The Tide is Shifting in Germany

There is a new scandal brewing in Germany. From what I gather, the mainstream all over the country is hyperventilating because of a video that shows a bunch young, rich men and women partying it up while shouting anti-immigration slogans. I will first provide some context, and add an assessment afterwards.

One of the absolute classics of electronic dance music is Gigi D’Agostino’s L’Amour Toujour. It is very well known. Even if the title or name of the DJ does not ring a bell, you probably recognize the melody. As is well-known, ze Germans are a very inventive people, full of creativity. A spark of creativity is also in the common German. This led to the melody of the aforementioned track being matched with the slogan “Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus!”, which translates to “Germany for the Germans. Foreigners out!” In October last year, the following video made the rounds on social media:

This led to L’Amour Toujour getting played a lot more often in clubs, as a clear dog whistle, and there were plenty of other cases where the German party crowd began shouting the aforementioned racist slogan. Needless to say, I am shocked and outraged. Thus far, this was not much of a news story, but quite recently a video emerged that shows arguably the most well-off part of society engage in the same behavior:

For context, the crowd you see in the video is the German high-society, partying it up on Sylt. The closest equivalent would be places like St. Tropez on the French riviera or the most affluent corners of the Hamptons in the United States, i.e. party destinations for the rich. On a side note, you may have noticed that there is a distinct lack of “diversity” in both videos. I have spent quite a bit of time in clubs, in many parts of the Western world, and it is quite obvious that the races do not mingle. This seems to be true everywhere. Blacks have their own clubs, Latinos and Middle Easterners, too.

The most remarkable aspect of the second video, which shows the young rich engage in such shocking anti-immigrant activities, is precisely that: the people benefiting most from the current social and political order are the most afraid of standing out. They follow social trends to a tee. They study law or medicine or business and they care more about their image than anything else. They buy a Tesla because they think they need to, and always vote for the dominant party. That there is obvious anti-immigrant rhetoric even at the top of society is thus an indication that this is the beginning of a fundamental shift in society. In their endless stupidity, the German mainstream has tried to turn that incident into a national news story, so I expect L’Amour Toujour to get a lot more airtime. The Youtube comments clearly point in one direction.

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  1. Lately, I’ve been learning about German Culture and language starting with my nouns “der, die, das” learning that there is three different ways of saying “the” depending on the gender – masculine, feminine, neutral, and plural. Heck, I’m doing a lot better than all these doctors and engineers.

    The video you posted on your article is that Matrix Club Berlin off of Warschauer Pl and Rudolstrabe in Friedrichshain district?

    Germany needs to restore its former glory days. Are you familiar and heard of Heintje – Oma so Lieb

    1. I am not sure. The melody sounds quite familiar. You will hear either this composition or similar sounding music in any beer tent in Bavaria.

    2. When I looked into the source of the video, there were claims that it was from a club in the East German countryside. Heintje was at the height of his popularity before I was born but when I was a child, you could still hear his music in the radio quite frequently. Nowadays, I don’t think he is that popular anymore.

    1. In tech, they do not count towards the diversity quota. This is why hiring targets are for “underrepresented minorities”. This presumably sounds better than using “blacks” as a category.

    2. They’re Schrödinger’s minority.

      When it suits a leftist, an Asian is a minority that counts as diversity.

      When that doesn’t suit their purposes, Asians are “white adjacent” and don’t count as diversity.

  2. Das Thermometer sagt mir, dieser Sommer wird musikalisch und teutsch.
    Laßt den Kulturkampf beginnen! 😉

  3. “The closest equivalent would be places like St. Tropez on the French riviera or the most affluent corners of the Hamptons in the United States, i.e. party destinations for the rich. On a side note, you may have noticed that there is a distinct lack of “diversity” in both videos.”

    In affluent blue neighborhoods you’ll often see houses with two yard signs, one reading “In this house we believe no person is illegal etc.” and the other reading “ADT.” In other words, we love diversity, and if we ever see any near our Weimar-priced house, we’ll have security on its ass before you can say “third world hellholes for thee, lily-white gated enclaves for me.”

    I’ve been reading about pilot programs in places like Massachussetts where people are “encouraged” to let illegal migrants live in their spare houses. I’d be in favor of this becoming mandatory if it had any chance of hitting the people who so richly deserve it, but of course we know better.

  4. Aaron,
    Is there a difference between German culture and Bavarian Culture? When I think of German culture I think of the traditional Bavarian Culture – half timbered architecture, dirndl dresses for women, and lederhosen pants for men. There is a small German Town just slightly over two hours north of L.A. called Solvang. It is a very beautiful town. There is also another small German Town in the state of Washington two hours east of Seattle called Leavenworth.

