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  1. I appreciate very much the content of your blog and your writing style – to the point, dry and at times vitriolic.

    I believe the subject of evolutionary biology was briefly discussed in the old forum by one of your readers. I read the book by Matthias Rahrbach: Why women are not disadvantaged after all (unfortunately only available in German) and it confirms what you have found out in your extensive field studies ;-). He dismisses the current narrative of women as the unprivileged sex and completely destroys feminist gibberish uttered by Alice Schwarzer, Eva Illouz and the like.

    It’s no pamphlet and no easy read and goes to great lengths to explain the biological foundations of the complicated relationship between men and women. It is pretty telling that he finds no publisher in Germany. Mind you, I have no affiliation whatsoever with the author but I believe this is a book which should be read by everyone who wishes to escape the mainstream narrative.

    1. Maybe some food for thought: Alice Schwarzer, Eva Illouz are not the smartest people, so why did the media and so one jump on the feminism train? Could it not be that is has been pushed by the economy? Women who work pay taxes, spend their generated money and due to the increased supply of employee’s wages can be reduced.

      Most of the feminism focusses on the equation of men and women. Feminazi’s functioned as a megaphone for the economy, but it has been “selled” as the relief of women.

    2. Yes, this was a large motivation behind the push for feminism. Feminists were simply useful idiots. In hindsight this is perfectly clear as women have become increasingly unhappy over the last 50 years or so.

    3. But it has been said here on several occasions that women mostly pick bullshit degrees and work bullshit jobs. How does this increase workforce supply for “real” jobs which benefit the society?

    4. Women spend more money than men. From a purely economic perspective (consumption = growth), it doesn’t matter so much how they make it.

    5. Notice that the argument was that womens participation in the labor force reduces wages due to increase in workforce supply. Question is how does this make sense if women choose different occupations than men?

      Ultimately it does matter where the money comes from. If it comes from private sector then you are essentially saying that top dogs are getting wealthier by paying women to spend money.

      This doesn’t make sense therefore money must come from public sector ie the government. In that case you are essentially saying that feminism is an elaborate scheme of extracting money from the (productive) taxpayers.

    6. It’s not an either-or situation. However, Big Government employs absurd numbers of women for doing very little actual work. It’s essentially a covert welfare program, funded by the taxpayer.

  2. I know this is kind of a loaded topic, but I’m curious: how often does it happen to you guys that a girl tells you about having suffered sexual abuse, or attempted abuse? I certainly dont buy into the “rape culture” nonsense, not for Latin America, much less for the US and Europe, but I do come across such stories much more often than I’d like. It certainly is underreported.

    I would say perhaps 1 out of every 5 or 6 girls I have slept with has shared one such story of attempted or actual abuse (roughly 50% stories are attempted abuse and the other 50% actual abuse) not at first, but usually after having slept a few times together. So these are girls I had/have been seeing for a while, I cant speculate how many ONS girls might have had similar stories but did not get to share them with me.

    Thankfully I have not come across stories of actual rape yet.

    How often do you guys hear similar stories?

    1. I was in a relationship with a girl who was sexually abused at a very young age by a family member. Kind of off topic but her experience did affect the way she perceived sex throughout life. She said she never felt emotional intimacy from sex but saw it as something as normal as exchanging hugs. She was a good person all in all but had some serious issues

    2. Its almost always a family member, friend, or acquaintance. The scenario where a stranger abuses a woman or a child is actually the least common scenario (not just the stories I know, the actual victimisation stats back this up)
      The stories I have heard firsthand so far involved uncles, grandfathers, neighbors and family friends. Interestingly, in one of the cases it was not the man alone but it was he and his wife, neighbors of the family, who sexually abused a girl (who was 7 at the time). So yeah, women are abusers too, not that this would surprise any of the regular readers here.
      In most cases I see psychological consequences, especially in their sex life/dating life, but the severity of them varies widely.

