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Support Jordan Peterson!

Jordan Peterson is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest minds of our generations. If you don’t believe me, then please go through his lecture series on Personality and its Transformations as well as Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief. He is one of an extremely small number of people I admire.

Peterson produced solid research for decades. Yet, all hell broke loose when he publicly questioned mainstream libshit PC agendas such as equality of outcome. His employer, the University of Toronto, threatened to fire him. They also issued a gag order. Libshits threw a collective fit as he was undeterred by their chants of “this is where we draw the line”, and bemused by their intellectual inferiority and inability to engage in rational argument.

His employer eventually backed down, but then the hammer fell: he recently got a research grant denied. Some committee consisting of libshit stooges in the Canadian government, who are hiding behind anonymity, thought they needed to wrong a right, and denied him funding for his research, which would mean that he couldn’t hire graduate students or travel to conferences to disseminate his research.

But this is where it gets interesting: Rebel Media started a crowd-funding campaign. After one day, cost for an entire year of his research lab got funded. The current stretch goal is for funding the second year of his five-year research project. If you want to support a supporter of free speech, and genuinely brilliant mind, then please consider chipping in a bit of money. A contribution of CAD$ 10 would already be a nice extra “up yours!” to the Canadian government and libshits all over the world.

8 thoughts on “Support Jordan Peterson!

  1. I do not agree with all of Peterson’s opinions, but gender pronoun issues and bill C-16 make me wonder if we have lost our collective minds. Accepting that people want to change genders is one thing, but outlawing gender pronouns as hurtful sounds like a great way to cause mass confusion. For most people, gender is not that fluid and is not a purely social construct. This kind of like changing everything to accommodate a small number of people.

    1. Dave Rubin had a funny comment about this… I’m paraphrasing, but I can summarize it like this…

      “Things have gotten so bad, that most people nowadays have to precede supporting someone by saying ‘I don’t agree with EVERYTHING x Says, but.’ Since when was agreeing on a 100% of everything a necessity for supporting someone’s right to speech, or respecting them as an author, speaker, whatever? The fact that these days one has to even say that whole disclaimer is an indicator of things. Things have gotten so polarized that there’s false notion people can only ally if they are 100% ideologically identical. And that’s the source of this craziness on the left and right… where people are ostracized for varying from whatever the current dogma is”

    1. I’ve seen people bashing Peterson for not being MGTOW (yet).

      There are 24 hours in a day. He hasn’t had time to get caught up/debrainwashed on everything under the sun. He would have had to dedicate a year off his life to researching this subject. He has no idea that that his sources for info on MGTOW are misrepresentations/distortions. He has had no reason to doubt the people who gave him the false information. You start implanting doubt in his mind, step-by-step, not “cast him out for not being pure enough”.

      Ideological purity is not necessary for forming alliances. In fact it’s a stupid way to do politics.

      The way to do it is educate him over time, in 2-3 years he’ll be mostly pro-mgtow. It’s the progressive left who does that shit of “You don’t hold 1000% identical views, we shall cast you out without even bothering to explain”.

  2. On a few of the interviews I saw, Peterson tends to equate cultural leftists with the more traditional variety liberal types. His default response to any liberal critique of the current system is that the critic is arguing for the soviet command economy and the gulag system. That being said, whenever there is a feminist protest, do you ever notice how the protestors just tend to scream at their opponents?

  3. Adding to the interviews, here is the link to Dave Rubins hour long interview with him. Just watched it yesterday, and makes me agree with everything of the above.

    Based on my own experience teaching at the university, I do disagree a bit with Peterson on the point of intentions: I do believe that most students start out leftist with the best of intentions, while many grow out of with, others are deluded idiots for most of their life.

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