The Breakdown of Elite Control Structures

It is easy to look around today and get disheartened. The elites have not been this hostile towards the general population presumably since the dawn of the French revolution. For instance, they ship as many jobs abroad as possible while opening the flood gates for both cheap labor and welfare leeches in order to justify raising taxes even more, and they look the other way if your son gets beaten up or your daughter raped on the way to school. As odd as it may sound, there is a positive message in all of this.

If you are old enough, look back to perhaps the early 1990s. Information and access to information was heavily regulated. Your only choice was to watch or read what you were supposed to read. Any kind of non-mainstream opinion was virtually impossible to disseminate. This was the age of genuine controlled opposition. The elites had their quaint little Bilderberg meetings, which were not even covered by the mainstream press. The latter, of course, was kept at a really tight leash. Back then, basically everybody was a normie and the truly revolutionary thinkers had virtually no reach. Uncle Ted, for instance, had to kill a bunch of people to get his manifesto printed.

Today, however, there are enormous fissures in the centuries-old control structures of the elites. This obviously does not mean that you are on an equal footing with some government mouth-piece organization. However, mainstream media has only a fraction of the influence it used to have. The situation is so bad that Western governments overtly and covertly prop up TV channels and newspapers nowadays. Be it as it may, a lot fewer people than even a decade ago are paying for their own brainwashing. This is a huge win and a thousand Telegram channels questioning the mainstream narrative are like a thousand paper cuts for the elites. The first and most obvious casualty is the “experts” shtick: carting out some talking head to push government talking points is quite ineffective nowadays.

The enormous aggression behind the Covid hoax was arguably also motivated by the desperation of the elites to shore up their control. While a lot of people got vaxxed, we also learned that about 1/4 to 1/3 of the population could not get cajoled into it. Quite frankly, I did not think that we have that many people among us who are able to think critically. The aftermath of this charade is also interesting as you nowadays do not even find many normies who tell you about the virtues of vaxxing or masking, at least outside of California or NYC.

Furthermore, think of Hollywood, once the embodiment of US soft power! Today, Hollywood puts out one stinker after another. Disney has lost over a billion dollars on their last few woke movies. Billion-dollar franchises like Star Wars have been completely run into the ground. This is an enormous loss for Hollywood. Movies in general are becoming less and less important as people prefer on-demand entertainment. It is of course debatable if TikTok or YouTube are necessarily better than Hollywood slop but even if we assume, for the sake of the argument, that this is not the case, this is a massive L for the establishment because it is infinitely more difficult to push the same message via tens or hundreds of thousands of channels than a handful of big movie studios.

The last two decades also saw music become less and less relevant. Of course, the music industry still makes billions of dollars every year. However, we no longer have “stars”. Hollywood still has a few, but even those are a far cry from their 1980s counterpart. You cannot effectively manipulate the population if there are hundreds of musicians who can fill larger stadiums. This was a lot easier when there were a few super bands like U2 with that faggot Bono who tripped over himself for the next virtue-signaling cause. I wonder if you could even get together a dozen or so bands or singers who all have mainstream appeal. This was quite easy in the 1980s. I don’t think this would work any longer, which is probably why we have not seen a modern iteration of Live Aid.

Book publishing has also been enormously democratized. Today, you can self-publish anything you want. Granted, Amazon will refuse selling your book if you are a bit too edgy. However, you can get the information out there. For a while, blogs were also very popular but this is no longer a thriving medium as the mainstream has moved over video formats. Still, compared to twenty or thirty years ago, there are basically no barriers to entry anymore.

The hottest battle is currently fought in gaming. The elites totally slept on this medium and only when the video game industry began pulling in as much money as Hollywood, which was in the early 2000s, did they slowly wake up. The first attempt was censorship to regain control. In this wake, we saw the establishment of rating organizations like the ESRB. Years later, the powers that be realized that games should also be a great brainwashing medium. In the last ten years or so, they therefore began pushing their sick agenda, to various levels of success. This is not really working as well as planned. In fact, I cannot even think of one game or franchise that survived the injection of wokism. In fact, several studios got shut down after their woke garbage failed to meet sales expectations. A relatively high-profile case was Volition, with their ill-fated reboot of Saints Row. Arguably, the most woke big budget game so far, and most deliberate f*** you to its core audience, was The Last of Us II. As we know from a recent leak of sales figures, the game peaked early, arguably due to misleading advertising that made it look as if the rugged male lead from the prequel is still prominently featured in it. However, subsequent sales have been utterly disappointing. The studio behind it, Naughty Dog, does not seem to be doing that well these days. They recently even shut down development of their online-only The Last of Us side project, after years of development. Even better, as the big Western studious are taking on L after another, Japan and China are here to save the day, and they are doing better than ever, e.g. Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail, Elden Ring, Yakuza/Like a Dragon, Persona, etc., and on top there are a lot of indies, ranging from low budget to AA. Granted, there some sometimes quite some wokism, but you can get pretty decent entertainment outside of the mainstream.

