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36 thoughts on “Open Thread #340

  1. There’s a certain neurosis that I’ve noticed with girls I’ve hooked up with. It’s taken many forms. It’s as though the girl holds something back because she’s afraid of fully giving herself over to me despite the fact that we’ve already had sex.

    Some examples:
    1) I had a girl who wore her panties the first several times we fucked, i.e., she was wearing the panties while fucking and my dick would rub against whichever side of the panties I was putting it through. Never understood why we weren’t just totally naked.

    2) I had a girl who wasn’t a very good kisser. We had had sex many times. She also had offered me her asshole. Just one time, she showed me how she really made out, and it was quite good, but she was hesitant to bring her A-game when making out because it somehow made her feel vulnerable. Wouldn’t butt sex be off the menu if you’re worried about feeling vulnerable?

    Anyone else have any examples of this?

    1. I have encountered similar cases. The one in the first example probably had some bizarre idea in her head that it does not really count if she does not pull down her panties. Some women do not want you to look at her pussy. Others don’t want to kiss you because it is “too intimate” and presumably this also means that she is not really cheating or not really a whore. This seems partly related to your second example.

  2. Hey Aaron, do you mind sharing the source of the current title picture of the blog? Id like to forward that joke to someone ????

    1. Nevermind, i found it already. The full image is even more hilarious.

      One of my buddies is an intel analyst, and we were just discussing the recruitment crisis in western militaries… 🙂


    The response to the top comment here about how,even after beating their bullies multiple times,they still kept coming back at him after they recover,and with extra back up..

    If you guys remember the r/krav maga link i shared here where I helped a poor kid who found themselves in a very similar situation,I advised them to make sure to HURT the bully. Unfortunately,sometimes winning the fight isn’t enough. You have to hurt the other guy,and hurt them BAD,to scare them away from trying to come after you for revenge.

    It sucks that you have to risk crossing the legal line here,but some circumstances are so shitty that you have to. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve saved a few kids in the past from the advice I have given on the subject,but I’m honestly not eager to continue to do so again. Because I think I risk legal trouble,even if I have the best intentions. These days,I just point kids to the Gracie Bullyproof organization and hope they’ll be enough to resolve whatever issue they are dealing with.

    I’m really glad I no longer have to live this kind of life anymore. This is just one of the many reasons I try to talk normies to not have kids when I have the opportunity. Shitty parents having kids in shitty situations resulting in their kids enduring shit like this. It makes me so angry. (and I don’t think I’m in the wrong for being so)

    To more align with the theme of this blog,I feel like blue pilled parents start their kids at an enormous disadvantage. Alek has talked about how the average guy often only discovers all the truth we speak of here in his late 20’s or 30’s. that is if he does so at all,which many do not.

    Imagine if we here had a father who knew all this stuff? I think to say we’d have had a leg up on our clueless fellow teenage competition would have been an understatement. lol.

  4. Aaron,
    How does three non-whities Prime Minister get elected to represent Western values in Europe? You have Rishi Sunak of UK, Humza Yousaf of Scottland, and Leo Varadkar of Ireland. Has it ever come across people’s mind that these Prime Minister may have more loyalty to their native land than actual Europe? I’m not sure whether this was an inside job, or if they were actually elected by the people. What I see is The Replacement Theory in effect and Kalergi Plan. Have people ever noticed that having too many or even having a few doctors and engineers who are Muslims is not compatible with Western Europe?

    1. Once you have people from a different ethnic background rule over you, people should realize that something very strange is going on. Also, we need to keep in mind that there is an incredible level of discontent in the population. There are even strikes in Germany and when the stoic Germans say “enough!” politicians better listen. I think that we are at a tipping point but the powers that be are still holding on with all their might. I consider it plausible that there will be a political sea change in Germany and if this happens, you will not recognize Europe anymore. The European Union will collapse the moment Germany stops funding it, and the major opposition party, the AfD, wants there to be a referendum on EU membership.

