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23 thoughts on “Open Thread #339

  1. I just got served last-minute resistance for the first time in my life, by an almost 30 yo woman, who I’ve been after for years. I mean, I sucked her titties and fingered her for a while, but no closing the deal, not even a bj.

    That’s why it’s better to ho for younger girls if you can. At least they have an excuse to be flaky. Older women shouldn’t behave erratically.

  2. I recently started reading the manga Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue. My initial impression, after having read four volumes, is very positive. The story is about the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi and his challenges. The drawings are excellent and the themes should appeal to any straight guy. Every panel drips with masculinity. If the quality remains this high, it will end up in my top 3. (Yes, I know that this manga may not be completed at all and that it has been on a years-long hiatus.)

  3. Capcom has begun slapping invasive DRM on their games, including titles that are over a decade old. Allegedly, this is a consequence of someone using a very cultured Chun Li mod at a recent Street Fighter tournament:

    I am currently exploring the PS2 library further. After the pretty good impression left by Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, I have just started a playthrough of the sequel. That game features an even bustier chick than the prequel as one of the available classes. Overall, Dark Alliance II seems to be a step up from the sequel, so let’s see if it holds up all the way.

  4. What is going on with the “men of culture” comments on women’s Olympic events on Youtube? I find them hilarious, but when did it start? I see that women athletes are forced into absurdly skimpy clothing and the comments are always like “Men of culture…its good to be together for another special ocassion” and “It is always pleasant to be surrounded by such fine gentlemen witnessing the greatness of this fantastic sport.” Is this a new meme or have people always done this?

    1. This dates back to an old meme:
      A couple years ago or so, however, the specific phrase “men of culture” started to get used in the context of pictures and videos of attractive women. Female sports is just one example. As all good memes, it emerged on 4chan. You are much more likely to encounter it if you are not looking for explicit “coomer bait” as this meme would not make sense on a porn site. There is the misconception that “men of culture” is a euphemism for guys who enjoy watching porn, but this is completely off. Instead, the most common use is if there is a videoclip in which, perhaps unexpectedly, a very attractive woman in revealing clothing shows up. I came across some rather humorous examples on a channel on sports, most of which had barely any views, and one had hundreds of thousands of views, of course for no clear reason at all. Of course, in such cases, the top comment will be along the lines of, “Men of culture, fancy seeing you all again!”

    2. I frequently come across this meme in forums and meme sites. Usually, I find it as a reply to someone who is able to identify some obscure image, screenshot, character or reference.

      In a meme site like 9gag, quite often someone will post non-explicit screenshots or video intro of some porn movie or hentai, and no matter how obscure, someone will invariably identify it. This person gets slapped with the “man of culture” meme more often than not.

  5. On the subject of “Wasting Time”…

    Am I wrong for being judgmental over this? The uploader himself admits that this was absolutely NOT fun at all for him to do. I dunno if any of you have played Final Fantasy 7,the original PS1 game,but he is trying to get to level 99 (max level) on the reactor. the first level of the entire game.

    I get suffering in order to develop a useful quality. Anything that’s worth having takes time,effort,and investment to get. But this? this is Suffering AND wasting precious time…for ZERO benefit. You can’t even use the “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” argument here because the uploader admits he hated the entire process of doing this. (any normal human being would..)

    I mean,500 hours just 20 days,but there are legit people who have tried to replicate this and take half a year if not a whole year to do it. Time that coulda been used for something a lot more productive,or at the very least,actually fun and enjoyable.

    1. I am a bit less judgmental as you cannot be productive all the time. I have probably put around 200 hours into some relatively obscure arcade game, but spread over a few years, and mostly I was listening to some videos or podcasts in the background. Also, repetitive activities like fighting the same enemies over and over in an RPG to level up can be quite relaxing. When I was going through some b.s. at work last year, I played the RPG Mother 3 for a while and I found it quite meditative even.

      Also note that even though this guy wrote that he “hated” doing this self-imposed challenge, why did he do it? If we take it at face value, then this challenge was probably important to him, so it served some purpose. More likely, though this is simply a self-deprecating statement that should not be taken at face value.

