Jordan Peterson is wrong with his opinion on MGTOW

Not too long ago I publicly declared that I have a man-crush on Jordan Peterson. In response, a commenter posted a video clip with Peterson’s take on MGTOW (I’ll have more to say about that kind of comment in a different post). Here is the clip:

There is a really great sentence in it: “Maybe, if you made the right sacrifices, you wouldn’t have so much trouble with women.” He also points out that if you don’t do well with women, it’s not the women’s fault, it’s yours. I agree with that position. However, he also makes a statement I fully disagree with. At the very end of that short clip, he simply refers to men going their own way as “pathetic weasels”. On a side note, Aaron Clarey seems to make the same mistake when he refers to MGTOW as “virgin-TOW”.

In my view, there are two disjoint groups in the MGTOW community. One are losers who “graduated” from the PUA scene and use MGTOW to justify their lack of success with women. To them, all women are whores and not worthy of them, neglecting the fact that they themselves are fucking failures and that there are very good reasons why they never got laid. This is the “virgin-TOW” fraction. These are also the men who are pathetic weasels.

However, there is another part of MGTOW that may very well be a small minority: men who are attractive to women but who do not want to be exposed to the risks of getting involved with Western women. For some men it’s probably more than enough to see their friends getting decimated on the battle field of love: some were tricked into marriage, others cheated on, many ended up in divorce court and had to start their life over at 40. Having older friends can be very educational because they may make mistakes you should probably avoid. A good friend of mine is currently going through divorce. It’s pretty tough.

For guys who deliberately avoid women because they are aware that society looks down on men and views them as disposable, “pathetic weasel” is one of the worst labels you could find. Personally, I find it admirable if someone manages to “ghost”, minimize the influence of the government on his life, and maximizes his personal happiness without women. I certainly don’t want to claim that women aren’t worth your time or effort but, man, there are so many incredibly shitty women out there. You’re literally looking for diamonds in the rough. I can understand if a guy simply grows out of wanting to have a girlfriend after dating a few crazies. If you opt out of dating because you don’t like the odds, you simply decided, after sampling the goods, that you’d rather not buy.

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  1. He is also wrong with his approach on personality and explaining it. As if knowing on an intellectual level helps you feel better. That’s a common trap intellectuals fall into.

    “To make your lifer tolerable is to find out what your personality attributes are, and then to find a niche where they are valuable.”

    This is utter bullshit because just intellectualizing over your feelings doesn’t bring you peace. “Unpacking” (for the lack of a better word) of your feelings is what helps, instead of taking that package of feelings, attributing some features to it like “un-social”, “can’t do well with people”, “need space”, “need to be creative”, or just “need strict rules and hierarchy” and then looking for a place where it fits best. This is like optimizing your environment to your emotional needs, instead of getting down to the raw deal of what’s inside you and then getting more robust after emotionally (not intellectually) understanding what comes from where inside you.

    He might be a bad-ass intellectual on society an other things, but for me he fails completely in this regards.

    1. Oh and don’t get me started on what he says next, like “banking and law are not creative, (…) we tested the most creative lawyers in Canada (…) they where nominated by their firms (..) the most outstanding trait was not openness, not creativity, it was conscientiousness”

      Geez… what the fuck is creativity? How the hell do they define it?
      Has it come to his mind that creativity involves a lot of errors and mistakes and… LUCK?
      So what is a creative job? Arts? Film? Music? Cooking?
      By the time you have mastered the necessary skills needed in the last two, your brain will be so rigged by rules and boundaries that you will have killed any childish creative spirit which he is probably referring to. So you’re left with error. The best “newly created meals” I’ve seen came from misunderstanding orders and then something came out which was new, but… not so new after all, because it did have to adhere to some basic rules.
      And btw, Finance is creative, just look at the structured products section, creatively packaged to look good but ultimately suck dry any investor.

      About the hundred lawyers: Yeah… right, the companies nominated them… very objective evaluation, I’m sure. Could it be that they just took the best ones?

      Not a guy I’d go drink a beer.

  2. I suppose this could be something to think about for the millions of boys in america today on their way to prison or the grave. it’s obvious that when mom locked me in my room and withheld food from me, it was because I was a bitter loser mgtow who just couldn’t get laid at age 8.

    clearly, the feminists have a point with all their shaming language, if other guys in the so called manosphere use it too. not that those millions of boys will ever take note as society becomes more misandric and crumbles to dust without men’s continued sacrifices.

  3. @Neutralrandomthoughts

    intellectuals are generally not a creative bunch, more the types that use their discerning eyes to categorise and label. Though most people aren’t exceptionally creative, it is an exceedingly rare attribute.

  4. I believe he would say that well-off MGTOW men should leverage their status to find a good wife because they out of all MGTOWs can afford to be choosy. Instead of separating wheat from the chaff they are forgoing the search altogether.

    On the other hand good women are in limited supply so perhaps it is better for some men to become MGTOW instead of beating themselves up for staying single, or even worse, marrying a harpy.

    1. I would say that the number of great men outnumber the number of great women. A problem with women is that they are less emotionally stable on average, so finding once that isn’t a little bit crazy isn’t all that easy. Of course, your wish list may include more than “not crazy”, so I perfectly understand that some men who would stand a good chance against their competition rather opt out.

  5. I would be a more than a little nervous if I hired a lawyer who was really creative, and I would also be nervous if my banker decided to get creative too. Creativity is a great quality but in both of these cases, the person being creative is gambling on your life and your money.

  6. Of course, we also have to mention the subset of MGTOW who know that they’ll never be able to provide for offspring that’ll become genius engineers. But let’s face what the outcry against male marriage strike really is: An attempt to distract from the breeding amongst the filth of the lower and middle classes despite future collective scarcity.

