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She is “Going Through Some Changes in Her Life”

Nowadays, it is basically unavoidable to interact with women in the workforce, in particular in an office environment. In recent years, there has furthermore been a heavy push, thanks to Larry Fink’s weaponized investment company BlackRock, to push woke policies. This means more women and more (non-white) minorities, and even more women. A practical consequence of this is that there are sometimes women who make spectacular amounts of money, far in excess of what even the typical well-educated, well-compensates man makes. We can ignore the question whether women justifiably makes this money or not. For the phenomenon discussed in his article, it is only relevant that they do make a lot of money.

When tech was booming, up until early 2022 or so, in particular the bar for junior-level positions was sometimes quite low, yet salaries were often staggeringly high. Sometimes people lucked out and got a six-figure gig after a three-months “boot camp” in which they learned the basics of some web development framework but otherwise were not often well-equipped for this career. Here in Europe, where salary ranges are a lot more compressed, you could stumble into a coding boot camp and walk out with a job that paid about 70 to 80% of what a seasoned engineer with a solid decade or two of industry experience made. I happen to have bumped into a small number of women who managed to get so lucky, of course only due to their hard work and dogged determination, and not because companies wanted to increase the number of women on staff at all costs. A phrase I heard from some of them, after a few weeks or months, was that they were “going through some changes” in their life. In other words, they made an enormous jump in income, going from poorly remunerated part-time work that does not require much training to pulling down big bucks, and as soon as they no longer immediately knew how to spend all their money, they dumped their boyfriend. If he made less, he was of course toast right away, but if he made a similar amount, then the problem was that there was no longer an appreciable gap between both incomes. Thus, she needed a new guy, but one who makes significantly more than her, to feel that she is not with some random loser.

The women coming out of tech boot camps are often relatively young, mainly in their mid-to-late 20s, so they follow the mainstream Western dating playbook anyway and dump guys left and right. However, bizarrely enough the same pattern seems to hold true also for older women who manage to get a big promotion. A case I heard of involved a woman in her 40s (!) who got a promotion from first-line to mid-level management. These jobs are not so easy to come by. Within two months she moved into a new apartment, on her own, and had kicked off divorce proceedings. She was now making the kind of money that allowed her to buy designer shoes and handbags without having to fret too much about money, and her apartment also needed to match her new income level. I am not sure how competitive in the sexual marketplace she thought she would be at her age, and neither do I know if there were kids in the picture, but as she never mentioned them, which seems rare for women who have kids, it seems that she is childless. Thus, it seems that she first sacrificed having kids for the sake of her “career” and afterwards she sacrificed her marriage, but it is not exactly clear what for.

This kind of hyper-aggressive female status climbing is pretty absurd. There is no good evolutionary explanation either as these women simply mirror some caricature of male behavior. Perhaps they believe that as men make more money, they trade up their women for a younger and hotter one. This is not really the case, but even if it was the case, it would not matter as women do not have the same leeway. Women copying real or imagined male behaviors are simply sabotaging themselves. After all, guys care very little about how much money a woman makes, whereas this is a big topic among women. For us, it’s basically enough if a woman does not waste money. Thus, financially successful women seem to enter worse and worse trades. Before they know it, they will be old and alone, spending all their saved-up money on a retirement home. It is a strange life strategy, to say the least.

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  1. It’s definitely female entitlement. They erroneously assume that because they managed to snag a high paying job, that must mean that they themselves are high value.

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