In my view, the elites are pushing their agenda so aggressively because they are well-aware that they are losing control. Can you even think of one recent event where the mainstream narrative could be kept up? I can’t think of any. This obviously does not mean that they have lost the battle. In fact, in many regards, our lives are a lot shittier than our parents’ lives were. Still, there is plenty of reason to be hopeful for the future. We are even seeing this backlash manifest itself in politics. Even the utterly emasculated Swedes, for instance, have recently started to hold their immigrant population accountable. Change is already happening. On some days I am even getting Weimar vibes.

11 thoughts on “The Breakdown of Elite Control Structures

  1. Main stream media is telling me that Taylor Swift is a pop star. I haven’t looked into it but just read that she made billions on her tour. Aaron I think in your opinion she isn’t a star. Why?

    1. I do not think that Taylor Swift has anywhere near the same cultural significance as, for instance, David Bowie or Mick Jagger had. People like Bowie even managed to influence fashion. Star power is not just measured in money. Similarly, there are of course Hollywood stars who make many millions per movie, the same as in the 1980s. However, do you seriously want to make the claim that there is a young or youngish actor who is a the same level as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Leonardo DiCaprio once were? Brad Pitt in the late 1990s or early 2000s was a genuine superstar.

    2. No, I do not make the claim that there are film stars as “young or youngish actor who is a the same level as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Leonardo DiCaprio”, I just wondered whether one pop star exists – Taylor Swift.

      So I just did a quick research on her. On the one hand, she not only made lots of money but has a huge following which she influences. On the other hand, she is polarizing as she is officially team woke. By doing that she directly lost a large part of the western population.

      That’s probably a reason why a star cannot exist nowadays – there is not one main stream culture anymore and actors/musicians need to pick a side in the cultural/political conflict.

    3. Caveat: I like some Bowie songs and his influence in music (rock and otherwise) was immeasurable. Having said that, as a rockstar, he was big in Europe mostly; even in the US, he was self-admittedly kind of niche.

      Jagger or Michael Jackson, on the other hand… Even Madonna or Britney Spears, if we want to talk about females.

      Re: Taylor Swift, even Aaron had a soft spot for her back in the day. The fact that she started as a country singer gave her apeal with the more “conservative” part of the US, even if said appeal has waned almost completely.

    4. Britney Spears is a great example as she has been completely manufactured. She was built up from a very early age, staring with a kid’s show for Disney. The elites have tried the same approach multiple times in the last decade or so, but not a single female singer gained more than a fraction of the “mindshare” Britney Spears used to have. For instance, you cannot compare Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, or Zendaya with her. Not even these three together did have the same cultural impact.

    5. Aaron,
      In short, Im clueless with popculture and I dont follow popculture in general, however, did Britney Spears have more of an impact among faggots or women?

    6. Britney Spears was basically inescapable at the turn of the century. She was hugely popular in the demographics you mentioned. In fact, in the gay scenes they probably still play her music. This is merely an educated guess. I know, however, that her songs were still hugely popular in the gay scene when I was still hanging out in clubs and bars.

    7. The cool thing about Britney Spears is that – with all the information about her troubled youth, her Disney and pedo-MindKontrol molestation roots and her eventually going crazy now being out there and available, even from mainstream sources – nowadays you can prove the mechanisms of elite “culture creation” even to a normie.
      Fifteen or twenty years ago this would have been rather difficult due to the strong, prevailing mainstream programming. Thirty years ago it would have been exceedingly difficult to even assemble sufficient information in order to get a clear picture and prove the point. Thus in our days, the CIA-manufactured lable “conspiracy theory” has continuosly been losing traction with the masses, to a point where it has even become an object of ridicule.


      Success in Clown World is manufactured, and comes with a collar and leash.

      “Swift spent much of her career avoiding politics entirely. That changed following Donald Trump’s stunning presidential victory in 2016.

      Yet this year she reverted to her apolitical stance as she criss-crossed America in her Eras Tour and watched her career reach unprecedented heights. Will she risk that by personally dragging Biden over the finish line?

      Should Swift stick to her apolitical mien you’ll see her fawning media coverage dry up. Even beau Travis Kelce might feel the sting.

      When she failed to pick a side in the Trump-Clinton slugfest media outlets played the White Supremacist Card against her.”

    9. She won’t “stick to her apolitical mien.” The fawning media coverage, culminating in Time’s Person of the Year award, was the up-front payment for services to be rendered. Like Vito Corleone, the elites can afford to pay up front, because the recipient knows better than to stiff them.

  2. With all the subliminal (and not so subliminal) sexual programming in Britney’s song’s lyrics (and even in musical elements of the arrangements) it’s little wonder that her songs were and apparently still are) favourites of the respective gay subcultures, IMHO…

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