  3. Pathetic swedish police. 4 police officers more or less get beat up by one immigrant. Thank god for incompetent coddling (female) police officers (/swedish government)…
    This seems to be a recent incident, the sweedish fact-checker Tino Sanandaji posted and commented on this video today, so check out his facebook-page if interested in more comments…

    1. I had previously read about Swedish police (including the female ones) being quite capable, so this was really disconcerting. While I am not sure about what the rules around the justifiable amount of force were, none of these officers acted like they knew anything about taking a guy down, including the male officer that joined in later on. For pity’s sake, there were three officers and then four of them, plus a bystander. By the time he started throwing rocks, they probably could have shot him, if they did not have batons or tasers. I was under the impression most police were trained in taking down non-compliant subjects, as this probably comes up every so often in their duties. These officers seemed to be letting him punch them one at a time until he got tired.

  4. Do you readers in Europe or elsewhere have special government departments dedicated to women? In Ontario, Canada, there’s a Ministry for the Status of Women (which to me, sounds like “Ministry of Magic” from the Harry Potter books).

    So I thought this was an April Fool’s Day joke…but nope…


    Every year, the province publishes who makes $100K in a year…and this idiot in the link is complaining that there were only a few women in the top 20 earners.

    Never mind that perhaps there are more women earning a lot…

    Never mind that government employees have generous benefits and working conditions, all on the taxpayer dime…

    Sorta reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence’s naive rant about how she made less than her co-stars for some glitzy movie (even though she worked less…)

  5. I am having a hard time getting my head around the Swedish government website. The subtext seems to be that the solution to all problems and issues is more feminism. This seems pretty simplistic, even for a true believer.

    1. They view the world in rather simplistic terms, so it’s not surprising. It is easy to assume malice when the true cause is mere stupidity.

    2. Kinda similar how latin americans believe problems should be solved.
      -If public education is awful= just pump more money into it, and should solve itself.
      -If some social program isn’t giving any noticeable result= just pump more money
      And so. Then they act shocked when the government claims it needs to raise the taxes, they get pissed, and the government decides to cut spending, bureaucrats get pissed and start flinging shit, everyone gets pissed, and the government gives the bureaucrats what they want (more $$$), and the cycle keeps going. People is so fucking ignorant they believe the government should solve all their problems, no wonder why latinos love big government, they’re fucking childish.

  6. When I was doing my undergrad, classmates and I would frequently joke about applying the “feminist theory of evolution (it is all due to power imbalances between genders)” or the “conspiracy theory of evolution (it is all a conspiracy)” or whatever to any particular issue. Whenever you buy into any particular ideology, you tend to interpret all events through that particular lens. It was funny because with enough mental gymnastics you could make it work for anything, and it was so intellectually lazy. It was liberal arts, so such an approach did actually get praise from some professors. I guess the part that was not as funny as you would actually meet people that saw this as a perfectly valid way to see the world. I had female classmates and a few male ones whose default response in any discussion was that the solution invariably involved giving women more power.

  7. I am curious to ask Aaron and others about what you think about the Burning Man festival?

    I personally think it is a Godzilla devouring us all.

  8. http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/news/a54564/the-violent-clashes-in-berkeley-werent-pro-trump-versus-anti-trump/
    The media’s oversimplification of what happened during Saturday’s rally risks obscuring a long-brewing and fast-escalating conflict between the far left and the far right.
    Just a little bit later:
    To frame Saturday’s events as a fight between supporters of the president and his denouncers roundly misses the key tensions undergirding the confrontation: that of anti-fascists versus white nationalists.
    Media reports relying on the “pro-Trump versus anti-Trump” framing missed some glaring and more subtle cues about the nature of Saturday’s protests. Multiple demonstrators, some of whom donned Make America Great Again hats, performed Nazi salutes in full public view.
    And the focus of the article is on “those ebul Trump nahtzees.”
    Yeah, Esquire, let’s try to not over-fucking-simplify the whole thing.
    Alt-right and white supremacist groups are only a fraction of Trump supporters. Kind of curious how media forgots about, you know, black Trump supporters, or latino Trump supporters. But that doesn’t fit on the “TRUMP IS TEH NEW HITLER LIKE SERIOUSLY GUISE” line.

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