What it really means that the average American woman is a size 16

Blog reader Dan linked to an article that tried to “chixplain” what it means that the average American woman is a size 16. You know, measurements differ between manufacturers, and those numbers may be inflated anyway. The latter is nonsense because, if anything, there is a deflation of numbers in order to make people feel less self-conscious about themselves. To a lesser extent this even happens with men’s clothing. The other day I tried on a pair of jeans according to which my waist was 29 inches. Yet, when I pick up a pair of Levi’s it is still 32. Strange, isn’t it? Similarly, some manufacturers attempt to flatter fat women by lowering the numbers on their size labels.

In that article we also learnt that as long fat women are happy nobody should judge them for being fat because they may nonetheless feel good about themselves. That’s a completely unrelated topic though. However, I have a hard time believing that fat women feel good about themselves. Frankly, why should they? They deserve to be despised, and they should feel that way. Let her get diabetes, and she’ll easily cost the despised tax payer (that’s you, dear male reader) an extra few hundred thou.

Here is what it means that the average American woman is a size 16: it means that she is fat, plain simple.

Quite frankly, if I wouldn’t tune out typical women as I go through my day, I would be grossed out from morning to evening. Nowadays, more or less the best you can hope for is that a woman is slim. Asking for a slim and toned women is about as smart as women holding out for a young rich billionaire. This reminded me of a video I recently shared online (privately), in which Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy lambasts the Canadian cuck covernment for letting illiterate uncultured Syrians into their country. Some dude remarked that Faith Goldy “looked weird”. As it turned out, he thought that her arms looked “unnatural”. Have a look:

Give me that expression again, Faith!
Give me that expression again, Faith!

The reason her arms look “weird” is that she is very nicely toned. As a result of being in shape, she looks more attractive than most women ten years younger than her. It’s sad that it is becoming quite rare to see women who are in shape. Your best hope of seeing more than one woman looking like that at once is by watching women’s volleyball. Now imagine the average woman looked like that instead of being a size 16.

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  1. Speaking of skinny&toned girls, here’s a question I’ve wanted to raise on this blog for a while. I hope it’s not off-topic. Feel free to move to comment to open-thread if it is (doable in wordpress).

    I want your guys opinion… I don’t know if this is just me…

    – To me personally, a “ten” girl is one with both a ten face, and ten body.
    – To me a ten body is one that’s simultaneously skinny, AND toned at the same

    That’s the rarest body you’ll find. As Aaron noted, most skinny girls are actually “skinny fat”.

    From what I’ve seen over the years. Most of the time that PUAs brag about banging nines and tens, they post pictures/videos of chicks that look like these:


    I find that type a “six” at best (personally a four, but can accept they’re somebody’s six). I can’t even fanthom why anyone would brag about banging this “stuff”. I’ve spent my entire life rejecting it. RSD has tons of videos of them hitting on chicks like these… and the comments are filled with fans drooling over the hotness of the girls being “picked up by tyler”.

    I couldn’t find examples of bodies I would deem a “ten body”… But here’s a body I would deem a “nine body”.


    If the belly isn’t flat, and the arms aren’t toothpick thin, it’s not a hot body in my opinion.

    – Ok I just went into google images, and searched for “hot girls”… The results are solid. The results show plenty of nines and tens (a couple of eights/sevens too).

    I guess I answered my own question. I don’t think google is broken. It’s far more likely the PUAs are that deluded. They’re banging chicks like the first image, and calling them “nines”.

    1. Yep, we have a slightly different taste (probably due to height difference, mine are tinier coz i’m shorter than you), but both of our definitions of a “nine plus” are girls who can do bikini modelling.

      I actually have two types of girls I’d classify as nineplus bodies

      – the superskinny (but toned) look
      – the female athlete/fitness model look

      Two different looks, but same common factor… No fat on the body, and toned.

      In fact, most (all?) of the girls that pop up when you search for “hot girls” are bikini models. Some are more athletic, some are skinnier (less muscle, yet toned).

      I’ve never seen a single girl who could do bikini modelling in a PUA video or lay report (and I’ve seen thousands of private lay reports on private PUA forums).

      In fact, I’ve never seen a nine in the porn industry. (the best top out at 8s). The hottest chicks seem to only do “erotic” or “softcore” or webcamming.

  2. Personal taste is very subjective. In the pics you both posted I agree as to the body, but i dont particularly like the face of either of them.

    Last year i fucked one with such a body, this girl practically lived for the gym, crossfit whatever. It pays off 🙂

    If fatties are happy with their bodies, good for them. Seriously. But dont expect ME to be happy with their bodies

    1. We were just talking about the bodies. I think that male preference for certain body types is a lot less subjective than preference for certain facial features.

    2. The discussion was specifically about bodies. Face wise, the girl in my example is unattractive to me as well.

      Facial attraction is more individual than body. Notice I said “individual” not “subjective”.

      This is because we look to faces seeking to find complimentary genes. So which face you find attractive depends on both universal and individual attractors.

      – universal positives include symmetry, clear skin, etc

      – individual preferences are in terms of the shapes. Its not subjective… Its a facial shape that indicates she would compliment you genetically speaking in terms of offspring.

      The body is almost entirely universal. Type in “hot girls” with a search engine. You won’t see any diversity in the bodies. Plenty of diversity in the faces yes. But the bodies are all in a similar class/type… I.e the bikini model type.

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