    1. The middle class isn’t breeding enough. Western society will soon find out that you can’t replace one IQ 120+ engineer with 10 people with an IQ of 90.

  7. I can say I have happily minimized the influence of both govt. and women in my life.

    I wont be buying any time soon, but I will keep raiding the free samples trays for as long as I can 🙂

  8. it’s the system that makes men go their own way. women are behaving badly because there are no negative consequences for them. they are rewarded to screw a man. as long this is the case mgtow will keep growing. problem is you cant fix it inside a democratic moddel because women will never vote against their own intrest. so if you want to save western society you only have 2 options. 1 go to war with the government. 2 watch society claps and rebuild it later. theirs no way to fix it. we past the point off no return when we gave women the right to vote. women are like little children and should be treated as such. if you give them candy when they throw a tantrum you’ll end up with a monster. personally i’m moving to thailand, the refugees can have the western women. i don’t care anymore. i’m going my own way. i’ll watch it all burn from a distance while drinking wiskey and enjoying the asian women there. i wish you guys good luck trying to turn whores into housewife’s.

  9. people like jordan peterson are intelligent until women come into play. he knows men are being screwed but still expect us to keep laying our head on the chopping block. why not hold women responsible for their actions for a change. not every woman will screw a man. but all can screw a man if they wish to do so. with the full power of the government backing her up. and the endorsement of society. it’s not like it’s a rare thing that men are being divorce raped in the family-courts. he knows it and still he condemns the men who don’t line up instead of the state and the women who conduct this injustice. wake up, modern marriage has nothing to do with biblical or traditional marriage. it’s a totally different contract. you can’t carry all the responsibility as a man while the woman has all the power in a relationship. so either you hold the women responsible or take the power back.

    1. I don’t like what he says about relationships; I may write an article on it. He’s certainly pretty naive in that regard.

  10. UPDATE: jordan peterson made a apology to mgtow. the question is, now he admits mgtow have a point, what’s his take on how to solve the problem? keep sending new group’s off men into the minefield? i’m sure he wants to change family law (pretty much impossible in any substantial way) but what’s his advice to young men? just keep sacrificing themselves for women and society? and will he condemn the women who do use the corrupt courtsystem to destroy men or will he give them a other pussy pass? just keep saying not all women doesn’t hold up. yes i know, not all, but many millions off women do screw men over and are behaving terrible. will he hold them responsible for their actions? or do we keep giving the spoiled snowflakes candy? hopefully to be continued.

  11. mgtow advice: don’t stay with one long enough to enter a common law relationship because you will be stripped of everything that you have. jordan peterson; “Well that’s a hell of a thing to be telling people…” YES it is jordan. sadly it’s also a reality. one we have to deal with.

  12. you guys should check oklahoma housebill 1121. they are moving domestic violence to the family-courts. if this thing go’s nation wide no man in the usa will be save. guilty until proven innocent. they’re going to give all cases involving family and relationship disputes to one family-court judge. including the one’s that now fall under criminalcourt. if you are in oklahoma. best to get the fuck out.

    1. Thanks for posting this. I was about to address this in a separate post.

  13. Boy Jordan Peterson really never gets tired of hearing the sound of his own voice, does he? He also has very little understanding of what he speaks of. He keeps lumping all MGTOW into the same category, which is patently absurd, and throws a temper tantrum because he thinks that older MGTOW are actively recruiting young men. It’s exactly the opposite. MGTOW is ultimately about disengagement and passive-resistance. Guys largely come to it on their own and I suspect the majority of men who fall under the definition of MGTOW have no idea what it is. They simply get tired of being crapped on constantly by society (or seeing men they care about devastated for no real reason), decide it’s not worth the effort to overcome all the obstacles to dating, and proceed to quietly drop out without telling anyone.

    Sure there’s an extremist, very much misogynistic element in a minority of the men involved in MGTOW. There’s extremists in every group to a certain extent, but to falsely extend that to all members and then to descend into the same old shaming and contempt for men who are just trying to find a viable survival strategy, is beyond the pale. It also completely undermines any credibility that Peterson might have had. The one thing that cowardly, ignorant blowhards like Jordan Peterson fear most is to be ignored. And that’s exactly what everyone should do.

    1. Oh, a butt-hurt lefty (female?) from Canada! Let me extent a warm welcome to you. Just because Peterson is wrong on MGTOW does not mean that nothing he says or writes is worth paying attention to.

    2. Jordan Peterson is a traditionalist. from his perspective mgtow is a dangerous thing for his ideal society. he understands marriage laws are unfair to men but he thinks men just have to mary the right women. he did apologise for his words but still believes mgtow is toxic for young men. so i’m waiting to see if he comes with a better alternative. i think Jordan Peterson is a smart man and hope he’ll digs deeper into the problems that men are facing. until now i’m not impressed by him on this subject. simply saying NAWALT and expect men to keep doing the thing that’s clearly not working isn’t a solution. but i think Jordan Peterson might come to a better understanding about mgtow. if we could have a open discussion with him. i don’t think he would ever really support mgtow but i dont think there have to be hostility between mgtow and Jordan Peterson. i use to have the same ideas on marriage and women. now i’m mgtow because i see western society simply isn’t a place where ideas like this are practical.

  14. Of course he wrong. But he will realize his mistake. As most men do when their eyes are opened to truth. He seems like a smart guy. Give him time and he will connect the dots. Look at all these atheist MGTOW in the comments acting like angry little bitches because the man disagrees with them. Get over yourselves. MGTOW isn’t about worshipping atheism or yourself. It’s about going your own way. Atheism can not be a part of that… why ? Look at how emotional you tampons act.

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