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Fake male 10s cleaning up with the ladies on Tinder

Alek Novy posted a link to a picture series documenting exchanges of a user with a fake profile on Tinder. Said user uploaded pictures of a male 10, and women would just immediately agree to fuck him. This is quite amusing to read. It is also a good illustration of the fact that given the opportunity, some women would readily fuck a hot stranger. Let’s look at this exchange, for instance:


Similar stories have been floating around for a while. However, as a regular dude you shouldn’t feel too bad about this. Of course, it is absolutely true that a good-looking guy can have sex with women easily. That being said, if you are a sexually desirable man, you tend to have certain standards. Just talking about my own experience, I have been propositioned by the occasional “Six in a tight skirt” that plenty of guys would mistake for an Eight. Well, the problem is that as you bang more women, you establish a certain baseline. Let’s say you start lifting weights, bulk up, and suddenly you get more attention. You may have banged a couple of Sixes before, but now that you can get women of a much higher caliber, you’ll probably adjust your baseline accordingly and ignore willing women that don’t meet your standards. (Yes, once you are clearly sexually desirable, women may even approach you, or give you very clear signals.)

The bottom line is that even though a male 10, real or fake, can be expected to meet a reasonably large number of women who would want to fuck him, he would not want to fuck all of them. He may readily turn down women the average sex-starved guy would fawn over, simply because he has been with hotter ones. Furthermore, now that he is in a higher category, the number of women he would really want hasn’t expanded. He got hotter. Before he worked on his body, he had no real shot with women. Now that he is hot, he can get hotter women, but how many hot women are around? Of course, should such a male 10 go out and just want to get laid, and thus lower his standards a bit, he’ll have little difficulty because he’ll have plenty of women to choose from. Normally, though, such a guy wouldn’t go around banging every chick who wants him.

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  1. This is when Tinder was actually used for hookups. I’ve tried this with a male model in 2016 (literally one of the hottest guys on Instagram) and it does not have the same effect. Girls will turn you down or claim “no hookups”.

    You can MAYBE get some 6s or 7s this way if you are lucky.

    Tinder is dead.

    1. But if you ask “DTF?” as the first question on Tinder, you still and even into the future will be able to find the ones that are available to hookup. Whether they are 6s and 7s or 9s and 10s is not going matter because it depends on the person. As for meeting super hot girls (royals, supermodels and etc.) on Tinder is not possible for most guys anyway.

  2. Just saw this on 9gag.
    You are posting a lot lately. 🙂
    Tinder is an easy attention for girls now, or any dating websites.
    I would be interested in your opinion on online dating in general.

    1. Are you complaining? 😉

      I have a book on online dating in the works, as a co-author. My meditation book has a higher priority at the moment, though.

  3. I am not complaining, on the contrary 🙂 .
    I also like that you changed to wordpress, however I can’t find how to reply to a reply.

    May I ask who is the other author you are working with?

    1. Comments are set to a maximum depth of 2, which is why there are no replies to replies. However, you can always just add another reply to the top level comment. This setting was chosen to not compromise readability on mobile devices. For instance, look at the comments on there is either no limit to the depth of comments, or it is a very high one, making that section hard to read even on a computer monitor.

      The other author hasn’t picked a pseudonym yet. He does not have an online presence.

  4. Before seeing that 9gag pic, I believed that “game” still might exist, having a small percentage influence on the overall attractiveness of a good-looking guy. After seeing the pic… Fuck “game”, work on your fundamentals.

  5. I posted the link more in the context of Donald Trump’s situation. When you’re high status, you really do live in a different reality. Women have no problem being two-faced. The same woman can act like she’s in a pornscene when she meets a celebrity, then pretend to need “a slow process” for the average guy.

    I experienced this personally. When I got ripped, my face got a chiselled jaw, and my biceps always looked pumped. I could get away with porn-like dirty talk straight from hello. Fast escalations were normal. (i’m not saying i banged every chick in 2 minutes, but every chick found it normal that I can go straight to sex talk from hello).

    Lived this for a few years, then I gained the weight back. I couldn’t get away with this any more. Now all the girls everywhere all of a sudden became modest, and “offended” at moving fast. They needed more discretion and implied sexuality communication etc.. etc…

    1. How ripped are we talking about? I got quite big since I started training, 1,5 years ago. I am thinking of dieting a bit to be more toned . My bodyfat is 20% now.

    2. Well… a couple of things…

      A) It’s not a “few” percent. I went from being a (20-22 guy) to being a (10-12% guy) and back.

      B) In my particular case, it makes a big difference due to some factors that don’t apply to everyone

      – I have to get to very low bodyfat to remove fat from my face and see a jawline

      – I happen to have a very strong jawline, very masculine face. I look above average when my face has the fat removed

      – But if I gain even a little fat, i gain fat in the face and lose the jaw, lose all the masculine features… I just become a fucking pumpkin head lol.

      I’m exaggerating, but only slightly. Some guys can have a chiseled jaw at 15% and not lose the jaw even at fatter levels. Some dudes can even have chiseled jaws at 25%. Other guys thought will never have the chiseled jaw look no matter how much muscle they carry, and whatever bodyfat they’re at.

      So in their cases the difference isn’t that big when their bodyfat varies. In my case bodyfat changes my perceived masculinity a ton.

    3. @Meszi

      This is one of those universal tips that applies to everyone. You need to get to 15%. Everyone does. Whether you want to bother past that, and if there are additional benefits, you will discover late. You’ll also have to discover if those additional benefits are worth the effort.

      But get to 15%. It’s always worth it for everyone. It’s that sweetspot that’s realistic with the least amount of effort, and makes everyone more attractive. It’s one of those universals.

      Again, if you’re one of the lucky ones and find that you easily lose weight past 15% – go ahead… but get to 15% first and see how it changes your sex life.

  6. There have been more than a few online dating experiments where a fake profile of a male model is used. Generally, in online chats he can pretty much say anything and women will continue to chat and be open to meet. This gets contrasted with a fake profile of an average guy who tends to get shot down rapidly no matter what he says.

    1. Not that it contradicts what you or Aaron are saying but I’ve noticed that photograph quality is a confounding factor in online dating experiments.

      Attractive guy is usually photographed by a pro and some photos are even digitally processed to improve skin appearance while “average” guys are photographed under unflattering illumination and sometimes bad lens.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen an experiment in which “male 10” is photographed by an amateur…

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