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Given that almost all communication nowadays happens electronically, I do not see a lot of handwriting anymore. However, I just came across a picture with handwritten notes. They are in German but this aspect is not relevant. Have a look and ask yourself if such handwriting seems familiar:

Neat, inoffensive, and forgettable.

I have no idea who wrote it but I am 100% certain that this was written by an adult woman albeit it could just as well have been written by a girl. The latter, however, does not make sense in context as this picture is from a political event. Almost all women seem to write in a very similar way: neat, bland, devoid of character and personality, just like all the other women’s handwriting, and deeply afraid of standing out in any way. I have never seen a man write in such a way. Sure, you can sometimes accuse men’s handwriting for being illegible but it is nonetheless infinitely more interesting to look at than such female writing.

Obviously, not all women write in such a childish way, but a lot. I have a hunch that this could be a potential area of research. Too bad that this will not happen for as long as leftists remain in power. Also, some women have handwriting that is rather pleasant to look at. My wife is such an example (my ex-wife’s handwriting was similar to what you see in the picture above). I wonder if there is female IQ95 to IQ105 handwriting and whether it is similar to the above. It quite likely is.

2 thoughts on “Female Handwriting

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I hate women just as much as the next guy on this blog, but criticizing them for writing to cleanly is something new for sure.

    1. I left a comment some time back about how often you see a difference between notebooks used by women and the ones used by men. The former look usually cleaner and with neater handwriting. It’s more pleasant to look at in general, but the substance of what is being written may be a different story.

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