  6. Oh,and Alek,I think you’ve mentioned before about having autism (I suspect I’m on the spectrum as well),but I want to ask this…are you naturally physically oafish/clumsy?

    Because I’m wondering if being on the spectrum and physical oafishness are correlated,if not outright connected. I’ve always been on the physically clumsy side all my life. Not as much as in the past when I was completely physically inactive,but I will probably never move in a super graceful way and I’ll always be slower on the uptake compared to most folks when it comes to learning new physical skills.

    Kind of an irony to be honest that I ended up getting into fighting. Oafish is one of the worst things you can be there. There are many (maybe even most hobbyists,actually) folks who train for years yet never develop the ability to hit with real power. Fortunately,I seem to be the exception to the rule here. heh.

  7. I rarely watch TV series, but I have zapped into “Dr. House” for the last few weeks. Entertaining series for the evenings, even if it is completely unrealistic: the people there are all highly attractive, there don’t seem to be any nurses or care staff around and the doctors carry out all the examinations themselves, the medical mysteries are always incredibly exciting and the doctors have a huge amount of time available for each patient.

    It’s no wonder that medical graduates immediately slip into a life crisis after graduation. The expectation is “Dr. House”, the reality is some Berlin shithole hospital with stinking Arabs, filth and garbage, incompetence and underfunding.

    1. A friend of mine sometimes sends me videos or articles about the crazy adventures doctors in Berlin get dragged into. The most shocking ones consist of some Arabs knocking out a doctor — I mean, they got angry because they had to wait, so let’s not be racist! — or some Somali brandishing a knife. That being said, you can bet that plenty of those doctors used to vote for the Greens or some other socialist party, so this is simply a consequence of their actions.

    2. I became blackpilled at 14 years old while watching and episode of house in which house and the australian chad dr chase try speed dating , house bets the chad will get all the bitches even if he acts like a complete loser and he is proven right lol .

    3. @ Sleazy

      My aunt had a transplant in Berlin (Charite Virchow Klinikum). She had a Kurdish bed neighbor in her room. The bedmate was visited by 30 family members. They ate kebabs in the room, shat all over the toilet, “disposed” of the garbage in the corner of the room and were loud and uncultivated.

      She also witnessed Arabs threatening doctors. Berlin, you are so wonderful, Berlin…

    4. @ Sleazy

      I had conversations with some doctors about day-to-day political issues and was shocked at how ignorant and uninformed these doctors were. They had a completely skewed view of the world. Unfortunately, “gods in white” doesn’t do it justice.

      As a post doc (process engineering), I also tutored some doctors for their doctorates and was shocked by the low level of scientific knowledge. They didn’t understand some basic scientific working methods.

    5. I think we briefly talked about educational standards of doctors before. It is quite shocking how low the bar is. You need to get in but afterwards, rote memorization will carry you really far. My suspicion is that science has been dumbed down in the German medicine curriculum in order to make sure that more women will be able to graduate. Today, this profession is also heavily female-oriented. This is somewhat ironic because one or two decades ago, women were eager to study medicine in order to snatch a future doctor whereas they often chose to not even do the clinical training that would come after their degree.

    6. Reminds me of this:

      In Germany they have compressed the statistics courses in medical school and made them less difficult. This surprises me because I found the statistics courses in my engineering degree to be the easiest. Many students in my field failed thermodynamics and reaction engineering. Statistics was easy.

      In the past I have had professional interactions with doctors, and I was always shocked at how little they knew about STEM basics. Even with some simple basics in reaction kinetics and reaction dynamics they had great difficulty although this should be required knowledge in medical school, because these people prescribe pills and need to know how the body metabolizes them…

      Recently, there was a discussion about dropping all physics and (bio)chemistry classes, so as not to disadvantage students who are not good at it. The argument was that doctors don’t need it in everyday life. There was also harsh criticism of physics labs, where many medical students fail. There have been calls to get rid of these science labs. I think that’s completely wrong.

    1. Now, let’s not be misogynistic! Those women most certainly all have perfectly good reasons for walking around in ultra-revealing gym attire. Besides, those clothes just feel good and we all know that there is nothing more important than how she feels (about anything).

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