    1. Germany was unified under Bismarck:
      Originally, there was a large number of duchies and kingdoms, many of which had their own history and customs. There is the hypothesis that the high intelligence and competitiveness of Germans resulted from the intense competition among the various rulers throughout history. Back then, the aristocracy had a lot of offspring. Thus, only the most competitive were able to spread their genes.

      Solvang reminded me of the Danish name Solveig. Based on what I just read, it seems the Danish influences are stronger. Leavenworth, on the other hand, is clearly inspired by traditional Bavarian architecture.

    2. Interesting. It’s always good to learn something new. BTW her English is impeccable.

      Aaron, is it common for English speaking Germans to speak English that well? As Chris and I know as Californians, it is common to not even understand our immigrants……..then they yell their butchered “English” at you.

    3. Her English pronunciation is excellent. I think it depends a lot on the region. In Berlin or Munich, I would expect a lot of people in office jobs to speak at least serviceable English. Even some larger traditional German companies nowadays use English as the company language. In smaller cities and on the countryside, on the other hand, you may not be so lucky.

    4. She does have an almost undetectable accent. But she talks like someone from the upper Midwest, being an Ohio resident. Which makes it even more awesome. I know the accent derives from Scandinavia, but I think she just talks like the locals.

    5. I’ve been to Solvang several times. It’s definitely of Danish heritage.

      I don’t know where the notion of it being German came from, but likely some form of misunderstanding/miscommunication.

      They even market themselves with “Welcome to the City of Solvang, The Danish Capital of America”:

    6. About Bavaria being “the Texas of Germany,” Texas indeed was the only US state that was briefly it’s own nation initially. Well, California was very, very briefly it’s own nation. I had a Russian friend that told me of old Soviet propaganda videos that stereotyped Americans as cowboys. So many Californians have moved to Texas that I heard they are sick of us because most are so liberal.

    7. Well, I looked it up, and technically there are more than just 2 US states that began as independent nations. Technicalities aside, Texas definitely stands out as an outlier of US states, due to its unique culture, size, and independent identity.

  5. Aaron, the only hope for West’s survival is white people becoming way more racist than they are. Do you think race mixed kids will be at a big disadvantage in that case? And aren’t they already disadvantaged? This is no doubt something you’ve thought about, seeing as you are in a race mixed relationships yourself.

    1. Race-mixing is pretty rare, so I do not think that it will be a big factor. There is enormous segregation all over the West between the races, so all we need is one big organized push by whites. It happened before, and not just once. In my particular case, I would have no worries at all about my daughters. White and East Asian genes mix pretty well, after all, when we are talking about girls. I would have some concerns about a son. This is not a practical concern yet, but my current view is that he, or they, would probably be better off in East Asia. Their white genes should convey a significant advantage for them.

    2. Eurasian girls often look like princesses from children’s stories even when both parents are of middling looks. If both parents are reasonably attractive even more so.

      As Aaron points out, the concern is greater for boys. However, even less attractive Eurasian boys are rarely ugly, just a little too soft in their looks. It can usually be compensated for pretty easily through style, and putting on a little muscle when they get older.

      This can be compared to the male offspring of whites and urban gentle(wo)men. Take a look at Bill de Blasio’s son for an example of a child of parents of middling looks, or Heidi Klum and Seal’s sons Henry and Johan for an example of children of people with top-level white and urban looks.

      I’m sure Henry and Johan could do quite well with the girls of the urban community, but outside it they’re likely to get this reaction:

    3. Cycle Path:

      Oh, and regarding the west and racism: as Aaron points out, Europe is already pretty segregated. I’ve lived in the same building for over five years now, and I’ve only ever seen one black guy who lived in the neighborhood. Two days ago I was in the elevator and an Indian couple stepped in, and I was very surprised: I think they’re the first Indian residents I’ve seen here. For reference, there’s nearly a thousand people living in my immediate neighborhood.

      I do see minorities here, but usually they’re here on behalf of Foodora, Wolt, or Uber Eats.

      We may not have segregation de jure, but we have it de facto.

      Also, people here are getting more racist than you may think. You can see it in terms of opinions about immigration and votes for “far-right parties,” and also in people’s opinions in private. A lot of people will proclaim the gospel of political correctness in public, but when they are alone with friends, quite different opinions come out.

      (I am not such a person. I am, of course, staunchly politically correct on both the inside and the outside.)

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