other than that they are the same in the sins they have. But the government and society took women’s side so men now don’t trust women, I sure as hell don’t trust women.

  3. on one hand jorden peterson admits mgtow has a point. but we can’t tell young boy’s the truth? because some losers will give up a struggle they’re never going to win anyway? it’s guys like this who should fear women the most. they’re easy prey for the harpies. the pointdexter’s are so hungry that when a woman shows interest after years off starving they have no defence at all. they will be broke in no time. often without even getting laid. they’re the type that mail gifts to cam-girls. dreaming that one day she’ll see how good and wonderful he really is. don’t you think it’s better they learn the truth and focus on the things they can do instead off something that will never be? should guys like this remain in the friendzone forever? it’s not like they will reproduce anyway. at best they’ll end up being a walking ATM for a single mother. isn’t it just better they call them self’s mgtow or whatever and move on instead of being humiliated by girls and blow their own brains out because they can’t take it anymore

  4. and why do we look down on the guys who can’t get laid. is female validation the only worth a man has? they may have other qualities. who knows? one day one of them invent’s something to further mankind. Tesla wasn’t a lady’sman. look what he gave us. so why not just embrace the guys and stop dividing mgtow in 2 groups. who care’s they are (virgin-tow’s). i rather see them do something productive with their lives then watch them become prey for the harpies. why should we reject them? so we look better ourselves? so we can feel better about ourselves? do we one’s again let female validation be the deciding factor for who’s a real man and who’s not? who’s a real mgtow and who’s not? i don’t think we should give women that much power.

  5. i understand jordan peterson wants these boy’s to become more traditional men. but that’s not going to happen anyway. even if they get lucky one day and they get a woman. they’ll never be able to hold on to her. she’ll trade him the moment she’ll find something better. if the situation is so desperate they have to hide behind a label. they’ll never going to succeed with women anyway. they’re the one’s who are most likely to get prayed on. it would prettymuch be the only reason a woman would show interest in a guy like that. because she’s planning to screw him out of his money.

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