Examples of evil women in action

Among the brainwashed masses there is still the belief that all women are sweet little angels. Plenty of guys are in for a rude awakening when they encounter a thoroughly evil or crazy woman. I was once with a woman who was not very stable. She could be very sweet, but then she could recall that you looked at some other woman in her dreams and completely lose her shit. Reading about crazy women is one thing. Experiencing this yourself, either by being on the receiving end or by witnessing it, is a much better learning experience. Thanks to the advances of technology, you no longer have to get burnt in real life. Instead, you only have to look around online. You’ll find utterly sickening material. I once came across a video in which a maid was shown that repeatedly hit a kid on the head with a wooden spoon. But of course only men can be brutes.

Blog reader Yarara just made a similar contribution in a comment on my article Beware, there are genuinely evil women out there. If you’re reading this at work, stop right now. Even if you’re at home, take a moment or two to decide whether you want to expose yourself to such material. I deliberately changed the hyperlinks to plain text so that you can’t click on them by accident. This material may turn your stomach. Here’s Yarara:

Users BEWARE, its a gore site, so there is some pretty hardcore uncensored stuff on it, including gory traffic accidents, ISIS executions, photos and videos of rape and murder victims, etc… I advise those with a weak somach to stay away.


For those who dont speak portuguese, the text at 0:52 says “Thays Caroline. She is the ex of the childs father. She made videos like these 15 days ago, father went to get the child. Yesterday she went to the house of the fathers family with two men, one of them armed, and took the child. Sent new videos after which they left, destination unknown.”

This was in Curitiba, Brazil, Dec 2015. I did some quick googling in brazilian media sites, apparently the 21 year old woman was trying to coerce her 22 y/o husband to get back to her. A couple days later, after the videos went viral, she showed up with the kid and her lawyer at a police station, where she was promptly arrested. At first it seems they tried to deny it was her on the video (the bitch was dumb enough to show her face on it), that the footage had somehow been edited. But later she confessed and alleged mental health issues.

If you look around the site under the tag “child abuse” you will see some other horrifying videos of parents and step parents abusing children, even sexually. There is one of a guy in Mexico caught on a CCTV drowning his stepdaughter in a hotel swimming pool. Go in at your own risk.

If you want to turn your stomach a little more, and see what women are capable to doing to their children:

or in this case, stepchildren. This happened in Turkey, and its the most disturbing of the three. The father installed a hidden cam after getting suspicions that something was not right. The silver lining is that the woman is now serving a 46 year sentence in a turkish prison.

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  1. I visit bestgore every now and then for some realistic perspective in my life. I’ve seen worse things against children/others on there, and I feel like this perspective of humans is good to allow into your system so you can always be prepared and on the defensive around strangers. It’s also prevented me from ever visiting 3rd world shit holes, as that’s where the most crimes against humanity seem to be taking place.

    1. The traffic accidents section should be mandatory reading for getting a drivers license.

      Still have not figured out if the cartoonishly over-the-top antisemitism is an attempt at satire or they are actually serious.

    2. I’m from one of those 3rd world shit holes. I need no videos. I’ve seen with my own eyes the lowest of mankind. The most awful things a “human” can do to another.

    3. I’m from one third world shithole too. It’s true we have our fair share of attrocities (bear in mind that not everyone here has a gun like in the US and murder with machetes looks more sadistic, LOL), but the whole “first world” will be nothing to brag about the way they’re going with the Caliphate of Cordoba 2.0. In fact, I think Latin America will be, after Eastern Europe, the predilect destination for white European “refugees” when shit hits the fan.

    4. Sweden is already the rape capital of the world. The situation isn’t much better in other parts of the Western world. On that front, the West is certainly a lot less civilized than many third world shitholes.

  2. Here’s a Roman named “Juvenal” writing from the first or second century:

    “A wife hates the children of a concubine; let none demur or forbid, seeing that it has long been deemed right and proper to slay a stepson. But I warn you wards—-you that have a good estate—-keep watch over your lives; trust not a single dish: those hot cakes are black with poison of a mother’s baking. Whatever is offered you by the mother, let someone taste it first; let your trembling tutor take the first taste of every cup.”

    1. Remember that on those times it wasn’t uncommon for stepmothers to poison “the competition”. It wasn’t rhethoric, it was a real warning.
      Of course, as Aaron points out, now is seen as a statement of misogyny at worse, or a metaphor for distrust at best.

    2. Haha, this is from Juvenal’s famous satire Nr. 6. For those inclined in savouring the Latin original, here’s the link to it:

      IUVENALIS SATURA VI, 627 ff.
      Oderunt natos de paelice; nemo repugnet,
      nemo uetet, iam iam priuignum occidere fas est. … 

  3. Gender equality is a joke when it comes to criminal justice, as women are usually treated far more leniently, with people falling over themselves trying to make excuses for pretty unpleasant behavior. Look up “Karla Homolka”, for a great example. Alternatively, compare how male and female teachers are treated when it comes to having sexual relations with students.

    1. Women do get a “free pass” when it comes to crime in general
      But, when it comes tohorrific crimes such as murder, well, D.A’s say it’s harder to get a conviction.
      Using Oregon as a prime “left leaning state” this state has never followed through with a death sentence for a woman. But, has executed 150 males. As a matter of interest, the death penalty was voted back in by the people of Oregon in the early 1980’s. Since then more than 50 men have been put on death row. By comparison, it wasn’t until 2013 that the first woman was given a death sentence. Oregon had to reconstruct a death row cell for her.
      I’ve tried to argue that the death penalty as it has been applied to men by the state of Oregon is a 14th amendment violation (equal protection clause)
      As it wasn’t until 2013 that woman received this penalty.
      As for “statutory rape” well.. Oregon is truly discriminatory.. for example in 2009 a 24 y/o woman had “consensual intercourse” with a 15y/o boy. She would take his used condoms and turn them inside out as she inserted them into her vagina. The case became so sensualized by the local media that the state of Oregon couldn’t bring any charges against her. But he has to pay child support.
      Speaking of child support.. Can a man be required to pay child support if both he and her are using some type of birth control (condom/pill) and the condom breaks and she forgot to take the “pill” and she gets pregnant?
      It is a situation that comes up allot. It is also one that has never been ruled on by the courts. After all both parties didn’t want to “give” or “receive” the D.N.A. gift.
      As for female teachers.. they rarely get convicted of a sex crime. They may lose their job in a public school, but, there are plenty of private schools that will let them work.
      I do wonder how many teenage girls get “raped” by female teachers. And wind up confused by their sexuality, and say they are bi-sexual. I know collage age lesbian’s that cruise high schools looking for young women “conquest’s”. It’s one of the least reported sex crimes in the U.S.

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