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The Planned Destruction of the German Middle Class

You know about the WEF’s plan to abolish private property by 2030. The goal is that you “own nothing and be happy”. You rent everything, while a small but somehow not mentioned kleptocratic elite owns absolutely everything. It’s everyday life as a service or subscription. You may wonder how this will work in practice but the plans have already been set in motion. The lever will be real estate ownership. If you do not own real estate, you are already in a somewhat precarious state, compared to a home owner, and this exactly where you are supposed to be.

The zero-interest rate policy and concomitant real-estate book of the last decade or so was designed to tempt you buy a place. All over Europe, the utter deluge of cheap money led to an explosion of real estate prices, oftentimes doubling or tripling, on paper. It is the oldest trick in the book to then tighten money supply because suddenly, money can no longer be created for free. No, you need to realize that the elites now need to reign in an overheating economy. Thus, mortgage rates went from 0.6% to 4 or 5%. This is not a problem in the short term because most people in Germany take out a ten or fifteen-year fixed-rate mortgage. After ten years, either you or the bank can cancel the contract, if I am informed correctly, so financial security is somewhat limited if you have overstretched yourself because money was so cheap. Once the bulk of mortgages of the last few years come up for renewals, you can bet that BlackRock and other companies will be ready to snatch up housing for pennies on the dollar, just like it has been happening in the US.

However, the artificial contraction of the money supply will not screw over people who sit in a mostly or fully paid off house. These people will be dealt with via the law. Starting in 2024, there will be a new law in Germany that mandates absolutely ridiculous fines for homeowners. If you do not properly insulate your house, which will cost you easily 200k euros or more for an old house, the government will simply fine you 50k for your old boiler, 50k for insufficient insulation, and another 50k for your outdated piping. Oh, the government may also sent someone to inspect your house. If you ignore the friendly recommendations they will give you this way, you pay another 5k. You need to understand that this is the law, goy! Of course, your supposed investment in your old house will never amortize itself. It’s essentially government enforced theft. They use the law to get your money, either directly or via paying their cronies in the green-energy industry.

Thus, if you own an older house in Germany, you will either end up paying an absurd amount of money for upgrading it to new, arbitrary standards or you will get fined out the wazoo. The outcome for most people will be that they will lose their home. Then, those old and clearly no longer acceptable houses will be razed to the ground while the former inhabitants get carted off to their new cage-like apartment in a “15-minute city”. All of this is done under the pretense to combat man-made global warming. You can bet that a similar approach will be tried in your (Western) country, too.

To add insult to injury, in many parts of Germany, there is an obligation to install solar panels. These will soon no longer be profitable either. In the past, you could make some money this way, but only via subsidies. Strangely enough, solar panels are getting more and more expensive, so much so that you may even end up never getting your money back. This is all by design. The goal is to completely gut the middle class, which has become a bit too uppity.

4 thoughts on “The Planned Destruction of the German Middle Class

  1. We are certainly in for a very interesting new year of 2024 here in Germany. The East Germans in particular do not like those new ideas at all, having lived through two generations of German communist rule they have developed a quite good bullshit radar filter.
    More and more gullible West German people are also gradually getting uncomfortable.
    The farmers have begun massive rallies as well, which they intend to carry over into 2024 and even massively intensify.
    Buckle up and brace for impact – it’s certainly going to be a bumpy ride!

  2. Also important to add is the upcoming ban of the internal-combustion engine in Europe, which likewise targets Germany. Here, the goal is to dismantle Germany’s leading industry. Obviously, the push for “e-mobility” is just a charade. Those cars are inferior as their performance is heavily affected in sub-zero temperatures. They are furthermore more expensive and their production severely damages the planet. Just look up pictures of an oil well versus a lithium mine.

    1. The entire push towards “eMobility” is as ridicolous as anything. As you rightly noted, it is to make the cattle immobile and confined to their 15 minutes “smart citiy” coom pods. Having Mr Elon Musk espouse this very technology and scheme (while sacking in massive government subsidies) also shows, that – while he appears to get gradually more based) – he’s certainly not the kind of saviour many people wish him to be…

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