      Also, the radical leftist government in Germany is so spooked by the rise of the supposed far-right that they are curtailing financial support for ethnic doctors and engineers:

      I think that a lot of politicians are genuinely panicking. I also recall some members of the governing coalition saying that they cannot go anywhere without security. French politicians are also far from their peak of popularity:

  5. Hey Sleazy, will you post a comment on the Putin-Tucker-Carlson interview? That would be very interesting and your opinion on the interview would be very interesting to me and others.

    1. I have not yet had the time to watch it but I hope to be able to carve out two hours this weekend. I am quite looking forward to watching it.

    2. Tucker was pretty much out of his depth, I guess that happens when you are used to interviewing moron politicians in the West. Putin mopped the floor with him.

      There are several things that Putin said that are debatable, or even wrong. Most of what Putin said is factually correct, some things that can be argued about are seen or valued differently depending on where you stand on the issue. Some things he politely sidestepped because they are matters better handled discreetly.

      A better prepared journalist could have done a much better job of highlighting the points of contention, the sources of disagreement, and the differences of interest between both parts. Esp given that Putin esentially gave him unlimited time, Tucker could easily have gotten another hour or two of deep debate with Putin.

    3. Tucker seemed genuinely lost. I was baffled that he let Putin go on a 30-minute monologue in the beginning. He seemed unable to control the conversation.

    4. To elaborate a little further: for those of us who follow international politics, nothing of what Putin said was really new or groundbreaking. The Russians have been pretty consistent about their views for decades.

      You may disagree with the way they see certain things, it does not mean they are lying. For example when they say they see NATO expansion as a threat, you can scream all day that NATO is just a defensive alliance, even if true, that does not mean they will believe it.

      Its just that most people in the west rarely get to hear these points in an unfiltered way, just look at how it is being depicted by western commentators and contrast it with the interview itself.

    5. I managed to watch the Putin interview last weekend. Putin comes across as some kind of warrior-scholar-politician who talks to a schoolboy. I was expecting a lot more from Tucker Carlson. Then again, he has a team of script writers and I am not sure if he is even able to engage people in deep conversations. The most noteworthy aspect for me was the opening where Putin drew a connection to the long history of the Russian people. This is an angle the Chinese also follow. I am not aware of any Western leader embracing the rich history of their country.

      Putin also had some very non-PC things to say about WWII and the current situation in Europe. In this regard, I do not think the said a lot that was new. However, this interview was a huge, no, a Trump-esque yuge event that could not even be ignored by the mainstream. Even boomer newspapers, the physical kind, that fall over themselves to fellate the WEF crowd wrote about it.


    I really like this kind of contrast. Women back in the 60s, at least here, sounds more well articulated. I am not naive to believe that these women in those days really meant looks is not important and personality is everything, but this makes me think there was a time when personality of a man means much to women, probably because short-term attraction was not easily enabled in some ways or another. Women were looking to get married in a relationship, so long-term attraction was more important.

    There are fuller interviews:

    1. These are good videos. Important to add is that in the past, women cared a lot about how they are perceived by society and wanted to conform to certain standards. These standards have completely disappeared. Even in the 1960s people knew used rough language but not in public and most certainly not on TV. Meanwhile, in the current year, women proudly announce to the world, by talking to a random interviewer, that they do not want to date a “fat f*ck”.

  7. The president of El Salvador cleans up his country by throwing loads of criminals into prisons. Of course, the liberal left reacts with butthurt in the same manner they did to Duterte‘s anti-drug policy. What is it with lefties being against solutions that better the circumstances for the common citizen?

    1. Leftists believe that in order to create a new and much better society, the current one needs to be destroyed. This happens much faster with violent criminals roaming the streets, so any based politician who cleans house moves us further away from the promised leftist utopia.

  8. We have another woke triple-vaxxed vidya disaster. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has made about three million bucks during its launch window. It took a mere nine years to develop and cost only a few hundred million dollars. I wonder what will happen to the once acclaimed studio behind it, Rocksteady. Chances are that it will follow Volition, which is responsible for destroying the Saints Row franchise, into the ether.

