Tailspinning Sweden: Gimmegrant dominates three policewomen

Man, Sweden is so fucked. But let’s not indulge in too much schadenfreude, as the rest of Europe, and the entire Western world, for that matter, isn’t far behind.

Here is a video that recently made the rounds:

It shows Ali Gimmegrant who provokes a bunch of policewomen by throwing rocks at their car. Only with the help of a bystander can they temporarily overpower him. A little later, though, he manages to wrestle himself free, knocks out one of ’em bitches; they all back off, quite apparently scared, and then he proceeds smashing the windows of the police car.

How fucked up is it to send women out in the world playing police?

The problem with ideologues is that if reality doesn’t match their belief, they want to disavow reality. Anybody with just an inkling of intelligence is simply aware that women are not as strong as men, and it’s not a matter of degree or something a bit of extra effort could fix. No, instead men are on average twice as strong. Considering that men can also bulk up a lot easier than women, it’s probably not an exaggeration that a well-trained man is four to five times stronger than a woman. Pit a well-trained dude in his 40s against a menopausal feminist, and the difference may well be of a factor of 10.

Watching Charlie’s Angels beating up the baddies or James Bond wrestling with a prime-caliber woman is fun. It’s also fiction. In real life, though, women won’t kick men’s asses in any kind of physical competition, no matter if Sweden’s feminist gahmen thinks otherwise, jilling off to “gender-responsive budgeting”.

11 thoughts on “Tailspinning Sweden: Gimmegrant dominates three policewomen

  1. Reminds me of the Science-Fiction movie “Demolition Men” with Sylvester Stallone. The difference: the movie “plays” in 2032, we’re having 2017. A few yrs more and society is like that.

    Worth a try to watch.

  2. I recently read a few articles about female firefighters in the US. Apparently some districts have been spending untold amounts of money and effort trying to push more women to become firefighters, only to have pretty much all of them drop out (save very few exceptions) because they cant keep up with the harsh physical training it requires.
    Which most average guys cannot pass either, by the way. But somehow the “patriarchy” and the “boys club” are to blame…

  3. I’m Swedish, and this video is clearly a staged FAKE.

    There’s no way there would be 3 police officers in a single patrol car. When I see a cop car there’s usually a lone officer in there, very rarely two.

    Swedish police are quitting the job in droves, there’s a shortage of police in basically every city in the country.

    1. LOL. Gimmegrants Gone Wild is a very popular play in Sweden that plays out every day in every corner of the country.

      Yes, policemen are quitting in droves, as they are getting sick of having to deal with the backlash of 50 years of political idiocy. That doesn’t mean that that gimmegrant didn’t show those chicks who’s boss.

  4. not only sweden oddly have only police women officers.
    why dont they shoot him?
    take your gun and put a bullet in his leg.

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