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Guest Post: Hallucinated Rejections (by Alek Novy)

Alek Novy left an interesting comment on female behavior some of you probably have observed as well. He uses the term “hallucinated rejection”, which is quite fitting.

One of the things that irks me most about women is “hallucinated rejection”. I don’t know if there is a name for it, so that’s what I came up from. And it bugs me to this day whenever it happens.

I think most guys here know you get over rejection really quickly. If you do a lot of volume when you get serious about getting laid, you can reach this point kind of quickly, and you become numb to it, I reached this point probably 15 years ago…

But hallucinated rejections still bother me, probably because it is a form of gaslighting. So what is a hallucinated rejection? It’s when a girl you have zero interest in (I’m talking 4s and 5s) purposefully misinterprets something on your part as you hitting on her, or being interest in her, just so she can reject you. Even though you have zero interest, and didn’t even make a move.

I’d want to scream “There was absolutely 0% romantic or sexual interest on my part, either internally or externally, and there couldn’t ever possibly be since you’re not even in the same universe as chicks that I’m interested in”, but then they’d just use that as more proof that I’m into them, and my emotional outburst is coz I got rejected.

You can go ahead and read some of the sexual harassment blogs by feminists where they submit stories of them beeing “stalked” or “hit on” by “creeps”, and the story is so obviously them making up interest, its not even crazy. It’s all based on mind-reading so a 4 can convince herself she’s desired.

One thought on “Guest Post: Hallucinated Rejections (by Alek Novy)

  1. Most lower tier members of society just want to lash out – especially at people they are threatened by because they might “think they’re better than me!”

    Especially lower tier women, they love wallowing in misery.

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