  9. Aaron,
    Has there been a decrease of doctors and engineers with Germanys and Italys new anti-immigration policy? Instead of fixing the problem, Giorgia Meloni is outsourcing the problem to Albania and ruining Albania with Angela Merkel policies. Why didn’t the German people fight back?

    1. I am not aware of a reduction in the influx of doctors and engineers. On the positive side, there is a genuine shift happening in Europe. For instance, here is the BBC frothing at the mouth because of plans of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda:
      Germany is nearing a breaking point in many regards. It can take half a year to see a doctor, in some primary schools there is not a single kid who comes from a German-speaking home, and the rental market is out of control.

    2. Perhaps of all Europe can use Geert Wilders of the Netherlands’ since he’s against the Islamic of Europe and restore Europe to its former glory days.

    3. Many European countries have figures like Wilders. These are exciting times, and there is hope for the better.

    1. I wonder what big benefits he expects to gain from US citizenship. Also, his latest wife may not have been the best choice as she looks like the kind of woman you should stay away from for anything serious. Dolph Lundgreen seems to be a smart guy, yet this does not shine through in his choice of women.

  10. If Alek happens to be around,I’d like to ask your general on the age old “Can Men and Women be Friends?” topic.

    Many lean on the side of “If there is any level of real attraction in 1 or both parties,the answer is probably not”,but in your case,you’ve said most of your friends are female,and more than a few of those that you’ve rolled around in the hay with at some point. I think you’re in a more unique position to answer this compared to most other men.

    1. I was just thinking back to this blog and these kinds of discussions the other day, because I ran into so many people who explain this well. I was like “remember back in the comments section, why did guys find this so difficult to understand?”

      Michal Sartain has podcasts where he explains this. Find his Q&As for his MOA group. His entire coaching and systems are entirely based on friendzoning hot girls.

    2. I’m pretty sure its just general networking. You make friends with the right people and you get access to certain circles/hangouts. which means the opportunity to meet more hot girls (and variety of other high quality people that could benefit your life.)

    3. You’re both wrong. But cycle path was closer to the truth, by accident.

      Why would you need a system if you are so attractive that you can friendzone hot girls?

      That IS the system lol. Friend-zoning them is that makes you attractive. You’re friendzoning a ton of hot girls and using them to get even more hot girls in your circles, and other hot girls start hitting on you. So you don’t even need to bang your friends, since other girls hit on you seeing you are so proofed by hot girls. But here’s the thing, your friends eventually get horny, and make a move on you eventually.

    1. The guy running this channel is a highly suspect character. His backstory is that he tried to run an illegal business in China and after he got kicked out of the country, he started making videos critical of that country. If you told me that this guy is a CIA shill, I would not immediately dismiss this claim.

    2. Prostitution in China started rising already in the 1980s, during the economic growth that was spurred by Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms. Wikipedia cites a source from 2004 noting an increase every year since 1982, so that’s at least 22 years of growing prostitution during strong economic growth.

      It’s no secret that the Chinese economy has experienced troubles lately, but I don’t think prostitution is a particular symptom of it.

      Plus, this guy’s evidence for an alleged recent vast increase in prostitution seems to be “Many people have sent me videos of prostitutes,” but the videos seem to be from streets in red-light districts, and arranged events. You could get the same impression from filming the “right” streets in Berlin or Amsterdam.

    3. You could go to Berlin and create footage that gives you the impression that Germany is a dystopia similar to the movie Escape From New York. Producing a convincing video with the title, “Never Visit Germany!” would be trivially easy to do. However, I think that you need to do a lot more cherry-picking in China to be able to convincingly convey any impression of economic and societal decline. All evidence I have tells me that China is much better organized than any Western country in the present.

    4. I just saw this video recently and don’t believe it. It is clearly cherry-picking evidences to show that China is having a hard time. I have no love for China and detest that country but this is not an objective video.

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